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Template For Church Website – Present Your Community

MotoCMS Editorial 11 May, 2022

Today the template for church website is also popular among our entire catalog, but it’s not easy to choose the proper one if you don’t clearly understand the different features that the templates have. We’ve selected the best church website templates for you, which are all great for any need or purpose as they are tailored to the specific niche. Moreover, MotoCMS follows all the latest trends in website building, so each presented template meets modern requirements.

Risen Custom Website Design

Our first one is a classic example of templates for church websites. The MotoCMS team has created an intuitive admin panel to ensure users can easily edit template without any coding skills. We’ve also taken care of its structure, so you get ready pages containing blocks with images and text that users are looking for. Thus, you can share information about your church and mission(help people find the way to God), the philosophy of your community, post articles about religion, the Bible, and anything that may help people believe and love God, as well as get their footing.

Church Website Design


In addition, the template contains a page with contact information. You should only customize it by adding the location of your church, phone number, and email. Also, a button Join the community links the users to the request if they want to open their hearts to God or have a question/a story to share.

Jesus Template for Christian Church

“Jesus is the only way for us to live an abundant life here on Earth, or receive eternal life in fellowship with God”. The Christian church website template is ideal for those who want to share their beliefs and those looking for support. It’s a great platform where you can share your word with a broad audience.

It adapts to all screen resolutions, ensuring a good user experience. Moreover, all the widgets are optimized so that you get an additional bonus to in-built SEO tools(namely Meta title, Meta description, Alt texts for images, and Tags).

Christian Church Platform


What differentiates this theme from other popular ones? Jesus includes audio podcasts to help worshippers know you better. There is an Events Page where users can check upcoming events and decide whether they want to listen to some Bible readings, speeches, or singing.

Another benefit of MotoCMS religious website templates is their accessibility. Even though you get a ready-made website, our price remains loyal. It’s not a secret that developing a site from scratch costs a lot, but we want to help you present your vision of life and love; we don’t chase impressive profits.

Islamic Center Platform

Religion can play a crucial role in the daily life of people. With this Islamic site template, you can share your thoughts and visions of life and faith. You have an opportunity to help users find the place where they feel love and support. The template includes all the necessary widgets, plugins, and elements for comfortable editing and successful site launching.

Islamic Center


There is a FAQ section for those who have doubts before contacting you. Also, as donation and charity are an integral part of religious communities, we have added the ability to do good deeds right on your website. To make the Donate button work, please add your bank account, PayPal wallet, or another banking system, and visitors will easily donate if they want to.

Perfect Template For Church Website

The Catholic church website template is another example of the perfect combination of pleasant design ideal for a church site and impressive functionality. You will not even notice how hundreds of people will visit your site, and every day, this number will grow. What could be better than a ready-made template that will immediately allow you to share how you see the world of religion and invite users to join your community?

Catholic Church Template


Also, there is a blog section in the admin panel where you can add and edit articles on religious topics and enlighten people. You can open it for discussions or comments. In addition, there are Gallery and Testimonials pages that will tell visitors about you more.

New York Church

The New York template is designed to make modern audiences interested in religion. It is an inviting template with a list of vital sections and ready-made website blocks. Ideal for attracting younger people to the church’s values and helping them connect to the Creator. The template for church website design is a little different from the standard templates, as it follows the youth trends.

Modern Template For Church Website


One of the main features of this template is the variety of audio and video content. It is an example of incorporating modern web design trends into a classic theme. It will be a good addition for young people to listen to audio podcasts directly from the main page or watch videos of good quality.

New Faith Template For Church Website

Share with people your mission and all the essential information like introducing pastors, specifying sermon topics, speakers, and dates, and telling about upcoming events. To win the users’ trust, you can easily add images and even videos of your church. In the admin panel, there are four types of Gallery: Carousel, Grid, Tile, and Slider, so that you can choose the one you like most and share media content effortlessly.

Best Church Website Templates


Also, there are ready-made blocks you can use to tailor the template for church website according to your needs. Meanwhile, MotoCMS will ensure that your website runs smoothly, loads fast, meets all Google algorithms requirements, adapts to all screen resolutions, and is pleasant to the eyes.

By the way, by purchasing a template for church website, you get bonuses from us:

  • Free hosting & SSL
  • Domain name for one year
  • Full website setup
  • Lifetime updates
  • Full-time support God’s.

 Church Website Design

Best church website design template for church website includes all the essential and valuable web design elements. Why is the site gaining popularity? Of course, first of all, thanks to the unique and valuable content on pages. Still, it’s tough to attract a new audience if they don’t like the site’s visual appearance and functionality. In the case of this theme, there will be no such problems thanks to the impressive design and perfect color palette as well as the intuitive website navigation.

Template for Religious Community


Jesus Church Website Template

Global trends have confirmed that any field needs its website to consistently be in touch with users. This template for religious communities is designed with an amiable design that will attract users and boost the statistics of interested users. Prove that religion can give people peace and harmony with the help of the multi-functional website.

Religion Template


The most distinctive feature of this template is the design. Warm light colors create a cozy atmosphere of church and holiness. Moreover, the functionality is in no way inferior to all other templates.

Hope Template For Church Website

Oddly enough, modern churches need their website and social networks. To unite everyone and allow you to simultaneously develop both the site and your YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram (or all together), we connected the website and social networks as one of the features of the template. And they are presented in the form of tiny clickable icons right on the main page.

Church Web Design


Besides, this church website design template is ready to go, so it does not demand a long setup and editing. You can customize it in a few days and launch it without hassle.

Divinity Church Template

God is everywhere, and it’s much easier to live life with him. With MotoCMS, it’s possible to feel unity even when people are not physically together. Church websites allow parishioners to interact and communicate during the week, fostering unity. The special timer built into the template will enable people to stay up-to-date on church events. Also, users will have an opportunity to watch past sermons, listen to audio tracks, and read detailed descriptions of each planned ministry.

Religion for Youth


The Divinity template for church website is a perfect example of style and modernity. It will help you quickly gain and keep an audience. You can invite users to join your community. In addition, there is a Give page for online donations and help. The editing process is rapid and easy, which is suitable for those who are not familiar with websites and how they work.

Religious Website Design of Christ Days Template

You can discover another flawless template for church website in our extensive catalog – this easygoing religious template for church website with an intuitive layout that users always appreciate. Being present online ensures that visitors who want to change their lives and find support in God’s words can always visit your site and find exactly what they need.

Christ Days is a universal template for church, local community, charity, etc. This is a superb chance for those who need a constantly working and optimized site so that each user can communicate, share thoughts, find helpful information or make a donation.

Christ Days Template


Have you ever saved a photo and then lost it among tons of files? Christ Days contains an extensive media library and storage like all templates to prevent this from happening on your site. The library allows you to manage images, audio, video recordings, and documents. To do this, upload the file, and it will be stored indefinitely.

Brotherly Love – Modern Church Website Template

Why should a church have a website? Our team often gets questions like that. The answer is that being constantly online for a contemporary person or online community presence has already entered the standards. There is nothing new in this, and on the contrary, if you are not on the Internet, this raises questions. How to communicate? How to share your thoughts and beliefs? The answer, as always, is simple – to use your website where you can transmit everything and communicate with society. A modern church website design called Brotherly Love will assist you with these tasks.

Modern Church Website


Already by the name Brotherly Love, it is clear that this template is suitable for the community from different parts of the world. The services page will allow users to go to the page they are interested in with the information they need. Moreover, standard contact information is located at the bottom of each page, facilitating communication with the audience. Also, you can add an eye-catching background image with call-to-action buttons as it’s the first part visitors see on the site. In addition, it’s easy to present information about pastors, worships, sermons and provide worshippers with the opportunity to get recent news.

Peter Template For Church Website

Having church websites is an excellent way to reach out to today’s youth. The catholic church website template is filled with all the necessary components to present your community and get your site to the top. There is even the Analytics section in the Settings block in the admin panel. You can find there Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Tag Manager, Facebook Pixel, and much more. Also, you can quickly generate a sitemap and robots.txt there – it’ll help you tell search engines about the structure of your site content and which pages should be scanned and displayed in search results.

Catholic Church Site


In contrast to other themes, there is a page for volunteers, and at the top of the template for church website, the location and the working hours are specified, which is very convenient.

Islamic Responsive Template

The Islamic website template is an example of the ideal design and proper structure of a familiar website for all users. Choosing a template does not limit your creativity in any way – at any time, you can change it beyond recognition and even start from scratch.

Islamic Church


Launch Template For Church Website with MotoCMS

How to start a church website? If you do not have the necessary coding and website development knowledge, you can hire specialists to do it for you, but the problem is that it will cost quite a lot of money. Therefore, MotoCMS allows you to choose among dozens of ready-made templates. This utterly optimized product is ready to launch and does not require a tremendous amount of money – you buy it once or pay $9 per month and use it as long as you want.

Thanks to the admin panel and the drag and drop function, you are free to edit any part of the template for church website in a few clicks. It is what our customers love us for. As a rule, our users do not always edit the finished template but only supplement it with their content. Still, some create an entirely new website – it’s up to you.

Templates are a quick and easy solution for those who want to appear on the Internet and express themselves to the whole world. A website is a mini world where you customize the content, design, and flow of information for the audience. Suppose you do not know how to create a church website and what features and difficulties you may encounter. In that case, we recommend reading a short excursion on how to make a religious website to avoid missing essential aspects.

Our team created the best template for church website based on modern website design trends:

  • Functional
  • Optimized
  • Visually Appealing
  • Attractive to Users
  • Adaptive for all screen resolutions
  • Informative
  • CTA
  • SEO optimization
  • Fast Loading Speed

Good luck, and stay with Moto!

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