The Flash Fantasy!

Web Design & Dev
MotoCMS Editorial 3 December, 2008

I’ve listed some websites below for your flash inspiration. All of them differ in style, in the way they make you feel, in the way they are using flash to catch your attention. Try to use their Ideas in your works. Sometimes it’s not about user friendliness or usability for the flash websites we should also add the animation approach, unique concept, IDEA!
Enjoy and be creative.

1. DuPont – Interactive Go Pro. Virtual bodyshop!
Neatly designed.  I like the idea and how developers worked on video.

2. XM Radio
I don’t understand what’s this site all about but when you enter the website simply use your keyboard to drive the car. Yeah, you’ll tell me it’s too simple. Perfection in simplicity!

3. Eco Zoo
I was amazed how quickly the website loads and it never showed any type of the preloader or anything when playing around. It’s a great interactive thing, drag the “tree” with your mouse up and down to see different characters, you can also rotate it with the mouse. Choose a book from the small pop-up of the character and you’ll be taken to a separate small charming website! This is a real piece of flash art and papervision!

4. Motorola- Public safety solutions
Very nice idea, cool animated stuff. It’s just video is to heavy …

5. Happiness Factory – coca-cola website.
Last but not least in this list. The MAX 2008 finalist. The best commercial creation ever made before!

That’s it for now. Feel free to leave your comments.

Tags: flash
Author: MotoCMS Editorial
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  • Rodrigo

    Eco Zoo link is wrong.

  • Difort

    @Rodrigo, thanks, i’ve fixed it.

  • Ruben Rojas

    The link for the ecozoo site is the same for the xm radio

  • Animation

    How is the happiness factory on this list? Yes it’s good but it’s an animation not a real flash-video/interaction/youknowwhaddImean

  • sam

    very cool selection. I like the Motorola- Public safety solutions site – love the parallax effect in Flash

  • Difort

    @ Animation, the Happiness Factory was made in flash with flv video added that’s why we’ve included it in our list. Also they are the winners of MAX con 2008
    @sam, thanks.

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