How to Make a Financial Website: 5 Answers You Need to Know

MotoCMS Editorial 1 February, 2024

There are approximately 550,000 new businesses launched every month. The best survive the first year mainly because they have contacted experienced financial advisors. So, as a financial advisor, where and how do you think your prospective customers can find you? The answer to this question is either a personal recommendation or the Internet. As for personal recommendations, it may take years to earn enough trust on the consulting market to get advertised, right? Thanks to the Internet, the situation has changed. The growth of the client base is not an issue anymore because you can reach out to your potential clients 24/7. Also, you are not limited to a certain geographical location.

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Of course, to enjoy the full potential of your financial website, it has to be professional and highly productive. Do you think it may cost too much at the moment? Well, not quite right. With MotoCMS financial website templates, creating a fully functioning website costs just reasonable money plus some courage on your part. Having read this article, you will not just learn how to make a financial website, but get the idea of what your clients expect to see when choosing your services online.

How to Make a Financial Website

Question 1. What do I Start with when Creating a Financial Website?

As a financial consultant, you probably know next to nothing about web development and web design. This is perfectly fine till you choose to use MotoCMS accounting templates for the financial industry. These templates are created the way that you need just to customize them to your needs. Let’s take this Accounting Services Responsive Web Theme as an example and see what is meant by the customization.

How to make a financial website - Auditelix

The mentioned website template is equipped with the Block Editor. This editor’s guiding idea is to give you the power to drag-and-drop the content blocks you need. This way any complete beginner can work out the attractive layout for his or her website.

For example, you need to create a footer at the bottom of your page. What do you do? You log in to the admin panel of the financial advisor website builder and go to Blocks – Footers and choose one of the options offered to you. The first option is designed in the black color.

How to make a financial website - footers

It contains a subscription form, as you can see.

How to make a financial website - footer block

The second option for your footer is beige.

 How to make a financial website - beige footer block

This option boasts social links. So, it is up to you to decide what footer to choose and why.

 How to make a financial website - beige footer

The same functionality is offered in this Income Premium Financial Business Theme too.

How to make a financial website - income template

Question 2. What is the Right Page to Mention My Services?

The financial consulting business is multifaceted. You can work as a financial advisor, a money lender, an insurance agent and even represent a huge financial consortium. But no matter what you do with the finances, you need to be as specific as possible about the services you provide. This is a kind of information that your prospective clients expect to see both on your Homepage and on a separate Services Page.

There is one problem though. Search engines do not usually like the duplicated content. So, you need to get a bit creative about your services. This is what you can find in the MotoCMS template below. What MotoCMS developers offer is to sort your services. You can place your top services on the Homepage, along with the link to All Services list on your Services page!

How to make a financial website - services page

Test out what the Services page looks like in this attractive Money Lander Website Design!

How to make a financial website - Cashyx

Question 3. How Do I Make a Financial Website Popular?

The successful promotion of a financial website is possible if you follow certain easy rules. First, use the instruments for SEO-optimization that MotoCMS offers with its banking website templates. Choose appropriate page titles, add concise page descriptions, add relevant keywords. Feel free to click on little question marks in case you have no clue what this or that SEO feature means. Or simply contact the professional tech support from MotoCMS.

How to make a financial website - SEO settings
Secondly, build a trustworthy image for your website. A customer that visits it today will come back tomorrow, hopefully with a friend. How do you build the image that your customers can trust? Think about adding testimonials, a commenting platform like Disqus, and some statistics to your website.

How to make a financial website - counters

Aside Disqus, there is a wide range of widgets that every financial expert is able to use for own online business customization.

How to make a financial website - widgets section

Check out the set of widgets you can use to boost the interactivity of your website with this Responsive Website Design for Insurance Agents.

How to make a financial website - Quosure

Question 4. What is the Most Effective Way to Communicate with My Clientele?

With a website, you can use different communication channels to get in touch with your clients. The main idea, though, is to establish clear communication rules. If you add a contact form to your website, make it clear when your customer hopes to get a response.

How to make a financial website - contact form

If you use Google Map, then make sure you update it once you change your location. And of course, to get the most out of the interaction with your clients, offer them a Call Back service.

How to make a financial website - Accountant

Try this Website Template for Accounting Services and enjoy communication with your customers!

Question 5. How do I present my Pricing Policy?

This is the easiest question of all when you are going to make a financial website. You can use either the simple listing of your services or organize them in packages. Your choice! The main idea though is to make sure your clients know exactly what they are paying for.

How to make a financial website - pricing form

Check out the Pricing page in this eye-catching Responsive Website for Financial Advising.

How to make a financial website - Gitex

As you can see, you do not need any special skills to make a financial website. Like always, you need a bit of courage and some persistence. Money makes the difference. So does your website if you choose to build it with MotoCMS!

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