MotoCMS Customer Interview: Meet Devon Spittle, The Flying-Man

MotoCMS Editorial 27 April, 2016

Hello everyone! My name is Amy. As an editor of the MotoCMS Blog, I wish to present you the first interview of a series of my heart-to-heart talks with MotoCMS customers. They are absolutely amazing personalities, hard workers and extremely creative thinkers.

Our first and very special guest star for this interview is Devon Spittle. Devon is from Canada and owns a really unique and really fun kind of business – flyboarding. Let’s go to find out about how it feels to sell a new lifestyle to the world.

MotoCMS customer interview - Devon Spittle image

Amy: Hi, Devon! Tell us a bit about yourself and your business. Who is your target audience, what do you offer to your customers?

Devon: My name is Devon Spittle and I’m the owner of Okanagan Flyboard. We offer our customers a chance to experience something fun, new, and potentially extreme! It’s called Flyboarding, and we always tell people “If you can stand, you can fly.”

Amy: So, you’re a kind of a person who makes people happy. That’s really great! Tell me please, how do you choose a template for your project? What are your main requirements to a good website design?

Devon: I chose a template that would put the activity front and center. Flyboarding is visually stunning and I needed a template that focussed on pictures over text. Since the sport is new, the template needed to look new and clean. I also needed something simple that would not confuse anyone. I feel the best websites in the tourism industry are the ones that grab your attention and get to the point!

Okanagan Flyboard Website

MotoCMS customer interview - Devon Spittle okanaganflyboard

Amy: And what seems more important to you – a great design that attracts customers, or the ease of use?

Devon: I feel that you need to have both! If your website looks great but has poor usability it makes it feel less personal and more like a cookie-cutter large corporate website.

Amy: Do you consider a good practice when a complete newbie gets an opportunity for creating a website? Frankly speaking, was it a good idea – using MotoCMS for creating your website?

Devon: Creating my own website was a very good idea. MotoCMS gave me the tools and help that I needed to get my ideas onto the page. I have full control over my website and can make an update instantly.

MotoCMS customer interview - Devon Spittle 5472

Amy: After trying out MotoCMS admin panel, do you consider it easy to use and what do you think makes it easy to use?

Devon: Once I got used to how containers and rows work I was very happy with the user experience. It does take a bit of practice but it is worth it to make your website flow smoothly between desktop and mobile devices.

Amy: Is it important to you getting mobile traffic to your website? Do you consider your website built on MotoCMS to be mobile friendly?

Devon: Being mobile friendly is the #1 reason I started using a MotoCMS 3 template. The admin control panel allows you to easily link your Google analytics account and you can see for yourself how popular mobile devices are for web browsing.

(Note: it is the original MotoCMS 3 portfolio template, that Devon used for creating his own website. Follow this link to explore the template’s design in depth, and get more details)

Amy: What would you like to get with MotoCMS in future (may be some features, widgets, plugins, improvements)?

Devon: I am still waiting for a better contact form widget, the default one will send an email from: “You” instead of from: “The customer”, so you can’t just hit “reply” to send a response. The forms “message sent” confirmation is also slow so customers often send 3+ emails but clicking the button multiple times. Other than that my website does everything I want and more!

Amy: Thanks, Devon, for sharing your experience with our readers. I hope you inspired them for being open-minded and creative. And let me wish you a great luck in your work. Keep making people around you happy!

Dear friends, hope you liked the interview. I hope to bring you in future more amazing insights and personalities like Devon.

Take a look at the original template and the website that Devon made of it. It’s really a great work and an easy task. You can do it too! So go ahead, and try out your template. Hurry up, you can get a really fair offer these days!

Author: MotoCMS Editorial
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