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MotoCMS 3 Updates for March 2016: New Widgets & Tweaks

MotoCMS Editorial 30 March, 2016

It’s time for our regular digest on “What’s new within MotoCMS 3 admin panel?” This month’s update will definitely please our loyal customers since it includes some nice additions to accounts and admin panel settings they were asking for.

MotoCMS 3 Updates March 2016 - main

Other improvements concern Ecommerce plugin that is stuffed with more new widgets for online store. Its updates to settings and options significantly improve the work with the plugin and help making your online retail spot more attractive and user-friendly. Let’s check out MotoCMS 3 updates for March 2016!

MotoCMS 3 Admin Panel Updates

The said updates include 3.0.15 and 3.0.16 release versions that improve the work with MotoCMS admin panel.

The major news is related to the brand new “Audio Player” widget. Now you can make your website sound any way you like. It is created in minimalist style and extremely easy to use. Like with all other MotoCMS 3 widgets, you should just drop it to the container and add an audio file from your media library. For now this widget has play/pause, stop, volume and loop buttons.

MotoCMS 3 Updates March 2016 - audio player

In widget properties you can set up the spacing around audio player and add animation effects, if you like. You can also choose what buttons you wish to show within the player, just ticking the box next to each of them. You can choose among various presets in the Presets section to customize the look of your audio player. E.g. you can change the button color, typeface, styles etc.

More improvements to drag-and-drop functionality come with each update. This time update brings with it an opportunity to put widgets left or right from other widgets (earlier you could only drop them above or below).

Now you can personalize your MotoCMS 3 dashboard. The latest update allows applying your brand settings from MotoCMS account to template’s dashboard.

Another update concerns help pop-ups. We improved their presentation on smaller screens – now pop-ups look brighter on lighter background. It makes easier to read the info those pop-ups display.

More updates include:

  • Improved scrolling feature that works much better on any device you may use;
  • MotoCMS 3 upgrade to PHP 5.6 compatibility what makes it more suitable for different hostings;
  • Media Library now supports .csv files format.

Ecommerce 1.1.2 Improvements

Ecommerce plugin is one of the most popular MotoCMS’ side products. Everyday we work to make it better to please our customers. The latest Ecommerce update includes more new widgets, features upgrade and new options.

Thus, you now have a batch of widgets for category section. They include:

  • Category Title. Show the category title on its page to let users know where they are;
  • Category Image. Add an attractive image that displays this category products;
  • Short Description. You can add a short description to the category;
  • Description. Add description t the category page so your visitors know better what products they can find on this page.

MotoCMS 3 Updates March 2016 - ecommerce category widgets

All those widgets can be dropped anywhere on the category page.

As for other widgets, our customers will be happy to learn that a Product list widget is now available for dropping anywhere on MotoCMS-powered website’ pages. You can add it to the Home page or your news page to get traffic to the store.

In addition to this, in the General Settings section your store now gets the following options:

  • Set Store as Home page. This option allows you making the Store your Home page;
  • Allow search engines index my store. When this option is set to “no”, your store will be closed for search engines indexing until you open it;
  • Under construction. This handy option allows you to manually close your store for visiting while you’re maintaining or redesigning it.

With the Ecommerce plugin 1.1.2 update you get more options for buttons on such pages as User Profile, Shopping cart and Checkout. Now you can not just choose among special buttons presets, but also change their size.

By the way, if your users have chosen a “Create Account” option on buying, they will be authorized automatically from now.

Other improvements include:

  • Products exporting and importing them from CSV;
  • Linker option that allows linking to store pages from other pages of a website;
  • Short description and Description fields in Product editing mode now support text styles and Color Picker.

Hope you liked these new features and improvements that will make your MotoCMS-powered website more functional and modern. Tell us in comments, what features or widgets would you like to get within next updates?

Author: MotoCMS Editorial
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