How to Make a Hosting Website: Four Expectations to Meet

MotoCMS Editorial 30 March, 2017

When it comes to hosting, it is extremely important to predict what your clients want to find on your website. We all understand that people who are looking for hosting services have a certain expertise in the web design. That is right – your visitors have already created an online project. They know what a modern website looks like and what functions it can perform. Therefore, if you are wondering on how to make a hosting website, this artcile is for you!

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How to Make a Hosting Website

That is why it goes without saying that you have to meet the expectations of your visitors. What are these expectations? This is the topic of our today’s discussion. So, read on how to create hosting website today to ensure the growth of your hosting business tomorrow.

Expectation 1. Free Services? One package?

People are greedy by nature. Usually, when they see something free, they want to get hold of it. When offering your services on the hosting market, keep this fact in mind. Why not take advantage of this subconscious desire to pay tomorrow for services you get today?

So, when you start considering about creating or rebranding your existing website, plan ahead. Offer the free trial periods for your prospective customers. See whether they want to have several services bundled into one package.

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Make your intentions clearly visible on your home page. Inform the visitors of your website right away about your offer. It would be a good idea to use the upper part of your homepage for showing your visitors the real bargain you are offering these months!

Inform the visitors of your website right away about your offer. It would be a good idea to use the upper part of your homepage for showing your visitors the real bargain you are offering these months!

Expectation 2. All the Information Has to Be Updated on a Regular Basis

Let’s jump into the future when at a certain point you will have reached the desired number of clients. Then advertising oneself with free trials will not be that necessary. So, you will need to edit the homepage, right? There is nothing more annoying than clients who are still expecting to get the offer that no longer stands.

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One way to go here is to hire a web developer who will supervise your hosting website from the very beginning. The other way is to make and maintain your hosting website yourself.

Frankly speaking, the latter way seems more functional. It makes more sense to have the direct access to the admin panel of your website to update information. Then you can edit the layout and the content when you feel like it. You get the information updated not when your web developer finds time in his or her tight schedule. Believe us, it feels good not to depend on such factor as outsourcing.

If you think that it sounds too unrealistic, then you have not heard about the MotoCMS Website Creator. With its help, you will build a pprofessional looking and highly productive website in a few days, if not hours. You can see for yourself what the MotoCMS Website Creator looks like.

To cut the long story short, you can see the bar on the left with the content elements and the bar on the right with the design options. Right in the middle of the admin panel, there is a page that you are editing at the moment. Nothing extraordinary, just a powerful tool to create a hosting website easy!

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Superb, ha? Check this Hosting Company Website Design out to experience the full potential of MotoCMS! 

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Expectation 3. Clear Layout

It is the in-thing nowadays to have a website to advertise oneself. That is why more and more people are going to look for hosting services. Let’s stay realistic and face the fact that these people can be of different social and professional background. As a result, you have to bear in mind that your website has to be as intuitive as possible. Do not get carried away with the latest tendencies in the web design. Stick to elegant, yet simple web design solutions.

Let’s take a hidden menu as an example. Yes, it has its many advantages. It helps to unclutter the layout and does not distract your visitors from the core content. But what if you hide your menu so well that an inexperienced visitor can not find it? Or what if your prospective customer can see a famous hamburger icon but does not understand what it stands for? (Stranger things happened in this world, didn’t they?) Would you prefer losing a customer over such a detail? Probably, not. The same goes for long scrolls and far too sophisticated topography.

Expectation 4. Thinking Beyond the Visuality

Yes, nobody doubts the fact that visual aids dominate the web design. But is it always good? Are the visual stimuli good enough to guarantee your website’s success at the hosting market? According to the latest data collected by sociologists and psychologist, they simply are not. In fact, there is a comparatively large group of people with the dominating hearing sense. What does it mean for you? About 30 percent of your prospective clients prefer auditory or musical channel for receiving and analyzing the information.

So, why not meeting your clients with the auditory preferences halfway? Try to reach these clients on the deeper level. Diversify the information channels on your website. Use audio and video to attract the attention of more clientele. Your clients will be more than grateful if they could learn more about your hosting services in a new way, other than visual or verbal.
If choosing MotoCMS, you will spend a few seconds on finding the video widget in the left bar and dragging it to the desired place. Imagine how happy your clients will be!

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So, hopefully, now you know what to pay your attention to in the first place if you want to learn how to make a hosting website. Remember to look at your online project with the eyes of your prospective clients when launching your hosting website!

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