Does Your Website Represent You Appropriately?

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MotoCMS Editorial 3 December, 2013

Does Your Website Represent You Appropriately


Business is an entity, an individual with an independent existence. Just as an individual does, a business also portrays a persona that is unique to its own self. So should the website represent its owner? Almost all of us seem to agree in affirmation to this question, but seldom remember the same while designing a website. Choosing the wrong theme, picking the wrong palette, using the wrong images and doing a lot more wrong things that might seem right to our eye are capable of hurting the personality of a website to demonic levels. What about your website? Are you being represented as you should be? Let’s find out!

Position of the Logo

The logo needs to be given a dignified position on your website. Center, top right or top left? No matter how big a name you are, you need your customers to spend a lot of time identifying and remembering your logo. The center and top-left positions would be the most favorable ones. Eye tracking studies have stated that these are the two positions where human eyes would be brushing around most of the time, 69% of the time on the top left and 30% of the time on the center. Positioning the logo on the top right or having no logo at all are slightly risky trends to adopt. Don’t do that if you don’t have something extremely impactful to give to your customers.

Website Template to Present Your Business

Color Theme of the Website

The color theme of a website has the power to retain or drive away your visitors. The two most important things that you must decide on while making your website are contrast and brightness. Elements on a page are better defined by the contrast factor. It helps your viewers to keep looking at your website without having their eyes strained. Talking about the use of brightness scale, a subtle hue of colors shows a warm, sober and soft, yet a stern voice of a brand. Vibrant color combinations show life, celebration, glitter, festivity and an out-spoken character.

Website Template to Present Your Fashion Business

Website Template Present Your Coach Business

Template Chosen

What template you chose would be defined by how much you have to speak. Have a lot to show but a little to speak, go for a one-page thing. Have some in-depth talking to do, concentrate on high and easy navigational website templates. And yes, do remember the importance of scrolling length. Before choosing, find out the scope of customization that a template has to provide, because no business is static and the same applies to websites. Your business would grow from infancy to greatness. Does your template make space for such fluidity?

Palette Used

Any person who is dedicated to website design would be literate about the color theory. The combination of primary, secondary and tertiary colors is highly decisive in determining what kind of response the website would be getting. While the neutral combinations of black, white and gray depict more of a formal nature, the use of other shades has different messages to impart.  For example, while blue in China would mean immortality, the same color in Columbia would mean Soap. So which color you use, would depend on which corner of the world you are trying to target your business at.

Number and Concentration of Images

Now this is a petty affair on the surface, but possibly not that petty. Websites need to display a thoughtful image-content balance. But how many images would you need to put up on your website would depend on what kind of business you are in. While businesses dealing with tangible products like fashion, apparels, electric goods, consumer products and others of the same type need a better part of images, the service industry has more weight to give on the content part, without giving the website a cluttered look.

Web Template to Present Your Photography Business

Tone and Touch of the Site

It is very important that your website almost speaks to your visitors and communicates your brand motto effectively. If you are dealing with something masculine, using a baby pink or a light blue would be a blunder. Similarly, if you are dealing in baby products, shades of white, pink and blue do the best. Feminine brands likewise, have a different story to tell. Use a communication tone that sends echo about the tone of your business culture. A bubbly and buzz business like a chocolate brand would have to communicate through its website that it is all about happy-happy happening. An auto business would have to impart the message of speed.

Website Template to Present Automotive Business

Distribution Scope of Information

This factor goes grossly neglected amongst designers and developers. Content in a website is as important as graphics. A website should display meaningful content in a wisely scattered and broken down manner. Effects and animations could fill in the voids between two text groups. But neglecting the space reserved for content or over-doing it might harm the psychological connectivity of a viewer. When we look at images, we tend to hunt out what those images depict. Content could provide the answer. A website that is cluttered with heaps of info here and pastures of colorful images there, seldom do well. They depict a cluttered confusion in the business itself. Staying minimal is the best way out.

Web Template to Present Your Business


The last, but by no means not the least, personification is imperative to a business website. Your business might have things in common with your competitor’s business but you as a person are unique! That means, somehow in some way, that uniqueness has been inherited by your business as well. That is what needs to be highlighted in a website. Do your visitors know that you are extremely careful about the details? No! They would know it when they would notice the minute perfections in your website. And that is what would set you apart! Never forget the aspect of personification.

The final take – there are many more micro factors that decide whether your website is representing your business appropriately or not. There is basically no thumb rule! It all depends upon how clear and innovative you are. Just as we stated in the beginning, a business is individual. So apparently, every business would be represented properly in a different way! The key lies in finding out what you stand for!

Author: MotoCMS Editorial
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