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The Most Fascinating Flash Websites You’ve ever Seen

MotoCMS Editorial 7 April, 2010

While searching the web, we come across hundreds of creative and really attractive Flash websites that again and again convince us of the effectiveness and necessity of Flash. With Flash technology you can do more than just displaying images or video. Flash allows you to create amazing visual experience and produce beautiful and fascinating masterpieces that impress everyone with striking animation effects and dynamism, music and videos, charming visual elements and interactive navigation menus.

Flash offers you a great variety of means to find your own, unique approach to creating animated web sites that may not look like standard web pages at all. With Flash designers can achieve results which simply aren’t possible with HTML and CSS, can’t they?! Whether you like Flash or not, it is very powerful.

On this matter we want to bring to your attention 10 most fascinating unusual and outstanding examples of Flash based websites you’ve ever seen!

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Buick, The New Class of World Class

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* * *
Jim Carrey’s Website

To say that Jim Carrey’s website is awesome means to say nothing, because this mastrepiece of web art is drop-dead gorgeous and fantastic. It covers the whole life of the artist.

* * *

* * *

This Flash website presents the whole world populated with creepy creatures, monsters, dragons, cartoon characters, etc. You just walk around going deeper and deeper into the image.

* * *
This is a promotional site of Melnitsaanimation studio for a stunning animated film of the same named story.

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Author: MotoCMS Editorial
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