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MotoCMS Takes 40% Off All Templates to Celebrate 4th of July

MotoCMS Editorial 30 June, 2015

4th of July is almost here and it’s a high time to get ready for celebrating. Grab your barbecue tools and best recipes, load your truck with picnic stuff and prepare to have fun with your family. Independence Day means for all US people fireworks, barbecue, and myriad of other festivities. It’s a great day for celebrating your own freedom and your country’s independence out loud.

MotoCMS Independence Day Promo

MotoCMS team is also happy to join this celebration. With all our best wishes to our customers of joy, love and freedom, we are proud to offer our customers – loyal and potential ones – a huge discount to all our templates. Starting today, June 30, and for the whole week until July 7 you can purchase any template you like with a 40% discount! That’s about $40 to $80 on each template depending on its type.

Even the brand new MotoCMS 3.0 templates shake many dozens of dollars off their prices. With the freshly released admin panel and awesome features, as well as full responsiveness, it’s a really hot summer offer you get!

Go to out templates store, choose a template (or two, or as many as you wish) use the promo code “Independence2015” at the checkout and get your shiny template with 40% off!

If you’re getting confused which template to choose from tons of our products, here’s a short selection of the latest and greatest ones for you.

Jewelry Store Website Template

MotoCMS Independence day promo - Photo Template

Website Template for Baby Blog

MotoCMS Independence day promo - Baby Template

Shiny Web Template for Yoga Studio

MotoCMS Independence day promo - Yoga template

Industrial Web Template with Grid Menu

MotoCMS Independence day promo - Industrial Web Template

Car Service Website Template

MotoCMS Independence day promo - Car Template

Sauna Website Template with Hero Header

MotoCMS Independence day promo - Sauna Template

Bike Website Template with Creative Background

MotoCMS Independence day promo - Bike Template

Music Band Website Template

MotoCMS Independence day promo - Music Web Template

Clean Web Template for Travel Agency

MotoCMS Independence day promo - Travel Template

Real Estate Agency Website Template

MotoCMS Independence day promo - Real Estate Template

Hotel Service Web template

MotoCMS Independence day promo - Hotel Service Web template

Cat Breeder Website Template

MotoCMS Independence day promo - Cat Breeder Website

Metro-Style Web Template for Fitness Club

MotoCMS Independence day promo - Fitness Template

Business Consulting Website Template

MotoCMS Independence day promo - Business Web Template

Glamorous Web Template for Beauty Parlour

MotoCMS Independence day promo - Beauty template

Author: MotoCMS Editorial
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