How to Grow Your Business with Cold Email?

MotoCMS Editorial 26 September, 2023

Cold emailing is an immensely beneficial technique to take your business a notch higher. But here is the catch: It is not as easy as it sounds. Each part of the cold email should deliver value, and thus, it plays a significant communicative role in the marketing world.

Here, we have come up with an insider look at how to get more responses from your cold emails and how to supercharge your business growth with this technique. Let’s dive in.

Personalization Can Transform the Game

Personalization is one of the best keys to achieving success in the world of cold emails. Tailoring the outreach efforts from individual to individual can be the game changer. This builds a meaningful connection with the recipients. You seem different from the crowd by not sending generic messages. What can you include in the art of personalization? Let’s find out.

  • Use the names of the recipients while sending them emails. This shows that you have spent time learning about them.
  • Find out their pain points and the challenges they want to tackle. This makes you better understand their needs.
  • Utilize cold email software to create tailored email messages. Investing in such software is a smart decision because it allows your emails to connect directly with your audience, offering a personalized approach rather than a generic, one-size-fits-all message.”
  • Speaking directly to the recipients results in better engagements and, ultimately, higher conversion rates.

Designing personalized emails is an evergreen strategy that is not going anywhere soon. So, you cannot overlook the use of personalization in your emails.

Effective Copywriting Copywriting for Business

Capture the interest of the audience starting from the very first word. It is your responsibility to hook their attention up until the final call to action. Crafting words that can perfectly resonate with your target audience can be a bit intimidating, but you can still master this art. Here are some effective copywriting emails that you can include in your cold emails –

  • Write an attention-grabbing subject line that compels the audience to open the email.
  • Keep the content short and simple.
  • Highlight the values and offers you are providing.
  • Don’t forget to include a gripping call-to-action to draw the recipients towards taking the desired action.

Building Transparency

Building trust is one of the challenges you face while dealing with cold emails. Recipients nowadays are aware and cautious of opening unsolicited emails, especially if the emails sound too salesy. Become vital in your emailing approach to overcome this problem. Be clear with your words about who you are, what your business is, the reason for reaching out, and the product or service you can offer. You can even include case studies or testimonials to establish trust and credibility. Trust forms the basis of any business relationship, and you must start building it from the initial email itself.

Adding a PS

Most people scroll down the email as soon as they receive it to see the name and company of the sender. So, you can consider the space around your signature the prime real estate in the cold email industry. It could be the first or last thing a prospective customer pays attention to. Thus, you cannot miss out on casting a good impression on them. The best way to do this is to add a “P.S.” right after or before the signature. Keep in mind that you should keep a “P.S.” –

  • Always bold and unique.
  • Not more than two lines. Ideally, it should be one.
  • The message should resonate with the email.
  • You may use statistics or facts if needed.

Keep It Short

You don’t want to waste your time as well as someone else’s time. So, keep things crystal clear in the most precise manner possible. Don’t ramble in your mails; be short and concise with the message so that the prospects can understand your purpose instantly.

Test Your Cold Email

Not most people mention this step but test your email once you have crafted it. For testing it, send your email to your personal email ID. Take a look at it and analyze it on both your mobile and desktop. See for any broken links, typos, or big blocks of text. Also, pay attention to the subject line and see if it is completely visible on mobile devices or cut off in between.

Highlighting a Simple CTA

The primary aim of a cold email campaign is to get a response from prospective customers. Many companies want readers to take the first step as soon as they are done reading the first email. Most of them use the CTAs like “book a demo or start your free trial” at the end. Undoubtedly, you can get few conversions with such CTAs. But if the recipient is unaware of the product or service your company provides, they won’t be making such kind of commitment after reading just 1-2 emails. So, it is your responsibility to make it simple for the recipients to get the desired response. For instance – Use the low-commitment CTAs like –

  • “Seems interesting? Reply to this email for getting more information”.
  • “Want to know more? Let’s get on a 15-minute call”.
  • “Do you want me to send you a case study”?

Such CTAs have a higher rate of response.

Follow Up Strategy

Most times, one email is not enough to change the game. You need to do more. Your email campaign should have at least one follow-up email. Although you can even send 2-3 follow-ups for getting success in your cold email campaign. Keep in mind that follow-up emails should not sound like reminders that you are eagerly waiting for the prospects to reply. Add some value to follow-up emails by including case studies in it or by inviting the prospects to a webinar.

Final Thoughts

Cold email is a potent tool for businesses who want to expand their customer base. Focus on personalization, forming compelling content, and targeted outreach. By using the right cold emailing software and the right strategies, you can transform your business and drive the desired revenue. Find the formula that works for you and let your business generate a steady stream of qualified leads.

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