Travel Agency Website Templates – What Do They Look Like?

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Ian Byrd 18 August, 2015

We always had passion for adventure. Nowadays one can visit literally every spot on the planet. So it goes without saying that travel agencies provide one of the best-selling services around the world. How a travel agency can draw more potential clients and raise its profit rate? In the new technology era it definitely requires a unique and catchy website.

travel website templates main

Welcome the category of travel agency website templates presented by MotoCMS. Here you can find practices of website themes with appropriate design and logical structure. Discover how to take your travel agency on the completely new level in the web.

Travel Agency Website Design

A visitor comes to your website to grab a ticket for positive emotions and memories. Choose vivid colors to make your travel agency website alive. When a person comes to your website for a visit, in order to book a travel tour, you have to attract your client somehow. Bright and fresh colors are the key for success.

Travel Business Web Template

travel website templates - vivid

Most of the travel website templates are decorated with light color background. To emphasize the posted text like news, contacts and services, light background is a perfect match for your travel agency website.

Website Template for Traveling

travel website templates - white background

Talking about text, call-to-action phrases work pretty well to engage a client. This is a great opportunity to describe what one gets, while choosing one or another traveling tour. Pick an eyesome text font of a large size. Write an inspirational message. Combine it with fabulous photos of a resort. And upload them into a slider on the home page.

Trip Agency Website Design

travel website templates - call to action text

Content Structure

No matter how stunning your website can be in terms of design, without logical structure it is literally doomed to failure. Proper website organization is even more important than its attractive appearance.

The first step to boost your travel agency website template will definitely be the valuable home page. This is what a website visitor sees first. The following elements are recommended to make the welcoming page of your website appealing:

  • Top horizontal menu bar for comfortable navigation;
  • Large slider with picturesque content to invite a client;
  • Combined blocks of text and photos to represent services;
  • Your contacts with actual address, email and social networks.

Travel Website Theme with Pure Background

travel website templates - home page

Aside of the engaging home page, you may surprise your website visitors with the gallery. Introduce traveling tours via grid gallery. Let your customer experience the atmosphere of journey simply by clicking pictures.

Travel Agency Website Design with Header Image Slider

travel website templates - gallery

We already mentioned that you should post your contact information right on the website home page. But why not to remind people about your travel agency one more time? Create the additional page with advanced contact form. Simplify your travel agency location search for customers due to use Google Maps.

Resort Website Template with Background Gallery

travel website templates - contacts

Purchasing one of themes for a website designed by MotoCMS, you become not only the owner of an awesome website theme. You have the freedom of your website full transformation via the website builder from MotoCMS. Have a few extra ideas? Check out a few more design practices below that may uplift your travel agency website.

Travel Web Template with Header Image Background

travel website templates - picture background

Travel Website Template Done in Sea Green Color

travel website templates - coconut background

Travel Agency Web Template with Header Content Slider

travel website templates - orange menu

Ian Byrd is a freelance writer, inspired by photography, web design and new technologies. Being passionate about art, reading, music, he likes meeting new people and discovering new things every day. Ian lives the present day, keeping an eye on future prospects. Please, follow him on Twitter and Facebook.
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