MotoCMS Customer Interview: Meet Hans Rusch

Web Design & Dev
MotoCMS Editorial 12 July, 2016

Welcome back to our series of interviews with MotoCMS customers – real people with real stories. It’s Amy Smart here. Previously, we talked with Devon who runs the flyboarding business.

Today I would like to introduce to you our second guest – Hans Rusch. Hans is a web developer from Switzerland who uses MotoCMS templates to build professional websites for his clients. We asked him a few questions about his work and he was glad to share his experience with us.


Interview with customer Hans Rusch - main
Amy: Nice to have you here, Hans. Let’s start talking with your business. What do you do for your clients and who are they?

Hans: I’m a Swiss web designer, running my own business with different kind of clients in every business. Delivery services, painters, restaurants, DJ’s etc. I offer them a whole in one solution with web, graphics, print and designs.

Amy: How do you start a project with a client? What is vital for you while choosing a website?

Hans: I check the template with my clients together, so every client gets the right template with the right colors, fonts etc… The most important element is the payment methods, so the client can see, that it works in our country.

Amy: What do you think is more crucial for a successful website – a top notch design, or high level of usability?

Hans: It’s the mixture of both… So primary the clients get great looking websites and they can easy make their own changes, after I have done my work on the site…

Amy: What do you think on the growing number of people who have no web development background, but create websites without hiring professionals like you?

Hans: They (beginners) should know basics… But basic skills aren’t enough to cover all the aspects. If we’re talking of a professional project, you have to consider a bunch of other features, missing in the most of the systems developed for newbies. As an experienced web designer, I think that every business requires professional approach.

Amy: To be honest, was it worth working with MotoCMS to build your website?

Hans: It’s easy to use with great designs and loads of almost ready sites, so my work is much easier…

(Note: It is an original MotoCMS 3 template for web design business used by Hans. If you like it, click on this link to get more information)

Amy: What’s changed in your work process since the invasion of mobile devices? How do you deal with a mobile version of a website?

Hans: I do the whole website on desktop mode… when finished, I’ll recheck the whole site again to make it mobile-friendly as in Switzerland more than 40% of website usage is mobile.

Amy: How would you improve MotoCMS (features, widgets, plugins)?

Hans: There are a few things I’d like to add like delivery plugin and payment methods. My customers want to have a broader selection of payment systems. The more methods they have, the more revenue they get from the visitors of their e-stores. And since I work often with delivery services, their owners ask for very specific ways of information monitoring.

Amy: Thank you so much for the interview, Hans! It was great to know the opinion of a professional web developer. We wish you good luck with your future clients and projects!

As usual, you can see for yourself the difference between a website made by Hans and an original MotoCMS 3 template. Visit our rich collection of MotoCMS 3 websites and choose the one fitting your business. Sign up for the trial period and start customizing it without any professional skills yourself and without any charges.

Author: MotoCMS Editorial
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