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Spectrum 2.0 Expands Your Customization Opportunities

MotoCMS Editorial 28 April, 2017

MotoCMS spectrum 2.0 update - main

Spectrum is the web theme the MotoCMS team is very proud of. Our clients gave their hearts to this flagship design so fast that along with releasing other templates, we decided to keep the focus on Spectrum as well. That’s why now is time to show all the aces in the latest update for Spectrum that makes it much more desired for any kind of a business website.

The First Template with The Block Editor

MotoCMS spectrum 2.0 update - store

Just in case, our top best-selling theme is famous for being the first-ever example of a fundamentally different approach to creating websites – Drag & Drop Block Editor in the MotoCMS website builder.

MotoCMS spectrum 2.0 update - block editor

With a range of ready-made blocks, the MotoCMS admin panel turns into the construction platform in literal sense. Spectrum took best of both worlds by allowing beginners to become independent and web developers economize on time and effort.

MotoCMS spectrum 2.0 update - child themes

Not to mention a set of Spectrum’s child pages to simplify creating a website for a particular business: Restaurant, Consulting, Financial, Photographer and Industrial.

How to Build a Stunning Website with Spectrum 2.0

MotoCMS spectrum 2.0 update - blocks

With the new update, Spectrum got 100+ content blocks to minimize your efforts in building a professional website. Customize this website template with drag-and-drop functionality and get any layout fully completed within just several hours. Check out the full number of blocks:

  • Headers – 11
  • Galleries – 8
  • Call to action -7
  • General content – 26
  • Pricing tables – 6
  • Counters – 7
  • Teams – 6
  • Partners and clients – 6
  • Testimonials – 7
  • Contacts – 6
  • Footers – 7
  • Other – 6

Thanks to the full set of pages, a Spectrum’s lucky owner is able to make any website regardless of own business category, personal goals and intentions. Each page of this multipurpose template is built with blocks, allowing a user create different combinations to form a professional layout at short notice.

Spectrum Free Test

MotoCMS spectrum 2.0 update - template

Experience the advantages you can get with Spectrum at no charge by launching its trial version. Customize the template with the Block Editor within 14 days, enjoy the results and get a ready-made website purchased with all modifications.


Author: MotoCMS Editorial
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