MotoCMS 3 April 2016 Updates for System and Ecommerce

MotoCMS Editorial 28 April, 2016

April brings minor updates for MotoCMS 3 admin panel. They should make your experience more smooth and pleasing. More updates await you in the Ecommerce plugin. Let’s check them out in short.

MotoCMS 3 April 2016 Updates - main image

MotoCMS 3 System Updates

Our developer’s team works on constant improvements for the product. Every critical bug will be detected and eliminated so nothing bothers you from creating the coolest website for your business. This time the improvements include:

  • The good old preloader in a shape of MotoCMS heart was removed to give place a sleek progress bar for better UX;
  • After logging in you see “Quick Buttons” that allows you editing pages, heading for profile or website settings as well as making use of a Help Center services;
  • Our customers from the Land of the Rising Sun will be happy to learn that MotoCMS 3 admin panel is available in Japanese from now.

MotoCMS 3 April 2016 Updates - dashboard

Ecommerce 1.1.3 Version

Our Ecommerce plugin has a bit more serious updates for today. It brings a couple of cool improvements to widgets that you will definitely love.

Thus, the new tab “Accounts” was added to the Templates section. Within this tab you can now edit Header and Footer the way you like. Thanks to this new feature you can set your Store design apart from the rest of your website.

MotoCMS 3 April 2016 Updates - accounts tab

Product List widget now gets a cool function that allows you hiding a preview image for the product if you need it.

And finally, from now any Store owner can add an additional email address to his or her account. It gives an opportunity to get emails and notifications about purchases in your store to two addresses at once.

Well, that’s all for now. Stay with us – MotoCMS team has far more updates and cool features to add every month. Share in comments what features you would like to see inside MotoCMS 3 in future!

Author: MotoCMS Editorial
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