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YouTube in Marketing – Video Content as A Goldmine for Business

MotoCMS Editorial 6 January, 2022

More than 2 billion unique users visit YouTube every month. This makes the site one of the largest social networks in the world, which means it is interesting for advertisers. Now, incorporating YouTube ads into your marketing strategy is almost a must, regardless of industry or niche. This blog will share examples of using YouTube in Marketing, namely ads and optimizing traffic with video content properly.

Some Key Facts to Know

YouTube is a large area to promote your brand, business, or profit from advertising. Marketers and bloggers who have millions of subscribers choose this platform for promotion. Thus, with the help of YouTube in Marketing, now it is possible to gain increased attention from the audience, build trust relationships and brand awareness.

Moreover, visual content is easier to perceive than traditional text articles and blog posts. As the average user spends about five hours watching YouTube videos a month, why not use that time for marketing?

Some YouTube stats:

  • 74% of all internet traffic is a video content.
  • 65% of users watch more than 3/4 of the video. Video content is becoming a priority for customers.
  • 93% of marketers use very diverse video content: you can embed videos in websites in email newsletters and use them for feedback with readers.
  • Using the word “video” in the email header increases the number of openings by 19%, the number of clicks by 65%, and reduces the unsubscribe rate by 26%.
  • B2B and B2C marketers rank video content in the Top 3 Most Effective Social Media Marketing Tactics.
  • 69% of smartphone users purchase after watching video reviews on online store sites.

Importance of YouTube for Business

Business Marketing Youtube

Not using such a large business platform would be a big mistake. 62% of companies use YouTube as a channel for publishing video content. They also share news and product reviews and actively communicate with users in the comments. Business owners also appreciate the opportunity to customize their presence with a brand identity by making their channel and videos recognizable. When you consider video creation’s potential value, video production is cost-effective. And if the video goes viral and creates the effect of an information wave, it will be a jackpot for business.

Connection With the Audience

Advertisers preferring YouTube are attracted by its reach:

  • Today YouTube is one of the most progressive and promising communication lines. The YouTube platform operates in more than 88 countries around the world;
  • 400 minutes of videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute;
  • YouTube has 1 billion video views every day;
  • More than 50% of the YouTube audience (and this is almost 1 billion users) are young people from 18 to 35 years old, the most active and ready-to-experiment audience segment.

Main Goal of YouTube in Marketing

The ultimate goal of any marketing activity is to ensure that people find your brand on the Internet. Video content plays an essential role in this process, as it serves as a kind of anchor for your name on the crucial platform where a potential audience gathers. It doesn’t matter if it’s advertising your business or you have a personal YouTube channel – your audience needs to know that your brand exists.

Youtube Marketing for Business – Benefits for Content Makers and Advertisers

Youtube in marketing is divided into making content and buying ads from content makers. Due to the low threshold of entry and high earnings for authors, the lack of channels on YouTube is wholly excluded. Most modern bloggers create a YouTube channel, initially intending to generate a profit and attract advertisers. Of course, everything depends on the popularity of the channel and the constant audience that will grow, and with this, the number of advertising offers and collaborations. Reasons to advertise on YouTube can be different, so the only important thing is the proper management of resources and the right strategy.

Youtube Template Intro

Correct Use of Advertising and its Benefits

90% of users learn about new brands and products on YouTube. Consumers turn to video content at all stages of shopping, so this format is especially important for marketers. It is essential to understand that, in general, you can buy ads for ANYTHING and EVERYWHERE, but the result will be positive only with proper planning. A blogger’s authority can often be the key to promoting a brand and increasing sales of an advertised product. When choosing a place to advertise on YouTube, it is very important to analyze the channel, the blogger’s media credibility, and audience reach. Then it is necessary to correctly distribute the resources allocated for advertising since no YouTube blogger can guarantee a positive result of a collaboration or promotional video.

Good Example

An example of competent advertising can be a blogger’s match between a product category and a video content sphere. If the channel is a cooking blog, then the advertising for website hosting will not be entirely relevant for the channel’s target audience, but innovative kitchen appliances will be straight to the bull’s-eye. As we have already noted, you can buy ads on any channel and advertise anything. However, there are risks of losing your advertising budget for unsuccessful marketing.

Youtube Cooking Channel

Types of Youtube Ads

An ad is not only about a video format – there are different types and formats. Let’s consider all of them, and decide which one will work for you.

1. Embedded Advertising

This type of ad is usually used for gaining views and engaging buyers. It’s over one minute long, and you should pay for clicks and user viewing time. There are three types and we are sure you’ve probably noticed them:

  • Pre-rolls – before the video starts;
  • Mid-rolls – in the middle of video;
  • Post-rolls – at the end.

Which one to choose? Users will see the ad at the beginning of the video. But what about the middle or the end of the video? Unfortunately, in this case, the percentage of ads viewed is minimal. But, if you place it in a thematic video connected to your sphere, then a person might become interested by the middle or end, and your advertising will be more helpful.

2. Banners

YouTube also has its banners, which are correctly called display advertising. They are located in the upper right corner, above the recommended content.

Youtube Banner Template

It can also be an advertisement at the bottom of the video, which appears approximately 15 seconds after the start of viewing. When you click on it, you go to the specified landing page. They can also be found at the top of the recommended column. Banners with a CTA drive more click-through rates and conversions to the brand’s channel.

3. Advertising from Bloggers

A big plus of such advertising is native and gradually embedded in the video’s plot. And due to this, it can build audience loyalty, all because the blogger acts as an opinion leader. But do not rush and run to Youtube in search of bloggers. First, let’s define the type you need. For instance:

  • Integration – the blogger mentions a service/product that he uses himself. For example, during the story, he takes out his phone and orders pizza through an advertised food delivery application and also shares with subscribers a unique code for getting a discount and enumerates the benefits of such a service.
  • Pre-roll is used for other channels promotion but also works for goods/services. Usually, this is a video that a blogger edits into his content and gives voice to it.
  • Review – the blogger shares his experience of using the product/service during the video. Like in the video below a woman shows how she takes care of her face and recommends some products.

Blogger Advertisement

On the one hand, keep in mind that some bloggers will agree to openly lie about the benefits or hide the disadvantages of a product. But on the other hand, if the product is excellent, you will receive sincere, positive feedback and recommendation.

Where to look for bloggers? Of course, famous bloggers are already visible in any category. Cooperation with popular channels is expensive, but it affects the brand image more. Therefore, the best option for you is to choose bloggers with an audience of 10-300 thousand subscribers. Moreover, instead of one advertisement from a blogger with millions of followers, you can order from 5 to 10 ads from several smaller channels, and you will get more traffic.

Five Elements to Optimize Videos for SEO and Marketing

Video content always entails a large number of conversions and click-through rates of advertising materials. You probably know what SEO is and why it is important for more than just Youtube.

Keywords For Videos

Think about how videos will be searched on Google. Users looking for “cute cats” on YouTube don’t want to read an analytical article about cats because they need a video of cats and nothing else. So think about what video users want to watch and pick the keywords that will bring the desired video to the first lines of the search list.

Variety of Tags

Combine the main keywords and tags so that YouTube algorithms display your video precisely according to the user’s request. Tags link your video to related videos, which increases reach. When tagging videos, write down the most important keywords first and balance the number of common keywords and long phrases.

Bright and Correct Title

It is vital for Youtube video optimization to work out the title and description in accordance with the requests of users. Headlines play a key role in the organic search traffic battleground, where people quickly read results to find the information in the heading words that match their search queries. Google’s smart ranking system is likewise more prone to powerful headlines. Thus, the most colorful options are raised to the top of the search results. Brevity and informational content significantly affect traffic attraction.

Preview Pictures

Previews are images that viewers see, like book covers, before launching a video. Most people look at the pictures before even reading the video’s title so that a good preview will grab the attention of more viewers. The preview must meet many criteria: be bright and loud, perhaps even shocking. Have readable text, be consistent with the theme and style of the channel, and do not violate the requirements of the service.


YouTube allows you to sort videos for many categories: movies and animation, medicine, music, animals, sports, travel, computer games, etc. From this, it turns out that you can buy ads (banners, embedded advertising, cooperation with bloggers, etc.) to promote your brand or business, thanks to the categories. And if you are a blogger, it will make it easier for advertisers to find a channel for purchasing ad integrations.

YouTube in Marketing: Conclusion

YouTube is an ideal solution for quick promotion. The giant of the marketing industry is almost as old as the Internet itself. However, at the same time, it does not look to lose its relevance, despite the rise of video formats on most social media platforms and the explosive growth of hosting short music video applications, which is attracting viewers and growing.

Youtube subscribers and views are secondary metrics for a business. But your target audience is the first one. Top business goal is to increase sales, and YouTube does a great job of doing this in the marketing arena.

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