Step by Step Tutorial on How to Solve Fractions with Examples

MotoCMS Editorial 27 March, 2022

It is true that fractions are not that easy to learn. Many students do not take this mathematical concept seriously in their childhood classes which causes a lot of trouble after all. This is why it is very crucial to make yourself already in resolving basic to complex fraction problems fastly and accurately. Moreover, you can also be subject to an online fraction calculator in case of any trouble during calculations. Yes, we are greatly thankful to calculator-online.net which has proposed this free multiply fractions calculator so that the resolving fraction problems could be made done fast enough. Anyways, let us come to the point now. In this read, we will be focusing on step by step guide to solve fractions problems fast. Stay with us!

What Is a Fraction?

In the context of maths: A fraction is a mathematical ratio of the numerator and the denominator. You can use an online multiple fraction calculator to enumerate various basic to complex maths fraction queries efficiently and in seconds. How does it sound to you?

Parts of Fractions

Following below are the parts of the fraction that you must first comprehend before you move on.


The upper part of the fraction is known as the numerator.


The lower number that is below the line is called the denominator.


This is the line that divides the numerator and the denominator.

How to Solve Fractions – Operations on Fractions

Fractions are no longer a difficult subject for kids. With the free multiply fractions calculator, you can now simplify fractions. Manual calculations, on the other hand, are critical to comprehend and learn. So let’s make our way over to them.

Addition of Fractions

The addition of fractions can also be done through the assistance of a free multiply fractions calculator. However, let’s as well go through the manual concepts calculations.

  • First, write down all the fractions with an addition sign among them
  • After you do that, go for calculating the least common denominator of all the denominators
  • After you are done with this step as well, now its time to write the numerators
  • Divide least common denominator with denominators of all fractions one by one
  • And then multiply the resulting number with numerators, respectively
  • Then, add all the numerators to write the final fraction
  • Look if there is any possibility of reducing this fraction more

The free fraction calculator also goes for following all these steps but in a couple of seconds to display the final results.


2/3 + 5/9 + 7/2

= 12 + 10 + 63/ 18

= 85/18

= 4.72

The multiply fractions calculator also shows the decimal conversion of the fraction onto your device screen immediately.

Subtraction of Fractions

  • To begin, make a list of all the fractions that have a subtraction sign among them.
  • After that, find the denominator with the least common denominator of all the denominators.
  • After you’ve completed this step, it’s time to write the numerators.
  • Divide the least common denominator by the denominators of all fractions one by one, then multiply the result by the numerators.
  • Then, to write the final fraction, subtract all the numerators together.
  • Check to see if there’s any way to reduce this fraction even further.

In case of any trouble during the computations, let the free subtracting fractions calculator resolve them for you.


3/5 – 2/6

= 18 –  10/30

= 8/30

= 4/15

= 0.266

Multiplication of Fractions

This operation is very interesting and easy to learn. Yes, you just have to go through the following key points to multiply various fractions:

  • Write down all the fractions in a queue having a multiplication sign among them
  • After doing so, multiply all the numerators and the denominators separately
  • This is how the multiplication is done and you get a new resulting fraction
  • Now, at last, you need to check if you could further reduce this fraction to make it smaller enough


= 32/105

2/5 * 8/6 * 4/7

= 64/210

= 0.304

The interesting fact here is that the free multiply fractions calculator also goes for generating the same results but saves you a lot of time.

Division of Fractions

The division is the reciprocal operation of multiplication. Only one first step is different, rest all the calculations meet those we discussed for the multiplication of fractions. Let’s get through it as well quickly!

  • Write all the fractions having a division sign among them
  • Then except the first fraction, invert numerators and denominators of all rest fractions
  • Repeat the steps as done in case of fraction product


2/5 / 3/5

= 2/5 * 5/3

= 10/15

= 2/3

The Trick To Solve Fractions Quickly

Let us discuss a trick to simplify the numerical problems related to fractions in a couple of seconds. There are two situations here, which are as follows:

The Numerator and Denominator Have the Same Difference

When you have fractions with the same difference between their numerator and denominator, you must resolve them using the key rule: Fractions with a big numerator will be the largest, whereas fractions with a tiny numerator will be the lowest.

Numerators and Denominators Both Rise by a Fixed Amount

If you have fractions with numerators and denominators that keep rising by some default value, keep the following strategy in mind to solve them: Simple, the fractions with the lowest numerator are expected to be the smallest fractions in this situation, and vice versa.

How to Solve Fractions – Last Words

No doubt fractions seem to be a less complicated task, but when it comes to practical computations, it may cause a lot of problems. This happens due to the lack of your understanding and thinking approach. In this guidepost, a special context has been arranged for you people to understand the ways you could resolve fractions easily and authentically. Moreover, the rest of the calculations have been made easier by the mixed fraction calculator by calculator-online.net. We hope this guidepost will help you a lot in the preparation of your examinations ahead.

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