Why Getting MotoCMS White Label for Developers? 4 Bullet-Proof Points

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MotoCMS Editorial 19 April, 2016

Have you ever thought of establishing your own brand as a web developer? It’s a hard work when you try to make it from scratch. And not just in terms of creating a unique logo that will be associated only with your designs. It’s a constant self-promotion that slows down the process of making you popular and highly-recognizable among many people.

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One of the major pitfalls that lie in wait for those developers who decide to promote their brands on their own is the field they enter. They should take up time from their main work trying to market their brand, creating a brand awareness among users, spending hours for promotion instead of doing the job they are great in.

Why You Need White Label?

That’s why a White Label solution is for you. Being a professional web developer you don’t have to spend your precious time for promotion. It will be done for you in minutes. MotoCMS makes a great offer that will be appreciated by all web developers. From now all developer’s packs include a MotoCMS White Label offer. Still wonder why you may need it? Take a look here:

  • Save your time and money. Despite we were thought that custom-made solutions always better than ready-made ones, developing your own brand from scratch may take up a huge amount of time and efforts. While you are designing, building and testing your own custom-made brand, others can appear way ahead of you. You may lose not just money spent for branding, but the money you miss from your customers.
  • Easy to brand. White label is usually easily integrated into your business and require no efforts from your side. You just add your identity to your creations and get back to work.
  • Good for you and your customers. Since you wish your customers to return to you often and bring more new clients, you would wish to use a White Label solution that allows you building your brand fast and keep it recognizable among your target audience.
  • Take care of your working area instead of marketing. Not every web developer can be a good marketer. You should learn many tricks of brand promotion and try many ways and still gain nothing. With White label you take care of your business, and we take care of everything else.

Why Choosing MotoCMS White Label for Developers

MotoCMS White label is a great offer that allows you applying up to 5 different branding solutions to your templates. You can either purchase one White Label with one template from the shopping cart in the MotoCMS store or you can buy unlimited number of White label solutions from your MotoCMS account. Here’s how you can use the White Label from MotoCMS:

  • You can apply White Label to any template in your personal account;
  • In your account you can create up to 5 different brand identities. Then you can apply any of them to any of the templates you have, provided you have enough White Label licenses;
  • One White Label license can be applied to one website;
  • Modifications that are applied to one brand will appear on all templates associated with this brand;
  • You can switch between brands on a template without losing a White Label license;
  • You can discard any White Label license from any template any time you wish. This license cannot be restored.

Sounds really great, huh?! Don’t forget to check out our Developers page to find out about more opportunities you can get for you.

And one more thing: only one day – tomorrow, April 20 – you can get free installation with every single template you purchase from MotoCMS store. So hurry up and kill two birds with one stone!

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