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The Most Addictive Flash Games

Web Design & Dev
MotoCMS Editorial 12 February, 2009

OK, guys, now it’s time to relax a bit. And I want to bring your attention to the most addictive and well-polished online Flash games that impress not only with original ideas but technical execution. So, if there is no hurry and you’d like to have a good time, then you are in the right place. Enjoy!

Created by Rock Solid Arcade

Not so long ago, Rock Solid Arcade Games tried itself in shoot-em-up game, and as the result Robokill has appeared. Earlier they’ve been known for 2D flying games and planet crunching puzzles.

The game consists in the following: you’re wandering through space stations, smashing hundreds of robots with powerful guns and lasers. Action is divided into a certain number of levels. On each new level you get into a new room full of enemy robots. You simply have to fight your way through them. The rooms get more complicated as the game goes on. And you with each new level get stronger and more experienced.

The graphics is well done as for a two-dimensional game. Light effects as well as the crater and scorch effects left behind after the battles also look cool.
So, if you become interested a little and feel ready to test your strength to fight the numerous robots army, then this link is for you.

Created by ArmorGames

The guys at Armored Games really did a great job! I was pleasantly impressed by excellent effects and graphics comparing to other Flash RPG. Sonny features nice clear voices, a cinematic intro, tons of items and abilities and a decent intriguing story line. But after playing some time I became tired of the same background images and impossibility to discover new areas.
Overall, Sonny is one of the polished Flash games that’s worth playing. So, check it out!

Sonny 2
Created by ArmorGames

Sonny 2 is a sequel to Sonny, presented above. I reckon these two Flash games are the ones of the best tactical games on the Web. Sonny 2, as its original, is very detailed without being too overwhelming. In Sonny 2 the developers went much further implementing new features and possibilities. So, here you will find five new chapters, all new enemies, skills and weapons, and stunning soundtrack.
There is no need to mention that the game is well-polished with absorbing graphic effects.
Play it!

Created by GameInABottle

Unlike other Tower Defense games, GemCraft appeared to be quite original and addictive. It was really funny to play for the first couples of levels. By the way, there are 40 plus 8 hidden levels to play. So, the whole game is pretty long.

Boxhead: Two Play Rooms
Created by Sean Cooper

As any other Flash game, Boxhead: Two Play Rooms is kinda addictive and requires good reaction. With Boxhead 2 Play, you have the options to play alone or with a friend in Cooperative or Deathmatch mode. The game complexity consists in that the character doesn’t have much mobility, what in its turn makes the game more exciting and stirring. As for technical execution, the game is well done, I really enjoyed blood effects.

Bubble Tanks 2
Created by Hero Interactive

Bubble Tanks 2 is a sequel to the bubble-themed flash game, Bubble Tanks. The game expresses the same idea as its predecessor, but also features a couple of additional features. It’s damn all-consuming, and just didn’t let me stop.

Warfare 1917
Created by Con Artists

This game popularity is rather high, and it’s not surprising. It is exciting and thrilling. You can choose to play a full campaign, or if you just want a quick battle, there is a customizable one-shot skirmish mode. Just try this game and you will love it, that’s for sure!

The Last Stand
Created by Con Artists Productions

The Last Stand gave much fun while playing. It is very stimulative allowing to develop your own strategic plan!

The Last Stand 2
Created by Con Artists Productions

The Last Stand 2 should be mentioned either. As its predecessor, it is very hard to get sick of. And if you haven’t played the first Last Stand game, you really are missing out.

Hedgehog Launch

The last but not the least is Hedgehog Launch. It’s one of the funniest and at the same time dumbest games I’ve ever played. But for all that it took me pretty much time till I stopped.

So, what are you waiting for? Try them out!

Author: MotoCMS Editorial
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  • give me more, really addictive. thanks

  • I’ve played all these games. I’d go for Indestructo Tank and GemCraft as the most addicting and best. Other not mentioned games are Desktop Tower Defense, Totem Destroyer and Age of War. But it’s always difficult to sort out the best 10 games.

    I’d also recommend this list http://www.widgetbox.com/widget/greatestgames which has got 200 of the most addicting flash games, all worth trying if u have the time …

  • hey
    a good collection of addictive mini games , I found Bloons Tower Defence 4 quite addictive on http://crazyminigames.com and would like to share with you guys , its an awesome strategy game


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  • Thanks for sharing good information about Addictive Flash Games, I like all flash game and all games are fully Addictive.

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