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New Flash Portfolio: Whirling Papervision 3D Gallery

Web Design & Dev
Tina Zennand 28 October, 2010

We can’t wait to present you, our dear customers, our new product: a premium Flash CMS gallery. It is much more than just an interactive template – it is a Flash masterpiece!

This impressive whirling Flash CMS gallery created with Papervision 3D is highly functional and will perfectly work for any purpose portfolio: a photographer’s, artist’s, designer’s portfolios, online exhibitions, model agencies, creative groups, etc.

The portfolio is equipped with an interactive 3D gallery in the form of a circle that runs around when you mouse over the page. If you wish to stop the gallery, point the cursor over it. To open a big image preview, just click on its thumbnail.

You can create a great number of albums within the gallery and sort your images according to categories. For each gallery  its own circle sub-gallery is created. The “prev” and “next” interactive arrow buttons allow to easily navigate the sub-galleries. The interactive drop down menu is not only attractive visually – it offers the visitors an extremely comfortable way of the website navigation.

This template is a full-fledged Flash website that can be easily modified through Moto Flash CMS integrated. If you are not familiar with the opportunities of Moto CMS for Flash, you will be pretty excited with the system functionality, the widest opportunities it offers, and almost intuitive interface that allows to create Flash website with minimum efforts. It is possible to add elements and effects, create pages and pop-ups, integrate new modules and fonts, and much more. A really great component is Flash image editor that provides a rich editing toolset for modifying images: to zoom in and out images as well as scale them, rotate horizontally or vertically or change the angle, resize or crop your images, change image hue, saturation and color balance, adjust contrast and brightness, add effects to images, etc.

A really cool feature of this Flash CMS gallery is the ability to change the background. It can be achieved with the help of Background image slot integrated into the control panel. Moreover, you can customize your background image to your liking. There are such functions as full screen mode, alignment, rotation, alpha and blend mode. Also, you can easily add the effects: bevel, blur, color, glow or shadow.

Try the DEMO and appreciate the advantages of this amazing Flash CMS gallery from MotoCMS!

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For those who are really interested in Papervision 3D and are in search of some interesting Flash gallery solutions, we recommend to visit our Moto Flash CMS templates – Papervision 3D templates.

Tags: flash cms flash cms gallery flash templates
Author: Tina Zennand
Tina is a writer who has been working with MotoCMS since early 2010. In her articles she covers various aspects of web design and web development. She is also a marketing guru for MotoCMS websites. You can follow her on Twitter.
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