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10 Assets for Creating The Best Financial Website Design

MotoCMS Editorial 26 January, 2017

What associations do you have when you hear the word combination a financial advisor? Jordan Belfort may come to your mind, but he is not a financial advisor and has never been. However, he was related to the world of finance and got his piece of the pie. After all, if you are related to the financial market, you want to grab your own piece, don’t you? Of course, you can not do this without a professional website. Income is the best solution when it comes to financial websites and their creation. A financial website design below allows you to create a website for any niche in the finance market with no coding skills and additional software. How? See 10 real benefits you can get with Income financial template from MotoCMS.

Income Financial Website Design from MotoCMS

Asset 1. Top Notch Financial Website Design

Income is made for any kind of a financial company, project, startup, etc. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Get the 100% ready-made design that looks professional and customize it yourself as you want.

Asset 2. MotoCMS Drag & Drop Website Creator

Thanks to a built-in admin panel from MotoCMS, you can create and manage your website very easy. The accounting website builder empowers a user with a wide range of widgets for website customization, audio & video, photo galleries, social media, custom code injection.

Asset 3. Tools for Getting Customer Feedback

The financial advisor website builder you get with Income combined also few widgets that make possible for you to stay in touch with your visitors in the long run. The first one is the Subscription form widget, allowing to send emails to your subscribers. The second widget is the one developed by Disqus – free service for adding a commentary section to your website.

Asset 4. 100% Responsive Design

The level of obsession with mobile devices reached a culmination point. The statistics is saying that the web will inevitably become fully mobile. For this reason, your website must be responsive. As well as all financial website templates from MotoCMS, Income financial website design looks great on any smartphone or tablet, adjusting automatically to a screen resolution of your mobile device.

Asset 5. 19 Ready-to-Use Pages

The all-in-one financial template from MotoCMS combined almost twenty pages for any purpose. Each of them has an original layout with innovative design to present your team, show off your office, offer your services, point out your contacts and much more.

Asset 6. 2 Extra Home Pages

Another crucial advantage of Income is its 2 extra home pages. You can choose one of these pages to create a financial website for your niche.

Banking Home Page

The first extra home page is made for providing banking accommodations online. It will save much of your time when creating a home page for your financial website. Set this business-like, but attractive home page as your website one, stuff it with your personal content and done – you can launch your professional website!


Loan Company Home Page

The ready-made home page of this financial website design will help you to find your place on the online loan market. The logically developed layout with professional design includes the collection of stock images and font icons you can use for your website to launch it much faster.


Asset 7. Fully-Featured Blogging Platform

Finance is a good reason to start a blog. This business segment has the enormous audience, potential readers you can lure with well-written articles. Use blog functionality to publish useful content and customize your blog design with a bunch of widgets on board.

Asset 8. SEO

Do you want to increase your website search engine rankings? No problem. Income is a seo-friendly financial template. Use a built-in admin panel to enter SEO titles, keywords and descriptions for each page of your website and get it indexed.

Asset 9. 24/7 Tech Support

If you have a question about your template, the admin panel of banking website builder or any other product or service from MotoCMS, you are welcome to contact our 24/7 professional tech. support free of charge. Your personal manager will give you a piece of appropriate advice on your issue via live chat or during a phone call. If you need a callback, you can always set the time of your call and we will call you back when it is convenient for you.

Asset 10. 50%-OFF Active Promocode

So what do you think about our new financial website design? Would you dare to test it within the 14-days trial period? Launch Income for a free test and start creating a website for your financial company yourself just right now.

Don’t forget that you can always buy the template you customized with all modifications at the end of the trial.

To convince you that now is the best time to register a demo version, we have a little surprise for the readers of this post – an exclusive promo code:


It allows you to get this all-in-one financial website template from MotoCMS with 50% OFF. The code is already active. Enter it on the checkout and enjoy your amazing financial website bought at half price. We bet you know how to spend the savings. Good luck!

Author: MotoCMS Editorial
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  1. I really like the second one, Drag and Drop Website Creator. This will create a major viewership for any website due to it’s easy-to-use design. From Crafted Logo

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