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How to Use Instagram Live Streaming to Market Your Online Business

MotoCMS Editorial 18 July, 2022

Instagram live streaming is an excellent tool for drawing attention to your brand, strengthening relationships with buyers, and actually selling your merchandise. With proper strategy and preparation, Insta streams can gain many live views and be very effective for your company’s IG page growth. As there is no chance to redo the hosted stream, you must be 100% ready for it.

This article contains useful tips to help you avoid common mistakes, impress your viewers, and turn them into buyers. And although it seems easy to buy live views for your videos, to become successful on Instagram, you would still have to develop a decent strategy to attract organic IG live viewers.

The Benefits of Live Streaming on Instagram

Live streaming is not pre-made, like stories or IGTV, so it offers the opportunity for a brand to connect with the audience organically and transparently. The engagement that streams provide resembles real-time communication, and thus, it improves the relationship you have with your clientele as well as Insta live views.

Another vital function of broadcasts on Insta is to humanize your brand and increase its competitive potential. Due to the wide variety of commodities in the same niche, people often pay attention to additional facts about the brand. And IG streams here can act as an excellent method to:

  • emphasize your brand voice;
  • personalize it;
  • and present a softer impression to your observers.

Now see how to set up and maintain your streams running to bring the most significant benefit.

1. Adjust the Settings of the Option

To secure the best performance, you need to do a lot of work beforehand. And first of all, you should check the settings of Instagram. Go to Live mode and click the settings icon in the upper-right corner. There you will find management for the option. In this tab, you can adjust the tool as you need:

  • Hide the session from specific people;
  • Cam setting on the left or the right;
  • Add title;
  • Select the mode for the publicity;
  • Schedule the IG stream.

These are basic settings you should check before the launch of your campaign.

2. Analyze the Activity of Your Audience

Instagram live views

This data is just what you need to make the best out of your stream. Observe carefully when your potential live viewers are most active on Insta and plan your next session around that time. In this manner, you will get more Instagram live views on your stream. You can collect this information with Insta Insights’ help in the tab “Audience.” The period of the day and week in which your subscribers are spending more time online is what you are looking for.

3. Moderation

Instagram possesses the possibility to regulate the communication that happens in the stream chat, and you should use it for a good reason by concealing offensive remarks that may come from jealous competitors or internet trolls. Turning on the “Hidden words” filter will command the system to automatically eliminate offensive speech, according to the IG platform guidelines.

Furthermore, you can:

  • manipulate advanced settings and add terms and expressions that you personally evaluate as unwanted;
  • and the newest Insta feature which can help you control the tone and mood of the communication is “Live Moderator” – you may assign the moderation to somebody while the Insta steam is on.

Making your session a safe space for your viewers will definitely help you keep their attention and gain more unique Insta live views.

4. Use Practice Mode

This feature allows you to have a test drive of your stream before you start your Instagram broadcast. To turn it on, hit the eye image on the left and change the mode from “Public” to “Practice.” It is decent for polishing your performance and getting yourself out of cold feet before meeting your audience, especially if you plan to gain many IG live views there.

5. Keep Your Brand in the Focus

Whatever the topic of your Instagram stream is, your products must stay within the audience’s attention. It depends on the niche you occupy, for sure. If you produce apparel – wear it during the session, or if it is food or beverage – it has to be present in the image.

Branding helps to create an association in your Insta live viewers’ minds and makes them more loyal to the brand. Coloring, details, your look – everything must speak about your brand qualities, even if the topic is not directly connected to them.

6. Have a Plan

Although IG streams are all about improvising and free-talking with the audience, you should still stick to a particular plan to keep the session organized and the audience’s attention to receive many Instagram live views:

  • have the key points of your speech noted somewhere near you, so you can steer the process where it has to be going;
  • avoid bringing your audience and yourself carried away with a friendly conversation;
  • also, you must be ready to handle the worst outcome. For instance, if you get any random questions or don’t collect enough. Back up is always helpful to feel confident during your broadcast on Insta.

7. Create the Hype

Instagram streaming isn’t the element that can hit the bullseye on short notice. To drive interest in it and get as many IG live views as possible, you must:

  • heat the audience;
  • provoke your followers will want to catch up with your stream right on time;
  • emphasize your Insta broadcasting in advance – at least about a week before the actual start;
  • and use all kinds of promo you can achieve.

The best promotion form would probably be Stories, which are highly fascinating and dynamic. You can use the countdown sticker to create the expecting atmosphere and have fun with your customers.

Another exciting way to increase interest is to be mysterious. Play on your followers’’ curiosity by keeping your stream’s topic secret, revealing only slight hints to get this game going.

8. Set Up the Location

Decide where you will host your Instagram stream before you begin live streaming. Light and location play a big part in how the audience will peruse your content. Ensure your Insta session’s backdrop doesn’t draw too much attention to itself and that you are well visible before it.

IG live views

Minimalistic trends in design are your friends – plain walls with the tiniest details will be better. However, it may depend on your brand style – if you create colorful and fun items, that’s what the backdrop should reflect.

And light. The best choice is soft natural daylight. But if it is not what you can attain now, try to get to a place where the indoor light source is not too close to you and spreads softly. And, it would be good to invest in a modern round lamp – it will significantly improve your image quality.

All these tips are crucial to keeping users’ attention on a visual level and are helpful for gaining more simultaneous live views.

9. Communicate

Everything on Instagram is about mutual communication and sharing. Users like to talk to their favorite brands more frivolously and lightly, bringing the brand’s and its consumers’ bond to another level. And Insta live sessions are great for that primarily – never expect to sell many items, but aim to create a relationship with your spectators and gain many simultaneous IG live viewers.


The ultimate goal is to cultivate awareness of your commodity trade remains, though you must remember that aggressive commerce is not the best strategy on social networks like Instagram. Your job is to increase your Reach by gaining more Insta live views, expose your brand at its best, and motivate users to buy your stuff smoothly and delicately.

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