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Top 30 Feminine Website Templates for 2019 – Your Spring Inspiration

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Allison Reed 14 April, 2018

There is no doubt that tastes differ, but let`s assume it, some colors and shapes are more preferred by females. Therefore, if you are looking for a perfect design for your online project targeted at a predominantly female audience, there are some basic things you should consider.  And for sure, there are some beautiful feminine website templates that combine all those factors and look far more appealing in the eyes of the female respondents.

feminine website templates main image

Feminine Themes and the Color Theory

That`s why we decided to collect 30 handpicked feminine themes chosen from among more than 2500 products to show you what peculiarities a well-designed female design template should have, and how they help your website slay. In order not to go beyond lip service, let`s start with some statistics. As it was said in one of our previous posts about the choice of blog color combinations, there are some colors which are mostly favored by women. For your convenience, there is a helpful diagram below.
favorite blog color combination women

As you see, based on the color psychology, the blue color is both preferred by men and women, while purple is a ladies` cup of tea. Btw, if I am not mistaken – you can see some cool purple designs on the right sidebar of this post right now, and well, you know what I mean. 😉 I can swear that while choosing the post sidebar I haven`t even thought about the psychological aspect.  However, it already played tricks on me. And now two purple templates are the results of some subconscious choice.

The conclusion can be the following – when choosing among tons of feminine website templates you should rely on the design color because that is the first and the foremost thing that we notice when we see something new stuff or go somewhere new.

Trends and the Color Schemes for Feminine Website Templates

Well, let`s imagine that we have analyzed the feminine color psychology and decided on the basic color for a future website. However, there are thousands of possible hews and shades which can completely change the look of your web project. How to pick the one that will be lowed by the female audience? That is the question.

And this is the right time to listen to the fashion experts like Pantone Color Institute. They are making fashion color trend reports which can help you choose an exact palette to rock the season. Below you can find an example of some colors that are predicted as the biggest color trends for Spring 2018.

pantone spring colors 2018

Image Choice for Feminine Website Templates

It`s not a secret that people strongly react to the images. Conversion and image choice are also interdependent. For example, child-oriented images of cute animals and famous cartoon heroes prompt them to demand the exact products from their parents. We all know how McDonald`s is using all those techniques in their happy meal commercials. Children go crazy about the toys inside, and that is the main reason why they are asking their parents to buy that kind of food.

There are similar image stereotypes which are appealing to ladies. Those are:

  • Small pets, kitten, puppies, overall cuteness
  • Flowers, amazing landscapes, plants
  • Food, nice catering
  • Shoes and colorful clothing

Take this into account and choose the feminine website templates accordingly to make your website as attractive to your targeted audience as possible.

Choose the Fonts for Female Design Template

Undoubtedly, the choice of fonts is a very tricky question. Sometimes it is better to ignore the gender and concentrate more on the main idea, general concept, brand image, and the mood of your future website. However, some fonts are way too masculine and have a risk to be ignored by females. If you surf the internet, you will find some well-organized feminine fonts and font families. Though, if you want to pick them yourself or to know the peculiarities while choosing a female design template, here are some basic rules.

  • Keep it big, people pay less attention to smaller fonts and details.
  • Use cursive – beautiful cursives and handwritten fonts are adored by women.
  • Curve it – feminine font design is all about curved-edge serifs.
  • Choose thin font strokes.

feminine fonts

Keep these four simple rules in mind and you will create a beautiful women blog, magazine, or an ecommerce project.

Top 30 Feminine Website Templates

It seems to be the right time to get to the most interesting part of this articles – to some amazing feminine website templates. Here we have picked the best examples which are designed in accordance with the above-mentioned features of attractive feminine websites. We hope that you will like them and get inspired. Alternatively, if your inspiration somehow felt asleep, feel free to use any of them for your future website and take advantage of a 14-day free trial. Just to see how simple it is to create your elegant blog or online store. Have a nice viewing!

1. Fashionable Ecommerce Shop Theme

stylish feminine blog design

Try for Free

2. Feminine Photographer Portfolio Website Builder Template

beautiful women blog for photographer or videographer

Try for Free

3. Beautiful Cosmetics Store Ecommerce Template

organic cosmetics feminine website themes

Try for Free

4. Elegant Flower Shop Ecommerce Template

floral female design template

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5. Feminine Blogger Template for Authors

book author feminine website themes

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6. Female Singer and Songwriter Website Template

singer and actress feminine themes

Try for Free

7. Personal Feminine Blog Design Template

beautiful women blog with portfolio

Try for Free

8. Exquisite Jewelry Feminine Website Template

jevelry feminine themes

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9. Handmade Jewelry Website Template

crafts female design template

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10. DJ Template with Visual Builder

radio dj feminine website themes

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11. Beautiful Website Template for Nail Salon

feminine website templates for nail salon

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12. Wedding Feminine Template

wedding female design template

Try for Free

13. Wedding Store Ecommerce Theme

accessories female design template

Try for Free

14. Tender Floral Designer Ecommerce Website Template

flowers feminine website themes

Try for Free

15. Responsive Website Template for Spa and Beauty Therapist

beautiful feminine blogger templates

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16. Jewelry Artist Feminine Website Template

feminine website templates for crafts shop

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17. Dating Agency Premium Template

dating agency feminine themes

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18. Printing Company Template

female design template for printing company

Try for Free

19. Female Cosmetics Ecommerce Template

cosmetics feminine themes

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20. Hair Salon Feminine Template

feminine website templates for hair salon

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21. Floral Store Ecommerce Template

florist feminine blogger templates

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22. Wedding Website Template

wedding feminine website themes

Try for Free

23. Female Photographer Portfolio Website Theme

feminine blogger templates for photographer

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24. Sweet Date HTML Template

dating feminine blog design

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25. Dream Cut – Hair Salon Theme

feminine website themes for hair stylist

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26. Elegant Jewelry Website Template

jevelry female design template

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27. Ecommerce Website Template for Flower Shops

flowers beautiful women blog

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28. IceCream HTML Template

icecream feminine blogger templates

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29. Sweet Shop Feminine Template

sweet shop feminine website themes

Try for Free

30. Bakery Website Theme

bakery feminine blogger templates

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We hope that you are already in love with some of the feminine website templates above. What is your favorite one? Maybe they all look butt ugly and we should look for some better designs somewhere else? Don`t hesitate and let us know in the comments below. 😉

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Author: Allison Reed
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