MotoCMS 3 May 2016 Update: It Makes Your Work Smooth!

MotoCMS Editorial 26 May, 2016

As usual, before the last weekend of the month, we are happy to inform you about the latest updates to our products. MotoCMS May update 2016 is focused on the improvement of the workflow. It eliminates minor bugs to make your template customization perfectly smooth.

MotoCMS 3 May 2016 Update - main image

MotoCMS 3.0.18 Update for Admin Panel

With this update you’ll find some nice fixes to the widgets and a few cool tricks that should help you to make better and more attractive websites. With MotoCMS 3 you can do it without external help. All you need is a browser, a template and your content. Let’s check out what tricks were added with the May version release.

  • You’ll find the images used within the Carousel widget now have better look on various devices. While in previous versions you could spot the side images cut on table or phone view, now you will see full Carousel images no matter how many of them you choose to show on a page;
  • Now you can enter any address for your validation email unlike previous versions that allowed only a certain number of characters after the dot. This improvement eliminates possible issues with installation for our customers;
  • Now all customers who use the unsupported version of Internet Explorer (10 and lower) will get the notification about this inside the admin panel.

MotoCMS 3 May 2016 Update - browser message

And the great news for our customers from Sweden! From now MotoCMS Admin panel is available in Swedish. Thanks to all the users from this northern country who joined the MotoCMS Translation project on CrowdIn and made this happen!

What’s Great about the MotoCMS 3 Ecommerce 1.1.4

Many MotoCMS users already appreciated our Ecommerce plugin and the latest templates for eStore that allow anyone to build his or her own online shop with ease. Despite the product is still young, MotoCMS team constantly improves it to make it an absolute must-have for any online entrepreneur. Here are the latest updates for the plugin:

  • Pagination for products in the Product List widget was improved to provide a better UX for your customers;
  • Now you can add Open Graph meta tags to your website;
  • After you’ve got an opportunity to edit the Header and Footer sections for your store template, within this update you get a freedom of editing the Shopping Cart and Checkout pages;
  • iDeal payment method is added to other payment systems available for now.

Hope these updates will help you to improve your work with MotoCMS templates and will allow you creating cool websites for you or your customers. If you have cool ideas of what you would like to see within MotoCMS templates – share your opinion with us!

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