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3 Reasons to Participate in MotoCMS Valentine’s Day Sale

MotoCMS Editorial 13 February, 2017

As the saying goes, love is all you need. We hope that your personal St. Valentine’s Day is full of love, emotions and beloved friends. The MotoCMS team has a little present for you to save the third from the price of your order.

MotoCMS Valentine’s Day Sale

If you are going to make a website, we have good news for you. Take part in the Valentine’s Day Sale and get any product from MotoCMS with 35 % discount within only a few days of February, 2017. There are 3 simple reasons why now is the time to get your website with a sweet price:

  • Reason 1. Save on Anything You Want. I bet you would not deny a chance to save on launching your website or your client’s one. Hurry up and buy any template or service from MotoCMS with 35% OFF till February, 16. You get not just a website theme with a reduced price. You can save on its installation, customization, hosting, monitoring and more.
  • Reason 2. Get As Much As You Need. That’s right. For example, if you are a web developer who builds websites, you can save big with MotoCMS. Buy as much website templates and services as you need to satisfy your requirements. You are not limited at all. Boost your business with the savings you can get.
  • Reason 3. Enjoy Your Valentine’s Day. Celebrate your Valentine’s Day not only with amazing mood, but a few of responsive websites at discounted price, and, of course, enjoy the savings you got thanks to our special sale. After all, why not to get a responsive website for a present?

There’s More to Come

The Valentine’s Day Sale is not the only way to benefit from creating a website with MotoCMS this February. Read how you can participate in our giveaway to get one of 5 gift cards from world brands. The contest is about to end this month, so you still have time to compete for the first prize.

Remember that the current sale ends on February, 16. Good luck!

Author: MotoCMS Editorial
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