How to Make a Communications Website According to Clients’ Likings

MotoCMS Editorial 23 June, 2017

We live in the era of mass consumption and active communication. It is impossible to imagine the everyday life of a modern person without a great deal of communication which takes different forms. We communicate with our family, colleagues, and friends. We solve our problems, earn money and entertain communicating. So, the quality of the communication is of the greatest importance for most people. That is why efficacious technical services which help to maintain the high level of communication and ensure that we stay connected during any moment of our lives are really important and valuable. If your work is to assist people in making communication easier and more effective, you definitely need to make a communications website.

How to make a communications website - main

The good news is that nowadays there is no necessity to start creating such a website from a scratch due to fully functional communications website templates from MotoCMS. On choosing a theme, you can launch a new website after only several hours of customizing it according to your taste with a user-friendly website builder. Still, there are some important issues to take into consideration if you desire to make a communications website which will function in the best way.

How to Make a Communications Website

Аny website is a powerful means of communication. It can and must be used to establish a fruitful connection between your company and your customers. “While CTI, email, and phones are still popular means of communications, customers are looking for fresh solutions.” Let’s have a look at some important details

Headline as a Communication Tool

In fact, this communication starts as soon as the user opens the website homepage and sees the headline. Remember, that the main task of any headline is to convey a certain message and, by keeping the visitor’s attention, to encourage him/her to stay longer and become a loyal client. First of all, decide what you want your headline to do:

Emphasize your company’s strong sides

How to make a communications website - home page

Describe the most important benefit you offer

How to make a communications website - antenna

Underline the opportunities you got

How to make a communications website - landing page

If you want to make a communications website that matters, do not forget to keep the headline short, simple and clear because otherwise, you risk being misunderstood by the clients.

The outlook of your headline is of the vital importance as well. To make your heading stand out and reach the visitors’ consciousness you may use graphical tools which are offered by the MotoCMS admin panel.

How to make a communications website - text styles

Feel free to experiment with typography and choose from a wide variety of fonts. Add a contrasting background to emphasize your headline or unload a sticking original image.

How to make a communications website - hello

Text as a Means of Communication

The most powerful means of communication between your company and the clients is the text which you add to the website.

The structure of the text is of the greatest significance in this case. People don’t like big text blocks, so keep it broken by sub-headlines. This simple method makes the text more readable and helps the reader grab the necessary information more speedily. Use sub-headlines if you need to outline the context and create extra interest in certain sections.

How to make a communications website - our history

The creation of striking taglines is also an excellent idea. These small but memorable pieces of text sometimes are able to do much more than big detailed descriptions.

How to make a communications website - conversions

Visual Elements as a Means of Transferring Your Ideas

Use different visual elements for boosting effective communication.

  • The first thing worth talking about is a logo. Many companies are ready to pay lots of money for the creation of a good logo. This miniature symbol has the power to create a particular image for the company and to communicate the intentions better than words do. If your company does not have a logo, probably you should think about one. Still, if you don’t have a special talent for shaping logos, you’d better hire a professional to help you with its development.

How to make a communications website - antenna home

  • The choice of images for the website also matters. It is up to you whether to use stock images or original ones in this case. What you should think over quite carefully is what message these images have to transmit.

How to make a communications website - grid gallery

  • Icons can also give you a great possibility to convey certain information to the visitor. MotoCMS gives you the possibility to change the appearance of the icons expressing your individuality.

How to make a communications website - features

  • Use the layout of the page for communication. Place the most important information in the center of the page. Thus you show your visitors what you want them to focus their attention at.

How to make a communications website - why us

  • Don’t underestimate the importance of the website color scheme for. A lot depends on your target audience. Older people prefer calm color palettes when youngsters find bright attractive mixtures of colors attractive. But take into consideration that exceedingly sharp contrasts and the absence of good taste may irritate even the young generation.

How to make a communications website - communication home

  • Add videos to represent your company and its services in a more vivid way. Feel free to use your Youtube and Vimeo videos to represent your company and the services it offers in a bright and absorbing way.

How to make a communications website - video widget

There is no one ready-made recipe to make a communications website. Only you know what will work better for your business. So, sign up for a free 14 day trial period with any template you fancy and start experiments!

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