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MotoCMS Editorial 9 April, 2009

Flash is probably the most fertile ground for web designer to realize his most unbelievable fantasies. No other platform can treat users to such variety of animation, images, videos and sound effects. As a consequence, Flash requires pretty much time to load and users have to show a good bunch of patience to enter a Flash website. But how to make a visitor spend their time and patience with no regret and even with pleasure? “No regret” objective can be achieved by creating a breathtaking Flash design and site’s content the visitor will see after the site is loaded. Quality preloader can help in solving the “pleasure” task. The main purpose of the website preloader is to inform visitors how much time the website needs to be loaded. However, you can make simple preloader work as a spicy feature of site’s content. This will catch visitor’s attention right at the preloading stage and provide their longer stay on the website.

In this post you will find a collection of most creative Flash preloaders picked by FlashMoto and also some information about preloaders generating. We hope it will be useful for your Flash projects. While viewing our collection please notice that depending on the connection preloaders may quickly disappear (you’d better decide whether it’s a disadvantage or not after looking through the following collection!  😉  ).

1. Typo elegance.

They say brevity is the soul of wit. See the examples of how simple but big typography can attract your attention.

Promo video is squeezed into big sized percentage figures and turns full screen again after the site is loaded.

Noble restraint (not in typography size though)

This preloader speaks for itself

2. Something-is-going-on-preloaders.

Some preloaders can tell you a real story, so you certainly won’t be bored while waiting until the page is loaded.

Try to count how much bottles are filled during the loading process.

Cute cartoon characters replace each other while walking around the ball

When you are waiting bees are doing their job.

Here you can enjoy a beautiful sunload sunrise.

3. Painting loading elements.

Filling site areas or single design elements with colors is a great way to attract user’s attention. Besides, after being colored the preloader often becomes a part of website’s content. Coloring method enlivens the website right in front of your eyes.

Here you can see how a sketch becomes a colorful bus which carries the content of the website.

Empty bottle is filling with violet color – probably it’s a plum or grape juice.

It’s not a problem to smile a little while letters are filling with positive orange color.

Oops, a TV  seems to be filled with water.. I’m afraid it’s a victim of the preloading 😉

4. Website’s concept medium

Designers often use preloaders as carriers of website’s main idea. A witty way to attract visitor’s attention to the content of the site.

Ford Fusion uses speedometer to display the state of the loading process.

Preloading is under investigation. The site is dedicated to the children’s movie.

On the site related to the rock band preloader looks like a speaker volume control.

See all the variants of how it actually can be loaded on

5. Something personal.

Often users single out websites made in a special and unique style. But don’t go too far from reality in creating the Flash preloader – visitor should understand what they are actually watching. They also have a great flash component at the back of their website.

This preloader looks like the author’s adress to the website’s visitors. Done in a touching handwriting manner.

This site is loaded when all drawn butterflies fly away

Here preloader is presented as a countdown of years. This could be a reflection of the author’s philosophical thoughts.

Preloader Generators.

Of course, preloaders of the level you’ve seen above cannot be made in preloader generators. But what if you are not a professional Flash developer or don’t need such an advanced loading indicator at all? In this case preloader generator is the best solution for you. Some generators allow to create a preloader online. These are gif generators. You can use gif preloader both for Flash and HTML websites. Just choose a preloader type (circular, rectangular, horizontal or even 3D), set background and foreground colors and click “Generate” button.

Quick and convenient gif loading generator. More than 30 types of preloaders.

Another cool gif generator. Here you can even control the animation speed. A wide variety of amazing 3D preloaders.

If you want to make a more complicated Flash preloader, or browse some more variants of loading indicators, it would be reasonable to download some Flash preloader generator, for example A2 Flash preloader 1.0, Amara Free Flash Preloader, FlashKicker etc. 1.2 . You can make a good flash preloader and put it into any SWF file created with any Flash software application. Some of them offer more than 1000 preloader combinations.

As you see, preloader generators can come in handy if you want to make a simple but well made preloader. And our Flash preloaders collection shows what a simple Flash preloader may turn into if a good dose of effort and creativity is put in developing it.

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