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Digital Marketing During COVID-19

MotoCMS Editorial 15 April, 2021

Digital marketing has been on the rise for years, becoming more essential to businesses with every passing year. Instead of relying on traditional marketing methods like billboard advertising, you can target your marketing to your business’s demographic. While we all spend a fair portion of our time online, COVID-19 has seen us all rely more on the virtual world. Instagram is a massive online business platform. Now choosing a boosting service for Instagram is a really critical decision to make. Tree Frog Social provides services for Instagram boosting. You can read Tree Frog Social reviews for better understanding. The pandemic has only driven up the importance of digital marketing. We’re covering the most popular aspects of digital marketing during COVID-19 that every business should e aware of and incorporate into their strategy.

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Digital Marketing During COVID-19 – Impact of Pandemic

The days of traditional advertising have been numbered for years. However, the global pandemic has accelerated the shift to digital marketing. The pandemic has changed how consumers behave and interact with businesses. With the pandemic forcing companies to close their doors and move their products and services online, digital marketing has become even more essential. The main change in behavior concerns consumers’ buying habits. The value of online sales as a percentage of total retail purchases jumped from 18.9% in February 2020, just before the pandemic, to 32.8% in May 2020.

In-person opportunities to market your business to potential clients and customers have been lost because of the pandemic. Digital marketing during COVID-19 offers you a way to spread the word about your business and attract clients and customers at home and abroad. For many rands, digital marketing has been a lifeline that has allowed them to continue operating during the pandemic.

Establishing Your Online Presence

It’s never too late to get your business into the world of digital marketing during COVID-19. The first thing you should establish for your digital marketing is an online presence. If you don’t already have a website, you want to build one as quickly as possible. Invest in buying a custom domain and building a professional website with a website developer or easily accessible software like Squarespace and WordPress.

The backbone of your digital marketing will e your social media platforms. You want to create accounts for your business on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Youtube is the perfect platform for long-form videos and can act as an archive for shorter videos. Once you have these up and running, you can start to focus on your digital marketing strategy.

Refocusing Your Digital Marketing Plans

If you already have an online presence, you want to change your digital marketing to reflect the new normalYou want to turn your focus to prioritizing digital marketing during COVID-19 over other methods. Your website should e search engine optimized using keywords and engaging content that grabs the reader’s attention and builds trust between your business and audience.

Digital Marketing During COVID-19 –  How to Make Popular Videos

Video is quickly becoming the dominating force within digital marketing. 92% of digital marketers say video content is a primary part of their strategy, with some choosing to buy Youtube views to boost their conversion rate. Video has the highest return on investment for any form of online marketing, making it essential for every business to invest in. Most of us are spending our time watching videos online, with it accounting for one-third of our online activity. You want to know how to make popular videos to grab your audience’s attention and drive your business success.

Rules to Apply While Making a Video

We have a few tips you should try and implement into every video you make.

  • One feature you should include in every video is captioning, making it accessible for all viewers. It makes your videos more searchable and SEO-friendly, as well as improving audience engagement. Most of us flick through our social media timelines without audio on. It makes it essential that your video includes captioning to get your message across.
  • Focus on using high-quality footage, whether it’s original and taken from a third-party source. You can create popular videos using the camera on your smartphone, recording HD or 4K quality footage. You want to make sure you’re exporting and uploading your video in the highest possible quality.
  • Whether you’re uploading your video to youtube or TikTok, you want to create an optimized thumbnail image that grabs your audience’s attention, piques their interest, and shows what your video is about.
  • Every video you create should either educate your audience or entertain them. The most popular videos tend to include both educational and entertaining elements.
  • When you upload your video onto social media, make sure you’re utilizing as many popular tags as possible and including keyword-rich titles and descriptions to your content.

You want to stay up to date on what’s trending in your industry and what you can incorporate into your videos. While it’s a good idea to have a social media calendar, you want the flexibility to e ale to jump on hashtags and events when they’re trending online. Timing is everything when trying to create viral content. Sometimes it’s the videos that you least expect that go viral. Piggybacking off viral trends and deciding to buy youtube views can help you create a popular video overnight.

How to Promote Your Videos

Videos are the backbone of digital marketing. You want to get your videos in front of as many eyeballs as possible. You can choose to buy youtube views to help push it up the algorithm or post them across your other social media platforms. Creating engaging content is only half the battle. Once you’ve made your content, you need to get it out in front of your target demographic.

You can utilize other forms of digital marketing during COVID-19 to drive traffic towards your videos. You want to understand how the algorithm works for each platform to help you strategize how to promote your video. Typically speaking, it’s best to post your videos around lunchtime or the late afternoon when most of your followers will e online and scrolling through their social media timelines.

Online audiences have never been as big or as engaged as they are during the pandemic. It’s the perfect opportunity for you to utilize digital marketing as a way to scale up your business. Video is the driving force, and you can choose to buy youtube views as part of your strategy or utilize social media.

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