How to Improve Your MotoCMS 3 Template with Chat Widget

Ian Byrd 26 August, 2015

Business and commercial website owners must offer professional customer support to give a proper advice to a client when it is necessary. Live chat is the key solution to make your customer support more effective.


With an integrated chat widget a visitor don’t have to wait for an operator for hours. No more frustrating phone calls or annoying emails. The customer’s problem will take only a few minutes to solve due to a program of instant messaging. It has never been easier and faster to ask for a help or issue solving without having to speak to a service manager face to face. This tiny window will turn the tedious process of questioning into comfortable and quick professional consultancy.

Another significant reason to add a chat widget to your website is the real-time feedback about your company or brand. Live chat allows getting client’s opinion about one or another issue concerning your services or products. Knowing the needs of your website audience leads to profits increase and customer base growing.

There is a wide range of companies that provide live chat wigdets. MotoCMS 3 templates work perfectly with three of the most popular ones: Olark, Tawk and Zopim. Now check out how to install any of these live chat widgets to your website step-by-step.

Adding Olark Chat Widget

1. Sign up to Olark first. It will cost you nothing.

olark - chat widget registration

2. After email confirmation choose your plan and click on “Finish installing Olark” button.

olark - finish registration

3. Copy the embed code of your Olark chat.

olark - embed code

4. Open the admin of your MotoCMS template. Choose a page that is suitable for chat. Find the “Code Injection” tab. Paste the given code into “Header” or “Footer” text field. Click “Save” button.

olark - pasted code

5. Your live chat provided by Olark is ready to work.

olark - chat widget window

Adding Tawk Widget to the Website

1. Sign up for Tawk for free.

tawk - sign up

2. Fill in information about your website.

tawk - profile editing

3. You are welcome to invite another person to control your website chat. Skip this step, if you don’t want anyone else to control the chat.

tawk - invite agent

4. Copy the text code.

tawk - chat widget code

5. This step is similar to the one during Olark chat installation. Just embed the code into a Header or Footer section. However, if you wish to install Tawk live chat that will be shown around the whole website, you need to perform a bit different actions.

Go to “Settings” in the MotoCMS control panel. Click on “Code Injection” section. Paste the text code and save the changes. Thus, the chat window will appear on any page of your website

tawk - code in the control panel

6. Enjoy the widget developed by Tawk.

tawk - chat widget window

Adding Chat Widget from Zopim

1. Sign up for a free Zopim account.

zopim - sign up

2. Add your contact information.

zopim - contact info

3. Complete your profile and copy the code to embed the widget.

zopim - code

4. Open the control panel of MotoCMS 3 template. Click on “Settings” section. Choose “Code Injection” tab. Paste your code into it. Save changes.

zopim - admin panel

5. Here comes ready-made live chat by Zopim

zopim - chat widget
Now you know that chat installation process takes only a few minutes. You don’t have to be a skilled programmer to embed live chat to your MotoCMS 3 template. Try to do this yourself, choosing a chat provider that will be perfect for you. Concider adding chat if you would like to grow your website community. It is the perfect option for better user understanding.

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  1. John says:

    Is there a way to do the code injection on an older version of MotoCMS? Current version 1.9.2

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