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Join Us on CrowdIn for MotoCMS Translation Project!

MotoCMS Editorial 3 March, 2016

Your friends wish to use MotoCMS products in full but the lack of English knowledge stands in their way? Hurry up and join MotoCMS translation project on CrowdIn to make MotoCMS admin panel available in your mother tongue. Thus, you help many other users to understand all MotoCMS possibilities, features and options.

MotoCMS Translation Project - main

Our latest and coolest product version – MotoCMS 3 responsive website builder – is already available in English. Its translation to German and Russian is almost finished. But there are many other languages you could have helped us with translation. As we often get requests of making our product available in Polish, French or even Vietnamese, we decided to offer you an opportunity to translate MotoCMS admin panel into your mother tongue.

Join our project on CrowdIn and help your fellow citizens to use MotoCMS admin panel to the full extent. On our project page on CrowdIn you’ll find the list of languages that you can translate our strings to. MotoCMS submits to CrowdIn a file with the original strings (in English) and the platform itself creates files with translations. It also automatically defines the changes made to the original file and informs users of new strings awaiting for translation.

If you wish to see MotoCMS admin panel in your mother tongue – join CrowdIn, choose a language for translation and make MotoCMS closer for users from your country! Our team will appreciate if you support us in this project!

Author: MotoCMS Editorial
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