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LinkedIn Marketing Strategy – Unleash the Business-Building Power [INFOGRAPHIC]

Nikhil 1 February, 2020

According to stats and numbers, a LinkedIn social media marketing strategy can generate more than 80% of the business’s social media leads when all other major social media platforms put together only amount to 19.67% of leads. if you are a B2B marketer, you must explore new features and updates while using LinkedIn for marketing to generate quality leads, drive traffic, and much more. As a platform to navigate professional environments and opportunities, you do not want to miss any chance to practice your knowledge of social selling. As LinkedIn is one of the leading social media sites for online marketing, it is essential to reach out to many people. Hence LinkedIn marketing agency would be the best solution for reaching out to more people. By these means, you demonstrate both your expertise on topics related to your customers’ interests and generate the leads your business or personal brand needs. If you find it difficult to get involved with your linked advertising, here are few beneficial tips on building an effective LinkedIn marketing strategy.

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LinkedIn Marketing Strategy Tips

Structure Your Company Page

The page structure should lead to a conversion action which can be a click-through to your company website description or recent updates page. You must work on the header image to grab the visitor’s attention; the first two lines of your company description must be compelling enough for a LinkedIn lead generation and do recent updates in the form of blog posts or links to infographics by keeping in mind that these updates must generate more clickthroughs from your target audience. See here the Linkedin automation strategy to grow your audience.

Build Showcase Page for Inbound LinkedIn Traffic

This LinkedIn marketing strategy works best when you want to represent a business unit, brand, or company initiative to a specific audience. Such Linkedin Advertising helps in developing a long-term relationship with a specific segment. Your company showcase page must include places to link back to your company, a larger header image, above-the-fold update posts, simple and relatable words, and short page name. The page must be conversion-primed.

Linkedin Advanced People Search & Saved Search

This feature of LinkedIn allows you to identify and locate the exact type of prospects you want to target. This LinkedIn marketing strategy provides you to filter your audience search on the basis of a number of factors like school, profile language, industry, location, current company, past company, etc. The bigger your personal network will be, the better the chances become of locating the right prospects.

For a steady pipeline of sales, you are required to maintain consistency in your prospecting. The saved search option in the LinkedIn lead generation strategy allows you to locate the exact search again and can set up alerts.

Block of Leads through Search Groups

Using LinkedIn for business comes with a number of beneficial features. A person searching for leads is a very detailed approach. You can search and join groups to generate leads using relevant keywords, you can perform a simple group search. Select groups that are highly active, medium-size, and relevant. You can narrow down your search in accordance with factors like category, relationship level, and language, etc. Gain leadership in the industry by becoming a moderator of your own group, start your group but do not sound ‘salesy’ to gather the target audience.

Publishing Content

If you have access, you must definitely explore the Linkedin content publishing platform as your LinkedIn marketing strategy. The members who are using such platforms stated that they have achieved lots of success. The content which helps your target audience either by answering their questions or helps in addressing their pain points works great on LinkedIn. People mostly look for how-to articles or industry trends and news. In the ‘updates’ section of your company page analytics, you can collect rich data on clickthrough rate (CTR), social actions, impressions, engagement rate, etc.

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You can make a LinkedIn marketing strategy around the job functions of your followers. Gain information about the demographics of your followers under the Followers section of your analytics and tailor your content that matches their interest areas.

Make use of Rich Images and Videos

One of the best things about using LinkedIn for marketing is that you can run your LinkedIn Company Page by making use of multi-media content. It has been observed that images can result in more than 98 percent comment rate and links to videos approx…76% more share rate. Try to upload videos onto LinkedIn directly instead of posting links to YouTube videos.

Time to Post

Yes, you heard it right, there is the best time to post on LinkedIn for business according to the LinkedIn survey, posts in the morning earn higher engagement but the best strategy would be to keep experimenting. One should imply that a LinkedIn marketing strategy which works best for their company. By making use of LinkedIn analytics and studying few top posts with the highest CTR or engagement rate in the updates section of LinkedIn Company Page analytics, you can come to know the best time to post.

Another technique that can use is visiting Buffer’s analytics section for your LinkedIn profile. First, click on the Posts tab and then on the Most Popular. This action will sort your LinkedIn posts as per likes, comments, and clicks. You can also select from a list of presets and choose a custom timeframe. Notice the trend and plan your LinkedIn advertising posts timings accordingly.

Scheduling Posts

According to LinkedIn marketing strategists, posting 20 posts per month can assists you in reaching at least 60% of your target audience. You should remember that more posts will lead to a larger reach but the point of diminishing returns also appears. You must try to capture the attention of the audience who can be found log on most often. Maintain a schedule of posting 20 quality posts every month will be an ideal beginning for a LinkedIn lead generation campaign.

Companies to Track

This is one of the great features one can use to analyze the performance of other company’s pages or competitors while using LinkedIn for marketing strategies. You can study social engagement, total followers, follower growth of the company’s pages which are similar to yours, and can compare with your LinkedIn Company page. Learn what’s working for them and incorporate necessary changes on your Company page to experiment with new lead generation strategies.

SEO for your LinkedIn Company Page

Search Engine Marketing and SEO techniques can let your target audience easily locate your LinkedIn Company Page on and off LinkedIn. You must add specific keywords to your company profile (in sections of description and specialties) page which clearly states who you are and what’s your work/business is all about. Create useful links for boosting your search engine rankings. Link your company page to your blog, website, and any other marketing material. An up-to-date employee and colleague’s LinkedIn profiles can also help in creating backlinks.

Create Ads on LinkedIn

As a part of any successful LinkedIn marketing strategy, you can create three types of ads:

  • Sponsored content (appear in the LinkedIn feed directly).
  • Sponsored InMail (deliver personalized content via LinkedIn Messenger).
  • Text ads / cost-per-impression (CPM) / pay-per-click (PPC) (appear on the side in LinkedIn).

Creating Linkedin Ads is another way of achieving improved rankings and LinkedIn lead generations are to publish updates from your Company Page regularly. When you share updates with your followers, content appears on your public page which allows it to easily get indexed by Google. You can also take advantage of paid LinkedIn marketing services.

All of LinkedIn’s Ad Targeting Options in One Epic Infographic

When was the first time you heard “LinkedIn”? The first time you heard the word might be from your classmates or colleagues who are on the hunt for a new job, or you heard it from any online resources.

LinkedIn is a social media platform for professionals, like Facebook, for your career! But as its purpose, LinkedIn is different from other social media platforms. What makes this network special is that it is a reliable resource for a career as business professionals and resources are here building a network of connections to seek and provide jobs!

Let’s take a look at some interesting LinkedIn facts:

With over 500 million users, LinkedIn ads convert well on a higher level. Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about LinkedIn marketing ads and dimensions and how to leverage the social network for your business.

Benefits of Advertising on LinkedIn

On the surface, LinkedIn and Facebook may seem similar to their setup of advertising opportunities and platforms. But deep down, advertising on each social media network is different.

Target More Professional Audience

One of the main differences between LinkedIn and other social media platforms is its audience. Users on LinkedIn are more educated, professional, and they most likely have a higher income compared to those on other social media platforms. If your ad goal is to aim at such a type of audience, LinkedIn is the ideal platform for you!

Narrow Your Ad Target

A successful ad on social media is determined by your ad is reached the target audience at the right time. On this platform, you can target your audience with an added layer of filtering options such as job title, seniority, company name, industry, skill, and more. Or you can say LinkedIn is the platform for businesses to target potential customers.

Unique Advertising Types

If you are already an “active advertiser” on other social media platforms, you will be familiar with the common ad types they are offering. Like them, LinkedIn provides sidebar ads and sponsored posts for marketers to gain more exposure, clicks, and conversions.

LinkedIn also offers Sponsored InMail. Unlike regular InMail, these are email-like messages that get sent directly to the inboxes of targeted LinkedIn users.

Improved Conversion Rates

This is another benefit of LinkedIn advertising. We are all doing this to get good results. Especially as a part of measuring metrics and data, conversions are an essential factor. When you advertise on LinkedIn, you can be sure of getting your ads across to the targeted audience and therefore generate a higher conversion rate.

If you know how to use LinkedIn ads the right way, it will be your most beneficial advertising platform. To back this, HubSpot stats found that, on average, LinkedIn ads convert users to leads at a 6.1% conversion rate. For reference, that compares to 2.58% for Google search ads.


Most social media ads focus on generating more leads and awareness. Consider your leads actually enter your database. But what happens after that? Without proper nurturing, you may fail to convince them that becoming your clients or customers is actually in their best interest. Back in the old days, this was very limited to email messages, but today, with LinkedIn, it is more than that!

 Getting Started With LinkedIn Ads

What really makes LinkedIn ads stand out from other social media platforms ad strategy is their B2B targeting options because it’s where all of the professionals are. Want to target on education industry? You can target it with LinkedIn ads.

LinkedIn has optimized its targeting options to allow brands and marketers to be able to connect with those specific professionals. With all these opportunities to target audiences, many brands are heading to LinkedIn this year.  Here’s an interesting Infographic by Techwyse which you can clear of all your doubts on LinkedIn Ads and Dimensions.

Linked-In marketing infographics

Focus on These LinkedIn Best Practices Rules

Follow these LinkedIn best practices rules and get the best results on your spending.

Rule 1: LinkedIn advertising is like any other social media advertising but with a twist of options to target by industry, job, company, and many more. Your best-performing ads are your most accessible opportunity for ad success when it comes to promotion.

Rule 2: Define your goal. It would be best if you had a proper goal to start your ad campaign. Knowing your goals and plans is going to help you determine how successful your campaign isis your campaign going to be and in which places you have to focus on and more.

Rule 3: Know your well-educated LinkedIn audience. Find at least 400 well-optimized targets for your ad campaign to run. You will have so many targeting options to choose your audiences such as persona targeting, industry targeting, geographic targeting, and many more. Remember that audience targeting will help you to increase ad engagement rates.

Rule 4: Find the intersectional of professional and personal.  Think about why they log into LinkedIn. They are on this platform for a variety of reasons; some may be here to look for jobs, some may be here to hire new resources, some may be here to network and catch up with colleagues, and some may be here to try to sell things.

Ready to Try Your New Ad Strategy?

LinkedIn is a great advertising platform for marketers in 2020. Try your ad types, figure out how to connect with your potential customers in ways they respond to, experiment, and find out your best ad strategy. Do not give up – a well-researched, optimized ad campaign has the power to deliver thousands of leads and sales. So, follow these methods to get the most out of your ads!

Summing up LinkedIn Marketing Strategies

You can send your posts or updates links to employees or colleagues for more engagement and for spreading it to several other LinkedIn users. You can also encourage them to fill their Linked profiles. The list of LinkedIn advertising strategies is exhaustive and you can opt for ways and marketing plans which work best for your brand.

LinkedIn for business offers tremendous opportunities, but in the absence of the right LinkedIn advertising knowledge, it becomes just another social media platform. It is high time to start using LinkedIn for marketing by implementing proper strategies.

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