7 Smart On Page SEO Tips for Non-Technical Content Creators

Madan Pariyar 4 May, 2018

Having a website or a blog is a great yet an optional business boosting opportunity for offline markets. However, if your business or brand relies heavily on Internet-generated or online leads, you must put in greater efforts. With the amount of competition faced by online businesses and their websites, the right Search Engine Optimization strategy makes all the difference. That`s why, in this article, we provide some useful on page SEO tips to help your website perform better.

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SEO is definitely the right way to go about when it comes to the digital reputation of your website or blog. Learning all the nitty-gritty details and technicalities, and acquiring the basic search engine optimization techniques can be a daunting task as well. Taking care of the On Page SEO, off-site SEO, internal and external linking; that’s a lot to do, right?

Since a lot of new blogs and website owners are technically challenged, how should they move ahead with their site’s SEO? Are there things that non-technical content creators can take care of? What are some of the On Page SEO tips? How do the non-technical folks make sure that their site’s content is reaching the most of their target audience?

On Page SEO Tips and Definition

On Page SEO is a great avenue for taking care of the resources present on the website. Simply explained, the On-Page SEO pertains to the optimization of individual pages on the website and taking care of the changes in the web design of the website so that search engine ranking factors can begin assessing and crawling the website.

Here is a guide to help the non-technical website owners and content creators with some great On Page SEO tips.

Create consumable content

One cannot deny the fact that even a super strong SEO strategy can’t save a website or blog with poor content. Since GOOD content has always been the king, let it do the talking for you. Starting a blog with high-end SEO strategies but spun and lo1-quality content is as bad as not having a site at all.

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Produce content that really matters to your target audience and would be more than just a chunk of information for them. You should publish content that has been infused with the most suitable keywords that can really work wonders for your website. A benchmark on the standard of the content that your blog/website puts up should be such that the readers are forced to recall it for future reference.

However, do not overstuff the content with these keywords and always choose a common yet the least competitive ones from the lot. If you are entirely new to the keyword arena, you can start with some amazing free Keyword research tools.

Opening paragraph drives readership

The online audience that you are dealing with is pretty smart. As a blog/website owner, you will never be able to put up crap in a post, expect traffic on it, and simply get away with it. This is so because the opening paragraphs of your posts are well-equipped to reflect upon the quality of content that follows.

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Having the target keyword appear in the context of the content put up in the first paragraph is one of the simplest On Page SEO tips that you can accomplish. So, if you want to put in the best yet the simplest SEO efforts, spare some time and check out these search engine marketing tools. Not a technical step, talking about the ‘Why’, ‘How’, and ‘When’ can certainly give out a message that your posts and website mean business in all sense.

Tap the viral nerve

2018 and the past couple of years have been about everything that was trending. Hence, if you want your website’s posts or articles to step up the ladder on Search engine result pages, one of the greatest On Page SEO tips would be to choose a trending element of the industry relevant to you and craft some content around it. This content should be unique and if possible, should bring up a different yet true angle of the trending story.

Visual stimulation

Putting up images, videos, GIFs, infographics, graphs etc. can be a great way of visually stimulating the online audience which is looking for the best content online.

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Visual content attracts the audience and is a great platform for materializing your knowledge about On Page SEO tips. So, instead of putting in a lot of effort in jotting down textual content (that might go unnoticed by the audience) you can get creative, let the images speak up for you, and achieve On Page optimization.

The right headline will always work

Needless to say, post headlines make or break the game!

Creating the magic with the headlines is an art in itself because that is the first and the most important point where your audience decides to move ahead with the content or simply drop it and abandon your website.

A lot of website/owners attempt to roll in a click-bait headline as a part of their On Page SEO tips, but they are planning to terribly fail at it. You may ask, why? A great headline is everything but a click bait. It is composed of 70 characters or less, is inclusive of the post/article summary, and creates curiosity. If your post headline isn’t delivering these pre-requisites, you should put up more thought into it.

Link wisely

If you are an experienced or a technical person, you might argue that link-building is not a part of On Page SEO tips, but we would differ.

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That is so because taking care of your website’s On Page optimization is mostly about driving traffic through efforts made by you on the website itself. Hence, providing links to reputable websites with good rankings is a great way; obviously, providing the due credits to the linked websites in the footnote leaves a great impression on your viewers.

Stay on top of your social media strategy

Since all the efforts that other experienced website owners make for their site’s SEO are all about appearing on the top in SERPs, there is something that the non-technical folks could do as well. Social media marketing is all about your website’s promotion minus the SEO, if non-intentional.

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So, make sure that you talk a lot about whatever has been happening with your website and business on all the major social media platforms. You should also make it a point to regularly engage and interact with your audience through these social platforms.


The non-technical content creators or blog owners are often left behind because of the time gap that other existing websites are exploiting for building up their SEO strategy. Since there is a solution for everything, these technically challenged website owners can employ some simple yet amazing On Page SEO tips to move ahead. These tips are definitely going to be the stepping stones to everything great for their new website/blog.

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