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If you are looking for professionals who can develop a customized Amazon SEO strategy - you’ve found the right site! With the high competition that sellers face trading on Amazon, appearing on top of search results is a key for success. Mastering all peculiarities of creating compelling product descriptions can take a lot of the valuable time that you can spend on developing your business. Trust our Amazon SEO consultant with this work, and you will get a personalized approach to your promoting goods and increasing sales.

  • Amazon Seller Central account review and full ranking analysis

  • Efficient product listing optimization

  • SEO copywriting and backend profile enhancement

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    up to 15 business days

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Benefits of Amazon SEO Service by MotoCMS

Check the reasons why professional Amazon SEO optimization is worth trying.

Amazon Account Review

Amazon Account Review

We’ll inspect the Amazon Seller Central account to formulate improvement steps for descriptions and backend properties.

Performance and Ranking Analysis

Performance and Ranking Analysis

Amazon SEO experts will conduct a thorough examination of product pages to identify effectiveness and ranking among competitors.

Product Listing Optimization

Product Listing Optimization

Our specialist will improve product specifications to make shoppers’ experience with your store products more convenient.

Backend Profile Enhancement

Backend Profile Enhancement

The Amazon SEO service will boost your profile by improving its essential backend characteristics with relevant keywords.

Eye-catching Product Descriptions

Eye-catching Product Descriptions

We’ll enhance descriptions by modifying titles alongside creating line breaks and bullet points for better readability.

SEO Product Page Copywriting

SEO Product Page Copywriting

Within Amazon SEO optimization service, you’ll get up to 3000 words of high-quality, well-structured texts for product pages.

New Product References

New Product References

Our expert will provide references and characteristics for your new products regarding the general Amazon SEO strategy.

Fast Service Delivery

Fast Service Delivery

You’ll see the results of the service within 15 days after specifying the details of your task and providing the necessary data.

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Amazon SEO Service - Workflow

  1. Getting Order Details and Customer’s Requirements

    As soon as you order this service, our team will contact you to specify the details. Our Amazon SEO experts need to know as much as possible about your Amazon Seller Central account and products to emphasize their advantages. Thus, our team needs 10 links to the product pages that you wish to optimize. Likewise, our Amazon SEO consultant needs to know as many details as possible about your goods, including their distinguishing features. Also, we should have valid login details to the Amazon account. Please note that to avoid delays in providing the service, you'd better turn off the two-step verification.

  2. Comprehensive Account Analysis

    Once we get the details from you, our team will start developing the Amazon SEO strategy for your seller account. To do this, we’ll evaluate the performance of product pages and see their ranking among competitors. Then, Amazon SEO experts will choose the most relevant keywords that will reflect the goods’ characteristics and make them stand out from competitors.

  3. Product Pages Amazon SEO Optimization

    After we find related keywords and outline the development program for product pages, our Amazon consultant will contact you. We’ll ask you to approve the keywords and the strategy. Then, our professional copywriters will create well-arranged texts for each product page. We’ll take care of headers, breaks, and bullet points that influence products’ ranking. Moreover, we’ll optimize pages by improving their backend characteristics with appropriate keywords.

  4. Final Results

    As soon as the changes to product listings and pages are made, we’ll submit them to Amazon for approval. Then, you’ll see the results of the service.

Amazon SEO Services Cost

Amazon SEO Services

Amazon SEO Services


  • detailed Amazon Seller account review

  • personalized Amazon SEO strategy

  • product listing improvement

  • relevant keywords

  • up to 10 optimized product pages

  • up to 3000 words of SEO copywriting

  • attention-grabbing descriptions

  • backend profile enhancement


What information about my products do I have to provide?

To perform Amazon SEO optimization effectively, our specialists need to know as much information about your products as possible. Firstly, it is necessary to indicate the factual products’ details, such as brand, product line, type, material, color, size, and quantity. Secondly, it is vital to know the distinguishing properties of the goods. Knowing this, our team can precisely describe the features and emphasize the products’ benefits efficiently.

Do you need my Amazon Seller Central account details to complete the offer?

Yes, we do. Our Amazon SEO experts will work with the backend characteristics of your pages to optimize them for the Amazon A9 product ranking algorithm. So, we need full access to your account. Our team asks you to turn off the two-step verification to quicken the process of optimization. You can be confident that all your data will be secure, and it will be possible to turn on the chosen verification as soon as we finish the service.

Can you optimize my Amazon pages in other languages?

Unfortunately, now this offer is provided for Amazon product pages with English content only.

When will I see the results of the Amazon SEO service?

The first results will be visible after submitting the new changes to Amazon for approval. The whole process of optimization takes up to 15 days. We will start working with the pages as soon as you give us the necessary details. Thus, the faster our team receives the task specifications, the quicker you’ll get the result.

Can I get a refund if I am not happy with the outcomes of the service?

Clients can get a 10-40% refund if they are not satisfied with the result. It depends on the optimization stage and the amount of data provided by our Amazon SEO specialists. We are not making refunds for the completed projects.

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Emmy Bush

This optimization of my toy product pages helped me to increase sales in three weeks! The descriptions are exact and well-organized! I guess it’s much easier for buyers to read information now. Thanks for taking into consideration all my requests.

Jose Smart

The MotoCMS team was really helpful. For me, it was difficult to formulate the differentiating features of my products. And it took us several revisions to get to the perfect descriptions. But now I’m fully satisfied with the results.

Rosemarie Wells

I am completely new to managing my Amazon seller account. Professional assistance by the MotoCMS team helped me to understand how the search mechanism works. Now, I have an example of well-structured descriptions to follow. Thanks a lot!

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