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What does an average music band need to succeed and to become famous? Huge number of fans, good producer and the top place on music charts are not enough in our modern world. There is one thing left to combine everything mentioned. Welcome this band website creator that will help music fans to be in a loop.

Firm background makes this template pretty awesome due to a thematic music picture of acoustic guitar and leather boots. In combination with white hue this dark photo creates mystical atmosphere of musical presence.

Great design will definitely impress the audience, but it won't be able to inform what's going on with their favorites. That's why the home page consists of a few tip blocks such as gig schedule and latest news. Surfing other website areas you will notice other helpful information like discography and blog.


What's inside?

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  • PHP v. 5.4+, 5.5+, 5.6+
  • Zend Guard Loader

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