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Giveaway: Win Evolution Universal Business Website Theme

MotoCMS Editorial 8 November, 2016

Have you ever watched how a space shuttle goes up to the skies? A fascinating view. At the moment of launch, speed is everything for a rocket. To put in on the orbit, you need the amount of energy that is equal to the one you would consume during one year.

Universal Business Website Theme - main pic

When you come to think of it, a website and a space rocket have something in common. Your website should be as fast and engaging as a spacecraft that is about to go into an open space, agree? On top of that, creating a website requires no thousands of man hours.

Evolution is a universal business website theme that combined extremely fast loading speed, grandiose design and stunning functionality of MotoCMS. And in this post, we want to give it away for free.

Get Evolution Free of Charge

Want to get a top notch professional website for your business free of charge? Participate in the contest! The requirements are simple:

  • Consider how would you use Evolution and tell us why do you like it.
  • Share your thoughts in the comment section below.
  • Wait for the results of giveaway.

The winner will be selected in one week on November, 15 by random choice. In the meantime, make yourself comfortable and check out the benefits you can get with Evolution.

Simplified Page Builder

The block editor is a simlified page builder in the admin panel you get with your template. It allows you to create a completely new page layout in a matter of minutes and with absolutely no coding skills. Just drag and drop miscellaneous ready-made blocks to assemble an original website with fascinating design with ease.

16 Ready-Made Pages

Evolution is the best multi-page template you could ever have. Save time on your business promotion with 16 ready-made pages. Introduce your team and top clients, show off your offfice, share contacts, create your own blog and much more. Just add your content and your website is ready for launch!

2 Child Pages

Aside from a general home page, you get also 2 extra home pages for medical and web design businesses.

Home Page for Medics

Save more time on creating a website for your medical business with this charming made-up page.

Home Page for Web Designers

Use this home page to highlight your web development business and create amazing websites for your own customers.

White Label

Are you making a fair well on creating websites for your clients? Then use a White Label license from MotoCMS. It allows you to retail Evolution under your own brand and price. Crank out dozens of original websites for any business right along.

Responsive Design

Nowadays your website must be responsive. Evolution is a 100% responsive template that looks great on any device. See for yourself and try this template free of charge within 14 days. In the admin panel you can also set values for a particular smartphone or a tablet, if necessary.

24/7 Professional Customer Support

Here in MotoCMS, we consider our customers as the part of our family. If you need a professional advice on your website, admin panel or any other issue, please, contact our free customer support. One of the assistants will provide you will all necessary information with pleasure.

One Comment – One Professional Business Website

If you like Evolution, don’t waste your time and go in for the competition. Leave your commentary and become an owner of a universal business website theme from MotoCMS.

The results will be summarized in one week, starting from today. Waiting for your comments and good luck!

Author: MotoCMS Editorial
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  • Tim Cliett

    The Evolution template is well laid out. This would well suffice my needs for a new responsive website to promote our brand and services.

    • Hey, Tim! Congrats! You became the winner of Evolution. Please, contact us at [email protected] to get your template.

      • Tim Cliett

        Awesome! Thanks

  • Hector Torres

    I have bought many templates from Moto CMS over the past few years and this one seems to be the best one yet. I already own the Spectrum template and look forward to using Evolution as well to re-brand my business.

  • Bartosz Radkowski

    It would be nice to use such template. Apparently it would fit perfectly my needs, regarding both business and hobby web pages. Great package!

  • Alex Samohin

    Nice responsive layouts with perfect images and text styles. Worth buying!

  • Holger R. Weimann

    Seems to be a good way to combine my main areas of work – grphic design and photography

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