Business Card Design Vector: 10 Tips and Free Business Card PSD Templates

Pratik Shah 20 December, 2017

Business cards are vital for any business. A business card design vector can be helpful to not only for businesses but also for design agencies. They are a genuine medium for creating new connections at networking events and showcasing your brand. Business cards may be small, but they can potentially win new business. That`s why today we will discover 10 essential tips related to business card design and share a nice present with the readers – 7 free business card PSD templates that can be downloaded from this post. Continue reading, and don`t hesitate to grab them! Business Card Design Vector featured image

Although we work in paperless offices, the visiting card design is still the main stray for any business. It is part of a key marketing strategy. It is one of the finest marketing tools. Out of 2,000 cards, three conversions opt for your service. It is the cheapest, most fascinating, and finest marketing tool. Well, not all business cards create the same amount of impact. If you create a digital business card to support your business card, use the same template and colors to ensure consistency.

Looking at some of the visiting card samples, one can say that a few cards are poor in design. This is both a challenge and an opportunity. If you are a business card designer, you can show them how and what to create. Moreover, many business card design software options are available in the market. Using a business card design vector, you can by yourself make your design. This is inexpensive, and you can always add your personal touch to your design.

Business Card Design Vector Tips

Business Card Design Vector Tips image

Here, we will review some professional tips for creating your visiting card sample. From how you get started to how to use typography, graphics, and print effects to finalizing the design.

1. Selecting a Business Card Design Vector

The first thing you need to do is select a business card vector or business card app for creating your visiting card design. There are many business card design vectors available in the market. When the options are too many, you must choose the best. An ideal business card design vector gives you the utmost customization. The more tools and features it will provide, the better your visiting card design.

2. Know What to Display and How to

After selecting business card design software, you must look for a clear picture of what you should imprint on your card. Make sure while you are using the business card vector, you display your company name, logo, name, and job title on the card. The information should create a clutter, and you must ensure you do not forget any other vital information. The essential contact information is a website, email ID, and phone number.

3. The Readability Matters

business card design vector readability image

Looking at many visiting card models, you sometimes feel they have all the vital information, but it is not readable. When you use your business card vector to create your visiting card sample, ensure you convey all the information efficiently. The business card design vector itself must ensure this.

4. No Borders or Bleeds

This is also one of the essential things; you must take care of while using a business card design vector. When you create a design using a business card vector, it does ensure this. However, designers tend to forget about it while using a digital canvas. Design can have perfection, but printing cannot always have perfection. Some minute movements in the printing machine can make your business card design vector look faulty.

5. Simplicity is the King!

The more it is simple and readable, the more its impact. A bunch of people out there might like the appealing punch of your card, but most people want to see simpler things. A business card design vector allows you to create a simple design. It also helps you and guides you to many visiting card models along with the digital canvas.

6. Use Peculiar Finishing

An instant way to add muscle to your business card to create the desired impact is to use a special finish. Special finishes consist of foil blocking, spot-UV, and metallic inks and can add significant value to your print. It also makes your card more tactile, visually impressive, and memorable. A business card design vector provides various finishing materials you can attach using your card.

7. Use of QR Codes

QR code for free business card psd

A neat, unique, and eye-catching way of creating an impression is by creating a QR code and providing that QR Code on the visiting card. Along with creating an impression, it also saves a lot of space and reduces cluttering and congestion as it reduces the need for providing all the information. QR Codes occupy less space; when scanned, they land the user on the addressed webpage.

8. Selection of Typography

The selection of typography and the right combination of typefaces is always challenging. Usually, designers limit themselves to two or three fonts. The business card design vector has various fonts and typographies to aid you. As too many colors can create a distraction, too many fonts can irritate the eyes of the readers.

9. Use Unusual Materials

Most cards have a stock of paper cards for prints. It is a cost-effective solution. Nevertheless, you can try out various other materials and be more creative. You can use food as a medium of display for your visiting cards. You can print on all other materials, including plastics, metals, wood, and slate. The card needs to be portable and easy to use. Being creative adds value to your card and creates an everlasting impression.

10. Make Your Card Useful

When you are different from others, you sure gather attention. If you use paper cards, people would hold onto them for a while, keep them in their wallets, and might even forget. Make your card more than just being informative. A business card made of metal can be used as a spanner, a can opener, some tiny kitchen utensil, or a simple paperweight. You can be creative and gain the most desirable impression in people’s minds. Before trying those out, you may also check various visiting card models for a clearer idea of how to design a long-lasting, useful card.

Free Business Card PSD Templates

We hope that the above tips were helpful for you to be able to create a phenomenal card for your business. It is time to get going and flourish with your business. To help you do it quicker, we have prepared a collection of 7 free business card designs ready to download and use. Enjoy the designs and choose yours!

Business Card PSD Template for Teacher

teacher free business card psd
Free Download

Business Card PSD Template for Doctors and Nurses

medical free business card psd
Free Download

Business Card PSD Template for Web Developers

developer free business card psd
Free Download

Creative Designer Business Card PSD Template

free business card psd for designer
Free Download

Business Card PSD Template for Barber and Hair Stylist

barber free business card psd
Free Download

Business Card PSD Template for Singer

singer free business card psd
Free Download

Business Card PSD Template for Bank Teller

bank teller free business card psd
Free Download

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