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Online Coding for Kids – Surge Creativity and Educate the New Generation

Saurabh Hooda 6 August, 2018

Today online coding for kids is considered as the new literacy especially for the generation of the students growing up in the digitally connected world. No foreign language can replace coding. However, it can be used as a language to understand the working of most of the technologies.

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Computer science, artificial intelligence in education, and coding are not made only for kids but it should be learned by everyone including parents and teachers. People teach their kids to read and write in their early years without any expectation to make them journalists or novelists still their efforts in the early years pave their path to be successful one day. Similar is the case with coding.

You need not bury your head into the keyboard and eyes to the computer screen to learn to code as assumed by many people. There a number of coding for kids tutorials and games that can make learning to code fun and enjoyable for the kids of all age groups.

Benefits of Online Coding for Kids and Students

When you are teaching online coding for kids then you are helping them understand the working of digital technology. Today tech has become an integral part of the life of kids as they play video games, use a smartphone, make robots and surf websites as a daily routine. All these technologies are based on computer programs built by coding. Kids must know that technology is not a magic as by learning to code they can also make a useful program not only for them but for others also.

Online coding for kids offers a number of benefits for the kids including:

Learn the Use of Logic

how programming teaches logical thinking

When kids learn programming their thinking needs to be logical. Children must be able to draw desired results by running procedures step-by-step. Online coding for kids also includes the use of selection, expression, logical and conditional sentences and statements.

Learn to Think Like Computers

After learning how to read and write codes, cognitive skills are developed in the kids as they start thinking like computers while solving problems methodically. The process of online coding for kids includes the use of pattern recognition and abstractions to present the problem in a different manner. They organize and analyze the data in a logical manner. They find out and create steps to solve the problem by breaking it into smaller parts. In order to find out an acceptable solution to the problem, they will run procedures and analyze the results. Thus, along with coding they can also use their computer like thinking capability to solve a wide range of problems.

Learn Problem-Solving Skills

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While learning coding kids also learn how to break down the problems into parts to solve them more easily. This technique can be used in various other fields also. For instance, a car mechanic isolates the problems by replacing problem creating parts one-by-one after diagnosing a car. A scientist tests various hypotheses one-by-one in a systematic manner to solve a problem. Similarly, a programmer tweaks the parts of the code and use intelligent hypotheses to solve the problem after finding out the problem in a program.

Learn to Create Usable Things

The kids learn how to use causes and effects to make a thing to work to achieve a certain goal while learning to program through online coding for kids.

Learn to Foresee and Prevent Problems

While learning programming kids learn the ways to foresee the problems that can occur and write the right code to prevent the crashing of the program in the presence of those problems.

Learn the Algorithmic Way of Thinking

It enables them to solve a problem by defining its steps clearly. It will include their skills to think like a computer using conditional logic, repetitions, and sequences. While solving problems in science and math kids normally and unintentionally use algorithmic thinking as they think of solving the problem in a stepwise manner by breaking it up into small parts.

Learn Persistence

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By learning coding kids also learn how to continue working on a project if it is not working. It encourages them to find out the reason and causes that are not allowing it to work and how it can be corrected to make it work as per their expectations.

Learn to Create Workable Things

The kids, who love technology and have the skills of coding, are motivated to use their creative skills to create things that can create magic. They can improvise their creations by using their imagination. And when they create a workable program then the feeling of success can increase their self-confidence to a new level.

Learn Skills for a Better Future

The consistent increase in the importance of technology will require a large number of people with coding skills in the future as they will be paid for writing programs for a long time. The knowledge of coding can also be used in a number of jobs where computers are used even if they are not based on programming. In this way, kids learn a number of skills including collaboration, creativity, and communication, which can be important for developing their future, while learning to code.

Learn the Practical Use of Math

math and programming

While learning coding kids understand the importance of math and use it more practically. They have to resolve mathematical expressions, found in the coding statements, to make a movable program

Learn to Discover Their Passion

While learning online coding for kids they become able to find out the fields of their interest so that they can decide about their career in the future. Computer programming can be the most exciting profession in the future due to its increasing demand in almost every field of life. It is used in developing machine learning, artificial intelligence, robotics and data mining etc. They can be passionate to work in any of these fields throughout their life after learning programming.

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Author: Saurabh Hooda
Saurabh has worked globally for telecom and finance giants in various capacities. After working for a decade in Infosys and Sapient, he started his first startup, Lenro, to solve a hyperlocal book-sharing problem. He is interested in the product, marketing, and analytics. His latest venture recommends the best Unity tutorial and online programming courses for every programming language. All the tutorials are submitted and voted by the programming community.