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MotoCMS Editorial 24 June, 2010

It is all known highly repetitive but true fact that Flash technology opens the widest opportunities for implementing the most unbelievable interactive ideas into life. The most important is to find the right “combination” of graphics, video, animation and sound.

The essential component for an online artist’s portfolio or exhibition is gallery. That is why Flash is a highly popular technology that uses for artists’ online portfolios: the opportunities for a modern art gallery are infinite. With Flash the result is always amazing, impressive, unusual…

For this post we have collected the most unusual, unbelievable, extraordinary Flash websites devoted to the works of outstanding and talented people. If you find something useful and inspiring for yourself, we will be more than happy!

Jota Leal

The exhibition of a Venezuelan caricaturist Jota Leal. His works are amazing. An interesting fact is that Jota never studied Fine Art. A zoom gallery is the essential element of this Flash website: it’s rather convenient and allows us to view the works of this talented artist in detail.


Pavle Kuzmanoski

The retrospective exhibition of Pavle Kuzmanoski’s works, a famous Macedonian artist.  Drawing structures of Kuzmanoski contain a lyrical and sensual component.

The Flash website devoted to Kuzmanoski’s works is created in light colors. The most impressive part of the website is, of course, the gallery. For viewing the artist’s works choose the category first, and then click the thumbnail of any work you would like to view. When the zoom gallery will be opened, you may easily examine the art works in detail.



This Flash website was created with paper, pencil, mind and a little of Actionscript. The art works presented in an original manner: the author doesn’t name himself; he just exhibits his works without any explanations, bio info or descriptions.  The only thing he lets us know about him is the main concept of his work: “Whatever there is, there is nothing wrong. I draw what I see in my mind – the image is just there… There are no concepts…”
His black and white Flash website has an unusual concept. The gallery and menu design are impressive.


Door to Art

The Flash website of the Hara Museum of Contemporary art in Tokyo. It was created for showing the exhibition plan for those, who are going to visit the Museum. You may also have an online tour around the Museum.
The online exhibition includes 5 sections that show the location of artists’ works. The website’s concept is very clear. The galleries are simple, with the “previous” and “next” arrow buttons.


Slawek Gruca

A Polish artist and graphic designer Slawek Gruca works with ink and oil pastels. He cooperates with private collectors, institutions, for which he draws and designs, using his artistic approach.
His originally designed Flash website completely reflects the artist’s unique style.



Hans Jurgen Schieker

An online exhibition of Hans Jurgen Schieker’s works. Since 2005 the former studio of the painter shows in regular exhibition parts of his work, as well as the selected works of other 20th century artists.

The navigation of the website is rather convenient and easy-to understood. The gallery is the main part of the website: it is well designed and easy-to use. By means of the button “enlarge” you may view the paintings in detail.


Allen Lund

This Flash gallery is devoted to landscape paintings by Allen Lund, an artist from Salt Lake City, USA.

To view a painting just click its thumbnail. Thanks to the zoom gallery, you may examine it very detailed.



Aaron Jasinski

Aaron Jasinski  is an American artist, currently living in Seattle. His art has shown in Europe and throughout the United States.

The Flash gallery that opens Yasinski’s world for us is designed in the form of many-colored stripes. Every stripe is one of Aaron’s numerous works: to view the drawing you need to click a stripe.


Gum Blondes

The Flash website that presents unusual works of Jason Kronenwald, a Canadian artist. Each Gum Blonde is 100% chewed bubblegum on a plywood backing. No paint or dye is used, the color is inherent to the gum – the mixing of colors takes place inside the mouth during chewing using an endless variety of companies.



Jules Arthur

This amazing Flash website is devoted to Jules Arthur’s art. His artwork is the expression of an informed and curious mind, a creative soul and a careful but sympathetic heart. Jules variously employs a wide range of art medium techniques, from charcoal to oil paint and enjoys the creative use of woods, metals, paper, leather, and more often in a multi-media mix presentation.

The impressive background, excellent gallery design and unbelievable works make this Flash website unforgettable.



Audrey Bergounioux

Most of Audrey Bergounioux’s works has been inspired by natural elements and travels she had the chance to do. She tries to create works of art, which evolve with lights conditions.

The Audrey’s Flash website is also created in light colors. The works of the artist are presented with a cross scrolling gallery. You can also view videos with Audrey, download wallpapers, etc.


Silvia Bartoli

This amazing Flash website presents the works of Silvia Bartoli, an illustrator, designer and artist. She is actually proficient in any kind of drawing and illustrations, character design, fine art, environments, sketching, photo retouching and handmade product rendering. Currently lives in London.

The website is full of awesome graphics and animation. All the elements are drawn by Silvia and can be viewed in detail.




The Flash portfolio of Zezd, a Dutch spray paint graffiti artist and renowned graphic designer.

For navigating the gallery use right side flowing panel.


Ryan Terry

Ryan Terry, an illustrator and designer with numerous publications and awards, is mainly specialized in computer art and interactive design.

His Flash website is great: interesting gallery solutions, amazing graphics and brilliant concept makes it worth to be seen.


Dilshan Arukatti

Change perceptions and reach the unconsciousness. Dilshan Arukatti is an interactive and motion designer based in Paris.

The website design is so unusual and mysterious: when you click a menu section, a dark new page will be loaded. To see it you need to hover the mouse over a shining point, and the page will become bright.


Flash CMS Solutions for Art Galleries and Exhibitions

Unfortunately, not everyone is skilled enough to create a professional and functionally correct Flash website. But there is a good solution: a professionally made Flash Template.

Each of the FlashMoto CMS Templates below will be an excellent solution for an artist’s gallery, exhibition or any portfolio.



This stunning Flash CMS Template is a great solution for presenting your art works. You can create as many galleries as you wish within your Flash website, thereby dividing the portfolio into categories. The customized buttons on the splash page can be multiplied, as well as the time of the buttons’ appearance can be specified. The navigation at the bottom gives you quick access to the menus and images.



Barry Johnson

This Flash CMS template provides a compact and unobtrusive way to present your works online. The table structure of thumbnails is simple, but so functional. Transition effects create a lasting impression. All paintings, sketches or drawings, as well as photos can be sorted according to the selected albums that are specified below the gallery.



Touch Photo

This Flash CMS Template has all necessary features for an artist’s portfolio: animated image gallery, interactive menu, artist’s profile and contact page. The amazing sphere-shaped 3D Flash gallery presents an extraordinary way of showing your media content. It also enables you to switch between two view modes: spherical and flat rectangular.




This advanced image gallery, done on Papervision 3D, may contain the unlimited number of images.

Also, there are two types of menu: classic two-level menu and graphical 3D menu.

This stunning Flash CMS Template will perfectly work for an artist’s gallery.



Abstract Moto

This abstract Flash design impresses with a stunning page transition animation that attracts visitors’ attention. The number of Flash photo galleries this Flash CMS template is equipped with is impressive.


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    The essential component for an online artist’s portfolio or exhibition is gallery. That is why Flash is a highly popular technology that uses for artists’ online portfolios: the opportunities for a modern art gallery are infinite. With Flash the result…

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