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MotoCMS Editorial 7 July, 2017

Culture is a very complicated notion which includes a lot of different components. If we refer to the dictionary definition of culture, we find out that all the ideas, customs, and social behavior of a particular people or society are the essential parts of it. So, by working in any sphere connected with one of these components you support the cultural development of your people. Unfortunately, activities connected with culture are rarely seen as worth investing money into. Nevertheless, this fact only reinforces how noble the people who devote their time, knowledge and efforts to supporting human culture are. To assist these honest representatives of the humankind, MotoCMS has developed a number of attractive cultural website templates so they could learn how to make a culture website effortlessly.

How to make a culture website - main

With the help of one of these themes, even a novice can discover how to make a culture website painlessly. The user-friendly functionality of each of them allows you to save your valuable time while customizing a new template which answers your needs.

How to Make a Culture Website

One of the most important positive sides of the modern western culture is a particular attention given to the aged and disabled people. Working on the website for a social services organization which aim is to help the aged or the people facing life difficulties, take note of the next particularities:

  • Start by stating your mission clearly. Explain what is its role for the community. People should know from the very first moment what to expect from your organization.

  • Point out what programs you offer and what are the conditions of being involved in one of them. Give only the most important facts on the homepage and leave links to the details for those who are interested in this piece of information.

  • Create a separate page featuring your team. Working with people you have to be very delicate and personal. Smiling faces really help to establish the connection even if these smiles are only a part of a picture. To give individual contacts of your staff members is also wise. The use of social networks for this purpose proves to be a wonderful idea.

Cultural sphere always includes a lot of communication. If you want to understand how to make a culture website that brings value, use multiple ways of communication:

  • Blog is a very important means of communication for your website. Use it to share your experience and give valuable information to your visitors. But take into consideration that writing blog posts is a time-consuming activity. So, you will probably need a separate staff member to carry on the work in this section on a decent level.

  • The contacts page is truly a key one for your website. Everything should be simple there. Remember, that your target audience is disabled and aged people. It means that not all of them are keen on computers. Make it as easy as possible for them to reach you and your visitors will be grateful. Think about placing your phone number on a visible place. Let it be present on each page as well. Thus you will make communication with you even simpler.

If you need to make a website for the organization whose duty is to care for disabled and aged individuals, consider using this handy Social Services MotoCMS 3 Template.

The special attitude to the children is also a salient positive feature of our western culture. We sincerely believe that children are the most valuable part of our society as they belong to the future. So, by taking care of the children we are creating the future for ourselves. That is why to get the children involved in the existing cultural traditions is of extreme importance. What can better teach the children about the real traditions and the style of life if not scouting?!! If you work for a scout camp and you think about making a site, keep in mind the following:

  • Put the set of rules of your organization on the home page. Let the parents see from the very beginning what you aim at. If their attitude to life coincides with this set, they will send their child to your camp for sure. If not, you will avoid a big bunch of problems by not having a child who has been brought up in a different system of values.

  • Take into consideration that not only adults will visit your site. Contemporary children know how to use the Internet better than their parents do. So, make sure your site will be interesting for both categories – adults and children.

  • State clearly the benefits the children will have by attending your camp. It helps greatly when visitors are not sure that they are ready to become clients.

  • Give the overview of the programs your camp offers. Children love a swift change of activities. Make sure that you have what to offer. Otherwise, they will find what to occupy themselves with, and you may not like the results.

  • Show that the life in your scout camp is fun by keeping a section devoted to the latest news. But make sure the news is really new. Being a part of future, children hate old stuff.

  • Children like attention. Parents love seeing their favorites featured. Offer both the pleasure by introducing newcomers on your website. Let the children be proud of the fact that now they are a part of your organization.

Looking for a suitable template for your scout camp pay attention to this inspiring Boy Scouts Responsive Website Template.

How to Make a Culture Website for Free

Try any MotoCMS template you choose for free during 14 day trial period. If you have any questions, there is a 24/7 technical support service to assist you. Carrying on a cultural mission is a very important task. Perform it with dignity in a convenient way using wonderfully helpful templates.

Create a culture website

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