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Machine Learning Marketing Techniques for Successful Advertising

Varun Arya 10 May, 2018

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Marketing are the new buzzwords in the market. You might have come across these terms at some point of time or the other. Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing many industries including healthcare, Banking and finance, online marketing and many more.

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning marketing techniques are helping digital marketers to market their product on the internet. As more and more people are available on the digital market platform, businesses are in a no mood to let go this opportunity. Digital Marketing and Machine Learning are helping businesses to leverage their sales and market value.

Before diving deep into the topic, let us first discuss Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning And Deep Learning in brief:

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a branch of computer science that deals with making intelligent machines that make computers capable of doing things that would otherwise require a human brain. The main goals of Artificial Intelligence are:

  • To create expert systems that exhibit intelligent behavior.
  • Simulation of human intelligence in machines.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is a sub-branch of Artificial Intelligence. Machine Learning deals with training machines to perform tasks without being explicitly programmed. Machine Learning algorithms give machines the ability of reasoning, problem solving and perception. They can learn on their own from past experience and improve over time.

Machine Learning has found its applications in healthcare, e-commerce, spam detection and many more.

Deep Learning

Deep Learning is a subset of Machine Learning. Deep Learning is based on the making artificial neural networks that simulate the human brain. This neural network enables machines to analyze, understand and take decisions on their own.

The scope of Machine Learning Marketing in Advertisement

We all know the importance of advertisements for any business. Whether big or small, every organization wants to get recognition in the market. This can be with the help of advertisements. The traditional methods of advertising are costly and out of the budget of small businesses. Therefore, it becomes very difficult to market their product.

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Machine Learning marketing in digital platform makes it easier for digital marketers to understand the consumer behavior better. It has helped in enhancing the user experience, expand the reach of advertisements and understanding the consumer buying cycle.

Machine Learning in digital marketing is playing a major role in revolutionizing the way marketing is done. There is a huge scope of Machine Learning Marketing in the advertisement industry. Digital Marketing and Machine Learning are revolutionizing the way marketing is done.

Machine Learning in Digital Advertisement

Let us now discuss how Machine Learning Marketing Techniques can be applied to the successful advertising.

Digital marketing and Machine Learning can together be applied to improve the marketing strategy of the businesses. Machine Learning algorithms can help predict the user behavior and consumer trend. By doing this, it can serve the ads that are relevant to the user. By showing these ads, brands can easily convert the leads into potential customers.

Personalisation is the main factor through which brands can give customized advertisements. With the help of machine learning marketing techniques, brands can have a good visibility on the online platform. This increases the brand value, recognition and finally the sales. Machine Learning Marketing techniques are improving day by day making it easier for brands to mark their online presence.

Now, let us discuss some of these techniques.

Machine Learning Marketing Techniques for Successful Advertising

1. Improved Searches

One of the machine learning marketing technique is better and improved searches. Search engines nowadays are more powerful than before. Imagine internet to be a huge library of websites. When we search something over the internet, we are flooded with thousands of results. Along with these results, we are shown relevant advertisements.

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Machine Learning in digital marketing help search engines find the relevant ads and showing them at the top. Thus the conversion rate of the brands gets increased.

2. Recommendation Systems

Recommendation systems are build using Machine Learning Techniques.  Recommendation systems work on the basis of past searches and history of the user. Most of the E-commerce websites are making use of recommendation systems. Recommendation systems help you in showing the most relevant products based on your previous searches.

This helps in improved user experience as the user gets recommended products at one place and he no longer has to waste hours in searching the right product.

3. Programmed Advertisements

Programmed advertising is the automated process of buying and selling of paid advertisements at a single platform made for advertisers and publishers. It involves real-time bidding and real-time payments. Moreover, Machine Learning in digital marketing has the capability to analyze the visitor behavior in real time and making changes in the advertising campaign on the go.

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The examples of programmed advertisements are SEM (search engine marketing) advertising on Google, Bing etc. Programmed advertisements have made a huge impact on the increasing the traffic of the websites.

4. Making Correlations

Social media platforms are also a good source of relevant data as you can find the majority of people on social media platforms. Here people are talking about their interests, likings, follow celebrities, make comments etc. Digital Marketing and Machine learning algorithms can access this information and digital marketers can get a good insight of their target audience.

In this way, you can target the audiences that have liked for a particular field. By targeting the customers, advertising gets better.

5. Machine Learning Reduces Cost

When we use machine learning in digital marketing, it helps to predict the outcome of campaigns, the costs of setting up a campaign reduces to a great extent. On the other hand, if machine learning is not used in advertising campaigns, the cost of production of the advertising campaign is much higher. Thus machine learning provides a cost-effective solution to the brands.

6. Better Reports

After the campaign is complete, it becomes necessary to analyze the result outcomes from the campaign. This helps in evaluating the performance of the campaign, positive and negative points, shortcoming etc of the campaign. As we all know that report making is a lengthy and tuff task, use of machine language makes campaign analysis simple.

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You can automatically generate reports that are easy to understand. Moreover, there is no need for further calculations to understand the graphs better. This saves a huge amount of time and human effort.

Final Thoughts

Machine Learning Marketing techniques have certainly helped brands in carrying out the advertising campaigns. It is a cost-effective way of carrying out the advertisement campaigns. Moreover, these campaigns are more intelligent as they help in reaching out the target audiences. So, it becomes necessary for the businesses to adapt to the new marketing trends and techniques. It not only helps in better advertising but also helps in standing out from the crowd.

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