How to Make a Sports Website with Really Tough Design

MotoCMS Editorial 29 March, 2017

If you know how to make your body look the way you want, then sooner or later you may come up with the idea of starting your own sports business. This way you can not only help people who want to keep fit but also share your sports philosophy.

How to make a sports website - main

It can be any business related to sport, for example, a gym, a fishing online store, or a bowling club. The main idea remains quite clear, though. It is you help people get comfortable with their bodies in particular and their lives in general.

How to Make a Sports Website

Now it is time to think about how to turn your idea into a successful sports venture. Be our guest and guess the best way to start your sports business these days! Right – it is the Internet. The web world is the best environment for launching a sports business and get a reliable additional income!

That is why this article is aimed at encouraging you to consider the “how to make a sports website” question. What is out there to be afraid of if you can do 100 pushups in the row, right? So, three, two, one, GO!

Make Your Website the Starting Point for Your Business

Most business owners think of launching a website after their sports business is out there. But in fact, it makes more sense to create a sports website and then open your doors for the prospective customers. A website is a powerful marketing instrument indeed. When created thoroughly, it will make your clientele long for the grand opening of your offline business. For ages, people have been intrigued by everything new. With the help of the Internet, the intriguing part is very easy to achieve.
Surprise your future clients with catchy design and a memorable logo. Creating these two will not take long if you choose the best cms for a sports website, namely MotoCMS. Our MotoCMS 3 martial arts website templates already contain fresh ideas for your logo and the overall website design. Take a look at this Martial Arts Website Design and admire the elegance of its logo!

How to make a sports website - martial arts

How about Making Your Sports Website Personal?

There are few people that can motivate themselves successfully when joining the gym for the first time. The first sports euphoria may stop right after the first training when the whole body craves for mercy. To help your prospective clients wait till training takes effect, you can establish an attractive Coaches page. On this page, your visitors will see who you work with. Most beginners may even decide to try several coaches before sticking to one.

Allowing your customers to see the faces of your employees, you are sending your clients the right signal. It is like saying “These coaches are people like you and me”. Or “They look fantastic and you can look the same if you do your best!”. When sharing the life stories of your stuff with the clientele, you create a friendly environment where everything is possible. You can find a striking example of a Coaches Page in this powerful Gympower – Fitness & Bodybuilding Website Design.

How to make a sports website - coaches

How about Making Your Sports Website Eye-Catching?

There are several web design tricks that can help you make your website a real attention-grabber. For example, you can start with different photo galleries. The more spectacular the photos on your sports website are, the more clientele you are likely to get in the long-term perspective.

MotoCMS gym website builder has already taken care of the visuality for your website. The stock photos included in our templates will 100% work as attention-grabbers. You will find these photos extremely useful in case your sports business has just taken off. See it for yourself!

How to make a sports website - block

How about Making Your Sports Website Informative?

There is nothing wrong with creating a one-page website. But we all know that you will need to add information to your website in the long run. That is why it makes sense to create personal trainer website that contains multiple pages, each with a specific purpose. Probably, the most frequently visited page for your website is the Program page. This is where your prospective customers get to know all the basic information about your classes, coaches, schedules, and fees.

We at MotoCMS value your time and money. That is why we are offering you the best customizable Pre-Made Pages, including the Program page below. If you want to improve the layout, you can customize it with ready-made content blocks on the left.

How to make a sports website - program page

It is also highly advisable to take care of your contact information. Prospective visitors should be able to find it quickly. That is why you may mention your contact information at the very bottom of every website page. In the MotoCMS admin panel, this area is called Footer. If you want to save even more time on the Footer editing, you can pick one of the pre-built blocks and drop in on the layout. 

How to make a sports website - footer

Here how the Contacts page looks like in the template we presented for you moments ago. Each element on the page layout you can edit yourself.

How to make a sports website - contacts

How about Making Your Website Easily Available?

We live In the world where a mobile has long been used not just for making and receiving phone calls. That is why you should be very specific about creating a sports website that looks amazing on all the known devices. With MotoCMS, it is as easy as one, two, three. You can see right away the possible layouts for your website thanks to the special

You can see right away the possible layouts for your website thanks to the special panel. This panel is located at the top of the admin panel and is very easy to navigate. Just click through the different modes, i.e. a laptop, a tablet, and a mobile, to test the 100% responsivity that MotoCMS offers.

How to make a sports website - responsive

So, leave your doubts behind. Opt for the best CMS for a sports website and make a sports website with MotoCMS! Remind you that you can try each template free of charge and launch it for the trial period. Save your progress and buy out the ready-made website if you like our website builder.


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