How to Make a Furniture Website in 7 Fast Steps

MotoCMS Editorial 29 June, 2017

It is true that there is no place like home. Our home is a hiding place for taking a break from the busy everyday routine. That is why we try our best to make our homes as snug and comfortable as possible. Furniture plays an essential part in the interior design. It helps to create a certain atmosphere in the dwelling. One more important factor is how functional the furniture is. Choosing the right furniture and finding the perfect balance between it and the rest of the interior is a very complicated task. Only a few people are able to cope with it without extra help. Besides that, the art of decoration needs a lot of talent and good taste not everyone has.

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What is more, turning your house into a homily nest takes much spare time which is extremely valuable for most of us. So, hiring a professional who is able to make a home out of a house is a desirable option for the majority. Luckily, with the Internet, this problem is not a problem. If you need a service, you just have to go online, and you will definitely find the solution there. It means that being into furniture and interior design business you can’t manage without a website of your own. Otherwise, no matter how excellent your work is, nobody will learn about it.

There is an excellent way out if you are still not online. MotoCMS has created a rich collection of handy interior & furniture website templates for your convenience. To make a furniture website with the help of one of them is not a piece of work, but a game due to a user-friendly admin panel. To simplify this task even more, let’s talk about what steps are important for a successful furniture website start-up.

How to Make a Furniture Website

Step 1. Design an Attractive Home Page

The homepage of your website is a visiting card. It has to catch the visitor’s attention from the first glance. People who are looking for an interior designer and furniture maker are expecting a beautiful image. Give them the image! Let it be a stunning picture of one of your projects. Bright colors are also welcome in this case. Using a carousel slider here is a wonderful idea. Thus you will feature several images making your chances of getting a new client fatter.

Step 2. Introduce Your Company

Tell your visitors who you are. Become closer to the clients by using actual pictures of yourself and your team members.

Most of us like communicating with real people instead of abstract contacts. Create a private atmosphere and guarantee your customers a personal approach.

Step 3. Show Off Your Experience

If your company is in the business for a long period, emphasize this fact by adding a special section covering the history. Traditions are always good in any sphere. Let it play a positive role for your business.

Feature prizes or awards your company has got by now. This simple method proves to be very effective because people tend to choose award winning companies.

Step 4. Create a Project Portfolio

The portfolio is probably the most important part of your website. This is where you are actually advertising yourself. Give it extra attention and use only the best quality shots for it. MotoCMS furniture website builder offers you different types of galleries to use. There is also a possibility to edit the image without leaving the website.

Step 5. Demonstrate Customer Care

Including testimonials is always an excellent decision. Still, you are a designer, so people are expecting to see unusual decisions on your website. Present the testimonials in an attractive way for the clients to appreciate your talent from the very beginning.

One more effective idea for attracting prospective clients is to offer some statistics about the projects your company has already completed.

Step 6. Offer Your Services Wisely

Present your services clearly. You clients should know what exactly you are able to do for them. Do not place all the information on the home page. State the most urgent fact and leave a special link for specifying further details if there is a necessity.

Step 7. Leave Your Business Contacts

It goes without saying that contacts are of vital importance for any company. Specify your information in this website section. Use it for the offering social media links as well. Nowadays people are so fond of social networks that are a part of them is a means of survival for business. It is great if you are present in more than one network. Consider also adding a special contact form. You can easily create the form you want using MotoCMS admin panel.

Making a website from a scratch is very complicated and time-consuming. Why bother with it if to start a furniture website you only need to choose the template among the themes MotoCMS has developed for you, spend only several hours customizing it and continue to do what you like? There are such striking furniture templates as this awesome Sofa Room Responsive Website Template.

If your business I connected with selling furniture, MotoCMS is proud to introduce our best quality Quistre Ecommerce Website Template for your online store.

Try any template you choose for free during 14 days. Change the template in your account as often as you need for making the final decision without any charge. Enjoy the convenience of 24/7 technical support we offer and succeed!

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