FlashMoto Design Collection Updated with New Business Flash CMS Templates

MotoCMS Editorial 2 April, 2010

This week we are especially glad to present you two business Flash CMS Templates at once. There is no need to mention how important to have a professional, user-friendly and attractive website for your business that can help you increase revenue, boost your incoming client base, or generate more leads.

If you are in search of an easy way to build such a website, then you are in the right place. Just take a look at our newest ready-made Flash designs with already integrated Flash CMS from FlashMoto.

FlashMoto control panel will allow you to update your Flash website fast and easily, without requiring any technical skills. Simple navigation, friendly WYSIWYG environment with familiar to everyone drag-and-drop interface brings a really comfortable workflow experience to users. Wide range of integrated widgets enables to build an attractive, interactive and eye-catching Flash website.

Full Screen Business Flash CMS Template # 28302


The Splash page impresses with the interesting accordion-like drop down menu. The Flash CMS template is equipped with MP3 player component for playing your favorite music tracks.

FlashMoto control panel provides an ability to easily change colors of the website pages.


You really should go and download it now! 🙂 If you still need convincing, try the Online Demo to get a feel for things and view this CMS Flash template in action.

* * *
Clean Style Flash CMS Template # 28369


This is a clean style business Flash CMS template with resizable accordion vertical menu. You will be excited with a new feature – 3D Gallery widget that will allow you to link any image to different pages and popups on your website, or to external URL. This feature can be disabled as well. You may also assign label to each image in your gallery.

Here how the Services page looks like:


To view this CMS Flash template in action, just try Online Demo.

Don’t forget to check our full collection of Flash CMS templates that impress with their site structure, content presentation and unusual approaches.

Author: MotoCMS Editorial
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