How to Create QR Code for a Website to Boost Your Business

Daria Kosych 28 October, 2021

We live in the era of new technologies, and people are used to getting what they want quickly. Therefore, for business owners to promote their services or products, reach potential clients, and increase traffic, it’s essential to adapt to clients’ wishes and guarantee a good user experience. One of the ways to succeed in it is to use QR codes. Why are they so popular? The answer is simple – to get the desired result, the person should only scan the image. Still, it’s a new thing for most users; therefore, today, we’d like to consider how to create QR code for a website with the help of free tools. Also, we’ll:

  • define its advantages, how to use it in business, and what information can be encoded;
  • find out common mistakes;
  • share some valuable tips.

Before reading, please look at the funny examples we got while learning how to create a QR code for a website. It was our first experience, too, so please, go easy on us. If you have good taste, you’ll undoubtedly get excellent results! We used bright colors to show that adjusting a future QR code to any wishes is possible. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that it should be colorful. It’s great if a code mainly supports your brand’s style, colors, and logo.

MotoCMS QR Code Generation Experience

What is the QR Code?

The abbreviation “QR” comes from the phrase «quick response». QR code is a two-dimensional bar code that stores information for quick object recognition. You can scan it with the help of a smartphone or a tablet.

In marketing, QR codes are used as an indispensable promotional tool. With its help, it is possible to quickly bring necessary information to a potential client and call him to action. That’s why nowadays, anyone has to learn how to use it.

Advantages You Achieve

  • the immediate access of customers to the information;
  • the increase in organic traffic;
  • ability to track conversion rates(due to Google Analytics integration with a code generator you use, there is an opportunity to check device, times of clicking, and location of clients, for instance, and get the understanding of consumer behavior);
  • customer loyalty to the brand by presenting coupons and gifts via QR code;
  • it’s a great way to get feedback from the clients;
  • tracking the effectiveness of marketing companies;
  • it is always easy to update the information in the QR code;
  • providing direct links to websites or social networks without losing time for navigation;
  • the use of QR codes reduces the use of paper.

How to Use QR Codes in Business?

QR Code for Business

Do you know that 60-65% of people worldwide scan QR codes daily? Thus, every company should learn how to create a QR code for a website and benefit from digital solutions. This modern way of interacting with clients has many variants for business use. Let’s overview the common ones.

  1. Payment for goods. You should only set the amount and destination of the revenue. It is easy for the buyer to pay for the goods by scanning the code.
  2. Placing a QR code on your business card. It can include links to your social accounts or your personal portfolio, for example. Thus, users will have your contacts and find out who you are and what you offer, learn more about your team prices, and read testimonials. Such a solution guarantees better results.
  3. Information about goods. You can add complete information about your product: size, color, peculiarities of use, etc.
  4. Elements of gamification. Users can get bonuses for a discount in the form of a game.
  5. Loyalty programs. Most large companies connect QR codes with loyalty and accumulation cards for their clients.
  6. Community in the chat room, created to interact closely with clients and respond to questions. You can also insert a chatbot link into the QR code, which provides consultations or takes orders.
  7. The invitation to the event. In your QR code, you can type information with an invitation to a site or social media where people can buy tickets.
  8. Additional opportunities. QR code helps add value to your product in the form of something nice, a bonus, or a gift. It usually elicits positive emotions in clients.

What to Encode

  • Text to 4000 symbols. You can read the text as it is on the site or even in a booklet. But the code will be a good solution if there is not enough space.
  • URL address. In a few seconds, a QR code will redirect the client to the site, YouTube page, or social media;
  • Phone number. A user doesn’t want to rewrite company numbers on the street. And the scan program will quickly save contact;
  • Location. Encode your office or showroom address. The client doesn’t need to remember the street, the house, or find a way on the Internet.
  • Picture. This data type is rarely encrypted because the code only contains a small image. Brands use the «trick,» hiding a vital part of the picture;
  • Sending an email to a given address. You can add a theme and text immediately or leave it blank;
  • Wi-Fi network access(login and password inside).  A good option for guest access;
  • SMS;
  • The event in the calendar.

How to Create QR Code for a Website – Best Tools

Today, many tools allow you to convert text, URLs, phone numbers, email addresses, and other types of information into QR codes from scratch and in a short time. Let’s find out how to create QR code for a website with the help of the four best generators.

Beaconstac. There is a free and paid($5/month) plan. The free trial period offers us to choose from:

  • dynamic QR code(modifications are available) and adding a link to a website/restaurant menu/PDF/landing page/social media/image/creating a form/sharing a coupon code/a business card/playing an audio file/getting a phone call and much more(it’s difficult even to imagine such a wide functionality);
  • static OR code(no changes are accepted) and adding a link to a website/email/call/SMS/plain text/vCard/Wi-Fi.

QRCode Good Example

QRCode Monkey is a free tool that accepts donations if you want to support a valuable source. Besides all the standard benefits, here, you can choose from 13 attractive QR code templates and engage users with the help of a unique design.

QRCode Monkey

QR Code Generator differs by a set of free eye-catching frames with a phrase like Scan Me or any other one. Please, look what we got in 2 minutes! I understand it’s not the best result we could provide, but it was our first experience, and we were shocked it was as easy as described! You definitely should try it.

MotoCMS QR Code Example

QRCode-Tiger.com is another excellent and convenient tool for generating QR codes. The only benefit is the unusual design of templates.

QR Tiger

After you’ve created the desired QR code, download it in SVG or PNG format and use it on your business website/print materials/offline shop/restaurant/cafe, anywhere you want.

Businesses can do a lot with QR codes, such as allowing customers to scan a code for messages and promotional codes and connect businesses to the digital sphere. Read about TRUiC’s QR code generator and how it can help companies exploit all the opportunities.

          Common Mistakes You Should Avoid

Sometimes, website owners learn how to create a QR code for a website to maximize the full potential of their business, but it doesn’t give the expected results. That’s because they use them in the wrong way.

First of all, you have to test your code before printing it and running the advertising campaign, as there is always a risk that devices won’t recognize it.

Second, you should decide where to place them successfully according to the requirements of your target audience.

Tips For Better Outcome

Good VS Bad QR Code

  1. Use dynamic code to edit it in the future(even if it’s already printed). For example, if you insert a wrong URL or you’ve changed contacts/Wi-Fi password and so on.
  2. Make sure the site you link the QR code to is mobile-friendly, which is logical as, in most cases, people will use their smartphones. By the way, all MotoCMS website templates are responsive and adapt to all screen resolutions, so if you still don’t have a site, please look at our ready-made offers.
  3. Tailor a code to your brand. We recommend adding your logo and colors to build your brand identity, make users recognize your business, attract attention, and cause the desire to scan and check whether something quality awaits them.
  4. Modern QR code generators allow adding frames with call-to-action phrases like Scan Me or any necessary ones, f.e. Download Menu/Open Website/Wi-Fi, etc. You should certainly take this opportunity.
  5. Check the QR Code size(a standard 3-4 cm) to be easily scanned from short and long distances.
  6. Make sure it’s noticeable and takes the best possible place.

          Conclusion on How to Create QR Code for a Website

Overall, we’ve considered how to create a QR code for a website in detail. We hope you’ll implement this tool in your marketing strategies and promote your business successfully. Please share your experience in the comments section below; we’re always happy to listen to your stories and methods that work.

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