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Tina Zennand 16 February, 2011

Hi guys,

It’s time to show you a new collection of premium Flash templates with stunning gallery designs powered up by Moto CMS. Each of the premium Flash templates presented below may become a stylish solution for many image exhibiting projects. High functionality, creative elements and unusual design approaches will definitely make your Flash website stand out among other online projects of the same niche.

These premium Flash templates are complete Flash websites with the CMS integrated; they can easily be customized via the control panel. Due to the advanced modules, components and tools embedded into each template, you can easily create the most stunning, modern and stylish Flash gallery for your photo or other image project. You can modify the templates to your liking: create the menu and gallery sections, add buttons, pages and fonts, change the background, and much more…


Stylish Flash CMS Template with Sliding Gallery

If you think about creating your own project with advanced image gallery, this impressive Flash CMS template will become a really good choice for you. Stylish layout, stunning interactive elements and functional gallery opportunities are perfectly combined in it.

The image gallery with transitional effect easily slides from right to left and vice versa, when you just mouse over it. To open a big image preview just click on the image. A dark background is ideal for Flash galleries: it is unobtrusive, emphasizes the website content and leaves the main focus on the image gallery.

The advanced image editor allows you to edit the images right within the control panel, so there is no need to modify them before uploading to the Media Library. You can modify your images to your liking: rotate, transform, adjust colors, set brightness and contrast, add effects, etc.

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Flash CMS Gallery with Scrolling Thumbnail Preview Strips

The design of this multifunctional Flash CMS gallery is really creative: The gallery sections are performed as sliding strips that run horizontally when you mouse over the thumb preview. What an unusual solution for an image gallery!

The website visitors can browse the portfolio works either by clicking on an image’s thumbnail or by means of a big interactive arrow button that is on the right of each full size image.

If you look inside the template’s control panel, you will be really impressed with the widest opportunities it offers; the variety of embedded modules, widgets and slots allows to add elements, buttons and logos as well as create functional galleries with stunning visual effects. Due to the embedded Gallery Widget, it is possible to set the thumbnails BG Color, Preloader Color and Preview Border Color as well as set the border size of the gallery and choose the button BG Color within the control panel. The Rotation functions are also available.

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Exterior Design Flash CMS Solution with Full-Screen Gallery

This amazing Flash CMS template was specially created for landscape designer portfolios, design studios, and other web exterior projects. Actually, it will become an ideal solution for any image portfolio.

Click on the «Home Page» button, and the full size image gallery will open. The full-screen gallery can be navigated either by clicking on the small boxes below the page or by means of the arrow buttons. The multifulctional menu allows the viewer to easily browse the website pages and quickly find the necessary info.

The variety of moduled, widgets and slots is really impressive: Music and Media Players, Rich Content Block, Form Widget, Google Maps Widget, RSS Reader, a special Part Slot, etc. There are all necessary modules and slots for creating a highly functional and visually attractive image gallery that can easily be linked between: Photo Gallery Preview, Photo Gallery Thumbnail List, Thumbnail Gallery Widget and Background Gallery Widget.

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Interior Design Flash CMS Template with Sliding Gallery

If you search for a multifunctional Flash solution with an advanced gallery, this complete Flash CMS website is definitely what you need. It can become a great choice for many web projects: interior design studios, other business web projects, photo/image personal portfolios, etc.

The template is equipped with a horizontal scrolling gallery that easily slides when you mouse over it. If you wish to stop it, just point the mouse over an image thumbnail.

Another gallery embed into the template that can be found in the «Collections» section will ideally work for presenting web design projects or other design works. The navigation of the gallery is performed with the vertical scrolling bar. It is possible to add a description below each work sample as well as link the thumbnail to the external URL.

The «Rich Content Block» module allows the Flash website owner to place the gallery with vertical scrolling bar to any part of the CMS based website. It is possible to set the size parameters of the thumbnails and the gallery itself, select the rotation angle, alpha and blend the mode.

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Clean Flash CMS Design with Horizontal Gallery Preview

This attractive Flash CMS design will suit for any image web project: a photo gallery, a personal image portfolio, a photo studio portfolio, etc. The menu is performed as interactive half-circles; hover the cursor over the menu sections, and you will see the sub-sections in the form of clickable circles.

The gallery is full-screen and can be navigated either by srolling the horizontal thumb preview or clicking on the interactive arrow button.

Due to the «Background Image Slot», it is possible to change the website background as often as needed. The website owner can set the following parameters within the Slot: specify the Gallery ID (in order to link the slot to other gallery modules), activate or deactivate the FullScreen Mode, choose the background image alignment, set the rotation parameters, alpha and blend the mode.

View the DEMO

Browse the whole collection of premium Flash CMS Templates and register a 30 day FREE DEMO to try Moto CMS in action.

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