Why Motor Companies Choose Flash?

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MotoCMS Editorial 10 June, 2010

Flash is motion. Flash is interactivity. With this technology almost any unbelievable website idea may be realized. That is the reason why motor companies often choose Flash for presenting their brands or new car models. The mission of a motor company’s website is to reproduce all the vehicle’s functionality, show its interior and exterior in the best possible way, let people explore the car in detail. Nothing would work better than Flash with its widest opportunities.

Automotive Flash websites are a real Klondike of creative ideas: interactive elements, originally designed photo and video galleries, great graphics, and many more… So, if you search for some inspiration, you have come to the right place.

For this showcase we have collected the most stunning Flash automotive websites. They are all unbelievably attractive, interesting and very informative. If you are a motor car admirer, be sure you will really enjoy it!


Spectre Performance

Spectre Performance is the company that produces products for speed and power. Moreover, they rebuild cars and make them fast and powerful. The Flash website of this unique company is really amazing. It is not only visually attractive, but also functionally correct: everything is neat, perfectly designed and loads in a few seconds. There is a great example of how a professional Flash website should look like.




“Panamera” is a member of Porsche’s family. From the very first sketch, this car was destined to be like every great Porshe before it: a true, groundbreaking original. And of course, for presenting such a “beauty” Flash technology works the best: interactivity, functionality and originality are presented in full. You may explore the car’s interior and exterior, tech specs, etc. You may even choose the technology that the best fits for you. And the unusual gallery, created in the form of a tree, presents the stories and legends of Porsche’s lovers in a really original manner.



Mercedes-Benz Canada – The B Class

This interactive Flash website was created for presenting Mercedes-Benz Canada – The B Class.  You can go for an exciting ride with this model of Mercedes, and while riding, learn the most attractive features of this Mercedes model.

A drop down menu of this beautiful piece of Flash is really convenient and easy-to use: you can easily find the necessary info about the car and get familiar with its functionality.




The website of a new Ram brand from Chrysler. Full of interactivity, this Flash website looks amazing. The menu is developed as a zoom gallery: the “Click & Drag” function allows to examine the exterior and interior, as well as the car capabilities in detail.



Fashion – Car

Fashion – Car is an Italian automotive company that works with many famous car brands and presents some of their models. The Flash website is created in the form of a slideshow. The menu is rather convenient, and the “guestbook” section is designed in a very unusual manner: there is a gallery of guest posts, and each of them is located in a separate pop-up.  It’s a good place to get inspired from.



Subaru – Elaion

The Flash website for the official Subaru-Elaion Dakar 2010 team. It displays watch live news of the race in video, audio, image and text format: Flash works great for such purposes.



Ford Mustang

This impressive Flash website presents Ford Mustang in detail. Thanks to Flash technology, you have an opportunity to examine this car model and its features in full: you can easily change the view and get familiar with the car’s interior, exterior, roof options, etc. And a built-in customizer lets you create your ultimate car. Moreover, you have an opportunity to create your Mustang model with three other people in real time.




A new British official website of Nissan. You can find an exhaustive info as for the Nissan car models and their features, as well as build your own Nissan car in an interactive mode. The menu is quite simple and easy-to understood.



Ford Ka

The Flash website that presents Ford Ka is full of interactive elements and animation. You’ll definitely like it, especially if you enjoy playing Flash games. To start exploring the car model, you will be transformed into an insect; you will even be offered to upload your photo for the insect’s face:)



Hyundai Genesis

After the cars have been driven and votes have been tailed, Hyundai Genesis was named “2009 cars.com new car of the year”. And the Flash website that presents this model of Hyundai is a worthy “representative” of this popular car model. A very simple and easy-to use, but perfectly designed gallery allows to examine all the car modifications in detail.



Toyota IQ

Visiting this interactive Flash website, you may take a test drive and explore Toyota IQ. For that you need to choose a track: flexibility, safety, efficiency or agility.



Lexus RX 350

This Flash website imitates the idea of the RX 350 TV Ad campaign – the vehicle that adapts to you. And this originally designed Flash website also adapts to its visitors: there is no need to click – just hover a cursor over necessary navigation elements – that’s it. What an unusual concept!



Jeep Patriot Debut

This Flash website presents the latest Jeep patriot. Full of interactive elements and animation, it is really creative. You have an opportunity to explore the power and performance as well as a new style of this Jeep model.



Toyota Prius

Explore the design, ecology, economy, aerodynamics, silence, dynamics and safety of Toyota Prius with Flash! This amazing Flash automotive website really impresses with its unusual layout. And the most important – it is very informative and provides its visitors with all necessary info as for this model of Toyota.



Mercedes GLK

“Where do you see yourself? Get there in the new GLK.” – this is a theme of the Mercedes GLK Flash website. The concept of the website is rather good, as for me. I was especially impressed with an unusual gallery solution in the “Watch” section: by watching video and pictures you can explore the car’s interior and exterior as well as other peculiarities.



Hyundai Think

The “Hyundai” company is asking you to think what really matters in cars and also expresses its own point of view in its Flash website. This stunning Flash website with an unusual concept definitely deserves our attention.



Audi R8

This full of motion automotive Flash website will help you to immerse into Dimension R8. You will experience this impressive sports car in a spectacular interactive movie.



MINI Cooper

Here is your chance to get a glimpse of the MINI Cooper in its very own TV studio. The car is presented in a very unusual manner: it’s like a TV channel devoted exceptionally to MINI Cooper. Visiting this exceptional Flash website, you will get a detailed info as for the car, its models, history and many more.



Acura RDX

The Flash website devoted to Acura RDX. Thanks to Flash, we can imagine the car’s interior, exterior and its functionality more clearly.



Lancer Evolution 10

Complete 10 challenging levels to prove you have control of your sense and surroundings before you can ultimately control the Lancer Evolution 10.



Volkswagen’s Clever Innovations

Volkswagen innovations allow us to experience what the techniques of Volkswagen actually do for us. They don’t tell or explain – they just allow us to choose the relevant techniques in the situations you really need help.



Reva Electric Car

This bright and extremely attractive Flash website was created for presenting the Reva Electric Car – an economic, small and fashionable model.




Welcome to Mercedes-AMG: you have a great chance to test the engine under extreme conditions. Fine-tune down to the very last detail. And then take to the wheel of thr SLS AMG yourself.



New Fox

Look at the New Fox from inside out: the car’s interior is so great that the Volkswagen company decided to show it in a different way. To view and examine the elements just drag them.



Skoda Yeti

One of the most impressive peculiarities of this car model  is turbo-charged engine and 4×4 drive with off-road system that allows Yeti to take you wherever you wish. And the concept of the website reflects this idea: there is an online competition to find 42 locations where the Yeti was.


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  2. Why Motor Companies Choose Flash?…

    Automotive Flash websites are a real Klondike of creative ideas: interactive elements, originally designed photo and video galleries, great graphics, and many more… So, if you search for some inspiration, you have come to the right place….

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    flash is very much important tool to design the web site in terms of dynamic .the reason is motor companies like a dynamic web page unlike static page.because the word “movement” is important for motor companies

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