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Good Website Example Launched by MotoCMS Clients

Daria Kosych 12 November, 2021

MotoCMS platform has been around for almost a decade in the website creation niche, and our team, driven by vast experience, continues impressing users with new solutions. We guarantee that anyone without the necessary skills can use our builder to launch a professional website, and today, it’s high time to prove it. As you have probably guessed, this post will be dedicated to our regular column #madeonmotocms. We’re pleased to show a good website example and analyze why customers prefer our trendy and responsive templates.

Filmproduktion NRW Known For a Large Media Library

First of all, we want to introduce to you film production NRW – a team that creates high-quality video content. With the help of MotoCMS template, they developed their brand, showed their portfolio, and proved the quality of their projects.

As it’s essential for media content creators to share their portfolios and present their work to potential clients, MotoCMS provides the opportunity to upload files to the media library and publish visuals of any size, format, and quality. Moreover, you can set the necessary type of Gallery(slider/grid/carousel/tile) and improve user experience on your future site.

Homepage – First Impression From the Site

Good Website Example - Video Content

It’s no secret that a home page should hook a user in less than 3 seconds, and we can say for sure that the owner of this site has coped with this task 100%. Thanks to easy customization, they added an eye-catching background video and vision statement. Then, with the help of convenient blocks and unique icons, they shared their business strengths, benefits, and recent projects that motivate users for further navigation on site.

Social Media Integration

Nowadays, social media marketing is at its peak. Therefore, on-site integration with social networks is a must if you want to increase your client base and attract potential customers. For successful results, MotoCMS offers such social widgets as:

  • social links;
  • social buttons;
  • Twitter timeline;
  • Facebook feed;
  • Pinterest board;
  • Instagram post.

Usually, they are added in the footer or the header, but you can choose any place, size, and design in the admin panel. As you can see on this good website example, links to Facebook, Instagram and Youtube are placed right away on the background of a home page and look well.

MaximizedMobile – Standard and Efficient Design

Site For Mobile Marketing Agency

The following good website example is a multifunctional platform with blog functionality. The company provides professional marketing and consulting services to small business owners. It boasts a pleasant design: a white background with a green palette and black fonts of different sizes that draw attention to the most important things. Moreover, the green colour causes trust and the feeling of reliability.

Emphasis on Services and Information Content

Thanks to the mass of different widgets, blocks and elements, you can add and structure texts supported by visuals, insert buttons, complete lists, all within a few clicks. To inform users about the services and prices, the website owner adds a well-thought-out page that includes a list of advantages, a range of services, details on the process itself, and links to extra detailed information using the “Read more” button. You may think that tailoring a template to your needs takes lots of time and effort, but the MotoCMS team ensures that every user can create a good website example even without web development knowledge.

Blog Functionality

MaximizedMobile shares trends, tips, and mistakes that may be useful for their clients by adding blog posts. Moreover, blogging brings them more traffic every day and ensures Google algorithms that this site is worth attention. Thus, in the admin panel, you can manage and edit posts, categories, tags and choose the template most appropriate for your business niche.

Good Website Example for a Coach and Mentor

Coach and Mentor Site

Regula Meyer is a professional coach and mentor who accompanies clients in analyzing, planning and implementing professional and private changes. The Coachingbern website is a real example of aesthetic and well-structured client-oriented space.

Besides, the MotoCMS website templates offer a wide variety of options for psychologists and coaches. They are based on neutral light colours, with nice fonts, easy navigation, and structured to answer users’ questions and keep them longer on pages.

On-Site Call to Action

The stylish look and feel of this template, as well as impressive functionality, can convert visitors to clients. Suppose you look at the demo of a home page. In that case, you will notice that it contains many valuable elements attracting more clients to the coaching business, namely testimonials from your clients and students, a separate block with helpful content, a portfolio section, CTA buttons, newsletters and contact forms.

Business Card Website by Bauchfrei

Bauchfrei is a good website example for specialists who want to present their services. With its help, Manu Hoog shows her expertise(providing assistance and advice to families, parents, and children). The site is designed in a terse and most informative style reminiscent of a business card, which encourages cooperation with a professional.

Good Website Example for Assistant

By the way, a business card website is a great way to increase your online presence and build a solid personal brand. In a sense, this is another online portfolio version focused on the author’s projects. Thus, a section on your website homepage layout introduces yourself and explains how you can help your audience. Then, as visitors scroll down the page, they see an overview of your services and learn why they might want to work with you.

Contacts Information

This good website example owner decided to add contact information in both the footer and header, which is quite a good decision. Also, the template includes an advanced contact form that allows to keep in touch with visitors, share valuable information and materials.

Another two ways for better interaction with your clients are:

  • using an acuity scheduling widget that allows clients to choose an available date and a convenient time for a visit;
  • adding a FAQ section.

Acuity Widget

Google Maps Integration

If you are a local business owner, in the builder from MotoСMS, you can add geolocation right on the site. The advantages of this feature:

  • there is no need to explain how to get to your office/store;
  • building a targeted audience: by knowing the preferences of your audience, you can present them with the consultations, offers, or services that interest them more and invite them for an offline visit;
  • geolocation helps to increase your business profits(f.e. users are searching for something in Google, then see that your office/store isn’t far from them and make an action);
  • it’s free and effortless.

Besides, MotoCMS offers such powerful integrations as Disqus, Google Search, Airbnb, Acquity, Live Chat, PayPal, and more!

Final Example – Julia Kalenberg

Professional Online Platform

Julia Kalenberg completes our regular column #madeonmotocms websites. Please, meet the site of another experienced coach, trainer, and consultant. Like any professional platform in this field, it includes a portfolio, a welcome video taken from a personal YouTube channel, and available workshops and training lists. Thanks to the drag and drop function of the MotoCMS builder, the management of information and various media resources is possible at any time with a few clicks.

Search Engine Optimization

This site has good rates and takes first place in Google search. As we take care of our clients’ websites optimization, with the necessary tools in the admin panel, they can improve their status on the web on their own:

  1. add custom URLs with demanded keywords or words connected with the theme of a page;
  2. structure correct heading hierarchy;
  3. add Meta titles and Meta descriptions to show Google and visitors what to wait from the page;
  4. create a website XML Sitemap automatically for crawling important pages by Google;
  5. use built-in robots.txt generator;
  6. set up 301 redirects in case of changing a domain or an URL;
  7. add Image Alts and canonical tags.

Besides, if you want more results in a short period of time, you can try our SEO optimization service and allow our team of experts to take care of your site rankings. It combines specific methods and measures to bring a website to a leading position in the search engine results and get ahead of competitors.

Benefits of MotoCMS Templates

Laptop Repair Website


Well, again, any person can easily understand how to customize our themes. Here are some benefits for you to consider:

  • Modern design;
  • Exciting solutions for galleries;
  • Powerful widgets;
  • Impressive functionality;
  • Adaptability to all screen resolutions;
  • Easy customization;
  • SEO options;
  • Quality support.

Large Assortment

MotoCMS Templates

Now, wherever you look, you can easily find thousands of sites on just one topic. And every day, there are more and more online platforms: beautiful and exciting, functional, commercial, and so on. That’s we try to stay up-to-date and provide you with a large number of themes(over 2500+ website templates) for any business niche. Tailored to specific requirements, they will help you improve user experience, significantly increase the popularity of your company, and regularly attract new customers straight from the Internet.

Drag and Drop Editor

The built-in drag and drop editor helps you create a website easily. Site settings are predictable and straightforward for any user, regardless of skills and knowledge in IT. Add, remove, edit any blocks you want by simply clicking on them. By the way, as the templates include extensive customization options, you can immediately review all the changes without reloading pages. Moreover, with the help of slight modifications that do not require lots of time and high costs, themes can become genuinely unique.

Adaptability to Any Device

In addition to SEO optimization, adaptability to different devices is an essential factor. Especially, mobile-friendliness is vital today. Therefore, all templates from MotoCMS are fully optimized for various devices and browsers.

Website Loading Speed

The speed depends not only on the Internet connection. The reason for slow loading often lies in using heavy files, low-quality hosting, or code with errors. There is no need to remind that templates from MotoCMS are optimized according to Google search algorithms as facts tell for themselves. Thus, MotoCMS loading time to interact is 1.08 seconds, the best result among popular website builders.

Impeccable Service Provided by MotoCMS

We strive not only to sell the template but to fully satisfy any possible needs of our clients. That’s why you can familiarize yourself with the features, tools, and options provided in each theme in advance by using a Live Demo function.Plus, quality and timely customer support is one of our main benefits. The support team works around the clock, seven days a week so that you can ask any question online in the chat on our website. Also, you’ll find plenty of tips in the admin panel or on our Support page(there are various tutorials and guides for an introduction to some tools/widgets/elements).

MotoCMS Services

For those who want to achieve maximum results, need some help, or dream of unique solutions that can’t be performed by themselves, MotoCMS offers some affordable services. They will help cope with the website launch, protection, maintenance, design, optimization, and even content creation.

Make Your Choice In Favor of MotoCMS

All in all, following our regular #madeonmotocms column, we considered some good websites examples based on MotoCMS templates and the main strengths of our website builder. As you may have noticed, the themes may vary, but the quality and functionality don’t change anyway. Each template is created regarding the latest requests from our clients and professionals, fully optimized and ready to install.

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