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MotoCMS Developer’s Guide is Being Updated: Your Feedback Wanted

gap 6 September, 2011

Hi community!

Today we have got some nice news for all Moto CMS Flash website developers and those of you who find our developer’s documentation useful. We decided to update the MotoCMS Developer’s Guide along with the associated documentation.

There is no secret that MotoCMS is one of the most dynamically developing CMS companies on the market. It provides developers and the users with no programming knowledge with a powerful instrument for an easy and comfortable website creation as well as an unparalleled collection of premium Flash templates with the integrated Moto CMS. Our developers work non-stop at the new CMS features as well as create new killer Flash CMS templates for your future web projects.

With each Moto CMS release our customers get highly requested features, tools and updates, so the developer’s documentation requires to be well systematized and updated as often as possible. With the view of the Moto CMS customers’ needs, the developer’s info section is going to be divided into two main parts: Template Customization and A Website From Scratch.

Template Customization

This part of the Developer’s Guide is aimed at the developers who work with the Flash templates from MotoCMS Templates Store. Here you will find the info regarding website editing, changing page transitions, media galleries customization, adding new slots, modules, and so on. This section will also be useful for those who own a Flash website on the basis of a Moto Flash CMS template.

A Website From Scratch

This part of the Guide will be useful for the developers who work with Moto CMS standalone and prefer to go through the website creation process from scratch, without taking a ready website structure as a basis. Here you will learn how to work with layouts, animate holders as well as create new pop-ups, modules and slots.

Our aim is to modify the Developer’s Guide in such a way that it would meet all your needs. We strive for creating the most useful, up-to-date and handy guidance on the basis of your requirements and wishes. We kindly address to all of you guys for help. We’d love to know what kind of info you need in your developer’s work. Which of your questions remained unanswered? Perhaps, you have your own vision on our products’ functionality… Your feedback is more than welcome.

Please leave your feedback and offers regarding the Moto CMS functionality as well as your ideas as for new features and options either on the Moto CMS Forum or by submitting a request.

Let’s make the developer’s documentation more needed, complete and actual together!

Best regards,

Your MotoCMS Team

  • Не могу проплатить ни Визой ни WMZ

    • @Потемкин Сергей
      Kindly ask you to contact our Russian representative via live chat as soon as possible.

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