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The Best Papervision3D Websites

MotoCMS Editorial 10 December, 2008

I have some positive feedback about the idea of flash showcases. So I decided go on and post some magnificent works in Papervision3D. I’ve listed some websites below for your flash inspiration. All of them differ in style, in the way they make you feel, in the way they are using flash to catch your attention. Try to use their Ideas in your works. Sometimes it’s not about user friendliness or usability for the flash websites we should also add the animation approach, unique concept, IDEA!
Enjoy and be creative.

1. Park Seasons – same tree in 4 seasons just drag your mouse around the tree.
One of the things that I was curious about when using Papervision3D was how the camera moves around and tracks other objects. I think that developer of this website has the same problem. Set up a Camera3D object and moved it around which is not playing well enough to make it OMG-papervision3D example!

2. Papervision3D Panorama
Perfection in simplicity! As i’ve told before about XM Radio website. It’s simple work but so damn good and attractive that it worth your another look.

3. Eco Zoo
Also mentioned by me in my previous post The Flash Fantasy but I didn’t mention that it was made on Papervision3D. This website is still breathtaking and worth to look at it once again. Still the fastest and the cutest one.

4. Pepsi
This one was developed by Muskedunder Interactive for TriggerMomentum and Pepsi Sweden. All I could say is “PEPSI – next generation”. They simply know what they are doing when we are speaking about how to attract teenagers.
It’s on Sweden but instructions are simple:
– Click a character to select difficulty level (LÄTT = easy, MEDEL =medium, SVÅR = hard)
– Press FGHJ in rythm with music
– Enjoy!

5. Motor Storm – the Game.
Yes, I wrote the word Game from the big G! This flash Game is short and lunker but it really stands for Papervision3D and shows all it’s features (I think).

6. Neglected Sensible Shalter – save your Sensible.
Remember the last widget for Facebook “Save your Alien!”. That’s the same. Actually this one was 1st. Great animation effects.

7. Underwater- gorgeous aquarium.
Actually it’s the homepage of Papervision3D.org. It’s like telling you – “Hey! Check this out! Don’t read all that manuals and so on and so forth.” Terrific work. Reminds me the oldies Aquarium Fish Screensaver.

8. The Werewolf – mighty and scary 3d model in action!
The final one and the most breathtaking example of Papervision3D. The scary werewolf in action which is terrifying with it’s sound effects and delighting with it’s coolness.

That’s it for now. Feel free to comment these websites.

Author: MotoCMS Editorial
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