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Web Developer Business Plan – a Step-by-Step Guide

Brenda Cagara 27 November, 2019

The most common misconception about the web developer business plan and the business, in general, is that it is easy to start and maintain. This misconception leads to developers not planning things as carefully as they should, or failing to plan all before heading in.

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You don’t just need access to the web, you also need designing skills, time, patience, efforts, a full-fledged web developer business plan – maybe even a business consultant.

Importance of Following a Web Developer Business Plan

Due to reasons such as operational demands or simple underestimation of the amount of time and effort that goes into web development, people ignore that it is important to have a web development business plan if they want to be successful in web development and marketing.

Having web development skills do you no good if you do not have a plan for sorting out the time, finances, marketing skills, management skills, and other such technicalities that you will need to put in. For this reason, it might be a good idea to consider using the help of an accountability partner. They can help you focus on getting more done.

Keep in mind that web development, even when you have a web development business plan, is harder than you are led to believe by popular web developer stories, so let this step-by-step guide be your business strategy to help you navigate this easily accessible but also overcrowded marketplace of developers.

Know Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Your strengths will help you to choose the main services you would be offering and your weaknesses will help you identify your areas for growth and will help to avoid wastage of energy and time that can be handled by someone else.

Know Your Market

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Try to know what people are looking for and tailor your services according to their needs. You can also directly consult your clients to tell you about their requirements and specifications for web designs.

Your Website Is Important

You are marketing yourself as a web development company, so obviously, having a visually and functionally appealing website should be the first step in your web developer business plan. You need to design your website such that it shows off your business while standing out from the crowd.

Web Developer Business Plan Portfolio Template


Web Dev Portfolio


Website for Web Developer Business Plan


Whatever you do, don’t rush the launch of the website before sorting out the technicalities as potential customers will look at your website to get an idea about quality – you don’t want to be known on the internet as the web developer with an unprofessional website or a website which glitches! Take a look at the variety of web design website templates to find the one for your own website. Remember to get reliable hosting for your website, as a hosting provider influences your SEO.

Buy Hosting

Bring Your Best Design and Marketing Skills

Being technical is definitely important, but your website should not be designed by a technician. You need creativity, and you need to market good quality design.

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Imagine thousands of people looking at your website, but your website is poorly designed, so they don’t stay long, or you have a great website that should’ve warranted revenue, but you aren’t able to market it properly, so no one knows of your epic designing skills. This is why you need to focus on designing and marketing.

Determine Your Marketing Strategies

A good web developer business plan always highlights the importance of marketing properly and strategically. In order to succeed and generate revenue, you need to attract masses of potential customers and, that too, on a cost-effective basis.

The best way to do this is through social networking. Be active on social media and maximize your profits by spreading the word about yourself with influencer marketing, promoting yourself everywhere, attracting traffic, using your customers to introduce your company to other potential customers, etc.

Find Yourself the Team You Need

You are most likely to start alone or with the help of a very small management team but you will eventually have to get more staff on board. Think of everything you are excellent at doing and can manage to do on your own, then determine the stuff which you could hire someone to do for you, or which you need help doing. Tasked with building a cohesive team of web experts, you and your human resources will need to follow 5 distinct steps that you can learn more about in the web team hiring guide. In addition, you are not limited to a specific region within the hiring process. Nowadays, it’s possible to hire developers in Argentina, Mexico, Poland, or India—any destination you might consider for your project’s needs.

Be Unique and Be Vocal

Web developer business plan? Check. Website? Check. Marketing Strategy? Check. Management team? Check. Website traffic? Check.

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You have everything you need to start and succeed – but guess what? There are thousands of developers out there with the same building blocks and other resources at their disposal. Do you think your idea is unique? There is most likely another company out there doing something similar. What you can do is be critical of the work of your competitors and determine what you can do to provide better service for the customers and stand out in the crowd by marketing what makes you different, better, and more deserving of consideration.

Let Them Know What You Got

Don’t be modest about showing your trust and credibility to the world. Mention any and all educational or professional details such as degrees, certifications, diplomas, work experiences, etc. which you think are worth mentioning and can attract potential customers by building their trust in you and your services. Stay in tune with the latest industry trends and enhance your credibility by giving visual examples of what you specialize in.

Competition is plenty, but you need to be patient and persistent if you believe you have what it takes. Building an effective foundation is very likely to guarantee things go as you want them to in the future. So stay loyal to your goal and to our web developer business plan and you’re well on your way to success.

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