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New Flash Photo Galleries: Burst of Creativity

Tina Zennand 16 August, 2011

Hi everyone,

Today’s post is intended for the people who love nothing best than seeing the world through the lens of their cameras — photographers. But of course, web designers and all those who are dreaming about having their own professional image portfolio will find many fresh ideas and new creative solutions for their web projects.

So, meet a new portion of photo gallery templates powered by MotoCMS. Each of them may become a true gift for a photographer, artist or the one who tends to exhibit images online.

Flash Gallery with Vertical Thumbnail Preview

This Flash CMS gallery designed in a neat style will present your photo works in the most attractive way. The gallery preview is placed vertically and can be navigated by pointing the mouse over it. To stop the gallery just remove the cursor from the gallery. The full size images can be viewed by clicking on the big arrow buttons.

Clean Horizontal Flash CMS Gallery

This Flash photo gallery is indeed one of the handiest solutions for showcasing images of different sizes. To exhibit your photos online you won’t need to re-size your images to a standard size. All the photos can be previewed on the home page by scrolling intuitively the interactive horizontal preview. The photos can also be viewed one by one, with the hidden arrow buttons that can be visible when you hover the mouse over them.


Functional Flash Template for a Photo Portfolio

An unusual Flash portfolio with a multisectional menu that may contain as many sections and sub-sections as the website owner needs. The designer’s idea of replicating the menu in the website footer was a really good one.

The image gallery is navigated either with the small arrow buttons on the full size preview or with the thumbnail preview placed below the big image. All the gallery elements are neat and user-friendly.

Running Three-Striped Interactive Gallery

Do you like bright photo portfolios with sticky interactive elements? This Flash CMS design won’t disappoint you. It’s impossible to take eyes from these interactive three preview stripes that are easily moving through the screen. All the photo works can be viewed right from the website’s home page.

The drop down menu is neat and user-friendly.

Wedding Flash Photo Album

This adorable Flash photo gallery will become a great solution for any image portfolio. Created in clean style, it will easily win your visitors’ hearts.

There are two gallery menus in the template: the 1st one is for the whole website that is navigated intuitively, and another one is for each gallery section, performed as a clickable thumbnail image gallery.

Stylish Flash Photo Gallery with Slideshow

This Flash photo portfolio powered by Moto CMS is peculiar for the attractive textured background and stylish font. Looking simple and unobtrusive at first glance, this stunning template opens widest opportunities to the photographers and artists.

There is a slideshow function within the template, so the visitors can view the photos one by one in the slideshow mode. For easy navigation, there are also two hidden arrow panels that become visible when you point the mouse over them.

Please draw your attention at the upper accordion style menu — what an unusual design!

Flash Photo Gallery with Page Flipping Effect

If you love the idea of showcasing your photos in the form of a digital magazine, look at this stunning Flash solution. Due to the Page Flip Component integrated into the template’s control panel, you can create your own online photo catalog with the appropriate visual and sound effects. Your visitors will be browsing through your photo album by dragging the book’s corner or simply clicking on it.

Stunning Flash Photo Portfolio with Panoramic Gallery

The navigation in this Flash photo portfolio is really impressive. There are two horizontal galleries that are easily running through the page: a full size (panoramic) one and the thumbnail preview placed at the foot of the page. Both galleries can be scrolled by pointing the mouse over them. The full screen mode is available.

Black-and-White Flash Gallery for Photographers

Here is a gift for all fans of black-and-white designs. The gallery is performed in a unique creative style, and the catchy visual interactivity added for the black-and-white photos makes the design really memorable. To open the full size photo you need to click on its thumbnail.

The stylish menu with the intuitive navigation allows the website owner to create as many sections and sub-sections as necessary.

Due to the powerful Moto control panel integrated into the template, you can easily turn your black photo gallery into a colored one.

Grayscale Flash Photo Album

This fantastic grayscale Flash design will definitely impress your future website visitors. Grey and white colors create a beautiful combination, and a simple but stylish font makes the design complete. The textures used for the background adds more charm and style to the website.

The colored photos are kind of thrown on the page and create an adorable mess. To view the photo more detailed, the visitors will just need to click on its thumbnail. This creative way of exhibiting images is beloved by many designers and artists.

Flash CMS Gallery with a Photo Queue

This really stunning piece of Flash with 3D elements will become a stylish, unusual and extremely convenient solution for any image portfolio. The gallery is performed in the form of the interactive photo queue which showcases images in a catchy creative way.

The functional accordion style menu is navigated intuitively and may contain as many sections as you wish.

Flash Photo Portfolio with Intuitively Scrollable Gallery

This type of design is beloved by many photographers and designers for its convenience, attractiveness and simplicity in use. All the photo works can be viewed right from the home page. The navigation of the gallery is intuitive: to browse through the page you simply need to move the cursor over the page.

Personal Wedding Flash Photo Album

This beautiful photo portfolio with a soft touching layout has been created as a personal wedding album. A black-and-white color scheme in combination with stunning visual effects will leave an unforgettable impression on visitors.

The gallery preview and full size photos are navigated vertically with arrow buttons.

Cube-Shaped Flash 3D Portfolio

This well-known cube-shaped 3D masterpiece has been extremely popular since its first release on black background. Now we have it on a grey textured background that looks unusual and stylish.

This revolving Papervision 3D cube may contain a large number of images and will showcase them in a catchy creative way. To stop the cube just point the cursor over it.

There are two menus within the design. The upper one (that is drop down) has been created for the overall website navigation, and the second one (at the foot of the page) has been designed for the gallery navigation.


Textured Photo Portfolio with Horizontally Scrollable Gallery

This stylish Flash CMS solution will ideally work for any online image presentation or personal portfolio. The designer used attractive textures for the website’s background and a stylish creative font for the text content.

The compact image gallery that is scrolled horizontally with a mouse wheel may contain as many images as you need.

Functional Flash Gallery for a Photo Portfolio

If you are searching for a neat and functional theme for a photo portfolio, draw your attention at this design. It has everything you need for a professional photo portfolio: a clean free from clutter layout, a convenient multisectional gallery and easy-to-use menu.

You can create as many image galleries within the template as you need, and add an unlimited number of image to the Media Library via the powerful Moto control panel integrated into the template.


Creative Flash Portfolio with Unusual Gallery Design

What a creative design for an image gallery! There are two galleriess that cross each other and are scrolled intuitively. The horizontal gallery showcases the portfolio’s sections, and the galleries with vertical scrolling are the album’s sub-sections.  This template it is also able to contain an unlimited number of images and media files.


Flash CMS Photo Portfolio with Slideshow Mode

This perfect Flash design is peculiar for its amazing photo gallery that is placed right on the home page. The photos are viewed in full size at once in the slideshow mode, but the collection can also be viewed by navigating the gallery with the arrow buttons.

The charming music embedded in the website adds more charm to the portfolio. By the way, you can add any background music by uploading the MP3 files into the Media Library.

Each of the galleries presented above can be easily customized and then edited via the Moto control panel integrated into the templates. Actually, they are complete Flash websites that are ready for use.

To evaluate the highest functionality of the Moto Flash CMS, you have a great opportunity to try the Flash templates you like for FREE by registering a 30 day DEMO. The Demo version completely corresponds to the original product.

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